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Delicious food, drinks and diverse cuisines make life worth living! Our holidays and celebrations often revolve around what we are eating and drinking. Throughout the year, many of us will come across events like “National Doughnut Day” or “International Sushi Day”. These celebrations are dotted throughout the year and give us the opportunity to pay homage to a variety of tasty treats! The Expat Explore team have put together a list of some of the most popular, fun and quirky world food and drink days to make sure you never miss the chance to dedicate a whole day to the delicious things you love! 

No matter what your tastes are, whether you like to feast on fancy delicacies or prefer the classics, there is a fun world food and drink-themed day for you! 

Take a look at this list of fun food and drink days to celebrate all year long. Be warned – you may end up with a few cravings after reading this list!

woman holding two donuts world food & drinks
Get ready to celebrate world food & drinks days!

January World Food & Drinks Days

1 January – National Bloody Mary Day
The perfect way to cure any leftover, ahem, “festive feelings” from your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

16 January – International Hot & Spicy Day
Calling all chilli-lovers and hot heads! Embrace your passion for all things fiery on International Hot & Spicy Day. Read our list to discover the world’s spiciest dishes!

23 January – National Pie Day
Seek out your favourites from the classic apple pie to a savoury traditional Irish beef and Guinness pie! Better yet, why not bake your own at home? Not to be confused with National Pi (π) Day on 14 March. This day was chosen because the month/day layout of 3/14 and pi can be rounded up to 3.14 #NerdAlert!

Did you know? 23 January is also Sticky Toffee Pudding Day – a yummy one courtesy of the Brits!

Slice of apple pie with ice cream world food & drinks
Enjoy a comforting slice of a classic Apple Pie!

February World Food & Drinks Days

5 February – World Nutella Day
Obviously, this is the second most important day of the year for chocolate lovers (after World Chocolate Day of course).  Have it in a crepe, some toast or straight out the jar – no judgements here!

Jar of nutella and toast world food & drinks
Indulge in a spoonful or two on World Nutella Day!

9 February – World Pizza Day
“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore!” There is no better excuse to tuck into a big cheesy pizza than it being World Pizza Day!

16 February – Pancake Day (This date varies as Pancake day falls 47 days before Easter Sunday each year)
Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) is a feast traditionally held before the start of Lent (Ash Wednesday). Pancakes became connected with Shrove Tuesday because this day was the last day to use up eggs before fasting for Lent – and pancakes are a great way to use the ingredients! Today, the tradition continues worldwide and you’ll even find some pancake races taking place in the UK with lots of people running around flipping pancakes as they go! 

March World Food & Drinks Days

5 March – National Absinthe Day
The drink of artists and writers! Absinthe was a favourite of Picasso and van Gogh due to its ability to help “encourage their creative flow”. Did you know one of the best places to become acquainted with the “Green Fairy” is in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic?

7 March – National Cereal Day
Feel like a kid again (or chomp on your usual sugary breakfast without judgement) on National Cereal Day!

25 March – International Waffle Day
Someone once said that waffles are simply pancakes with abs… while this may not be true, waffles are delicious and this is your chance to tuck into a freshly made stack! Have you ever tried authentic waffles while travelling through Belgium? Absolutely mouthwatering!

Person holds waffle with chocolate and berries in Belgium world food & drinks
Why not tuck into a traditional waffle while travelling in Belgium?

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April World Food & Drinks Days

4 April – International Carrot Day
Ah, the humble carrot. It may not be the most exciting of vegetables, but it is good for you! Embrace your inner Bugs Bunny and crunch on a carrot or two today. Or, indulge in a slice of carrot cake!

16 April – National Eggs Benedict Day
English muffins, poached eggs, ham and hollandaise sauce come together to make this long-time brunch favourite – the eggs bennie!

Eggs benedict with ham bacon world food & drinks
Top off your eggs benedict with delicious hollandaise sauce

19 April – National Garlic Day
Everyone knows you don’t measure the amount of garlic in your dish according to the recipe… you measure it according to your heart! Bonus: No one has to worry about garlic breath on National Garlic Day!

May World Food & Drinks Days

11 May – National Eat What You Want Day
This one is self-explanatory. Eat whatever you want today!

13 May – International Hummus Day
This delicious spread originated in the Middle East. Enjoy it as a dip, in salads or straight out of the tub (we won’t judge).

15 May – World Whisky Day
Finally! A day dedicated to raising a dram and toasting to the water of life! Did you know that in Scotland, Japan and Canada whisky is spelt without the ‘e’ while whiskey from anywhere else would be called “whiskey”? There is also an International Whisk(e)y Day on 27 March. It’s a drink so nice we celebrate it twice! 

Two glasses of whiskey on table world food & drinks
Whisky business! Enjoy a dram on World Whisky Day.

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28 May – International Hamburger Day
You’ll find variations of this long-standing favourite at fast food joints, restaurants and homes across the world. Vegetarians, you are free to devour veggie burgers today (and every day) too!

June World Food & Drinks Days

4 June – National Doughnut Day
Embrace your inner Homer Simpson and indulge in some delightful doughnuts!

4 June – National Cheese Day
Whatever form you eat it in – cheddar, feta, brie, camembert, blue cheese, the list goes on – this is your day to show your love for the good stuff. Not to be confused with National Cheese Lover’s Day held on 20 January. Which is another day to do exactly the same thing. 

18 June – International Sushi Day
We hope your chopstick technique is on form! Celebrate this Japanese speciality that has become a global phenomenon with a platter of your favourite sushi! 

Group of friends share platter of sushi world food & drinks
Enjoy a platter of your favourite sushi with friends!

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July World Food & Drinks Days

7 July – World Chocolate Day
World. Chocolate. Day. Need we say more? Satisfy your chocolate cravings in these top destinations for chocolate lovers!

13 July – National French Fry Day
Feel free to stuff a few hundred of your favourite fries in your mouth on this special day (so… pretty much the same thing you do every other day?) Did you know that French fries aren’t actually French? They actually originated in Belgium in the late 1700s!

21 July – International Ice Cream Day
Ice cream is one of the most widely enjoyed dishes across the globe so it is definitely deserving of an entire day dedicated to its frozen goodness! International Ice Cream Day takes place every year on the third Sunday of July.

Mam holds ice cream in Venice world food & drinks
Tuck into genuine Italian ice cream and gelato in Venice!

August World Food & Drinks Days

5 August – World Oyster Day
Oh shucks, it’s World Oyster Day! (Get it… Because you shuck oysters? *enter laughter here*) love ‘em or hate ‘em oysters are a popular delicacy around the world. 

6 August – International Beer Day
Grab your favourite brew and get ready to say cheers on International Beer Day (held annually on the first Friday in August). Fun fact: 5 August is considered New Beers Eve.

friends sharing beers world food & drinks
Say cheers on International Beer Day!

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19 August – International Potato Day
Talk about versatility! People enjoy potatoes in nearly countless forms: fried, mashed, boiled, roasted, baked and more. And we love them all! 

September World Food & Drinks Days

5 September – World Samosa Day
This delightful popular Indian dish is fried and filled with a myriad of options from potatoes and cheese to chicken and lamb (and spices). If you’ve never had one before, its time to try one!

Plate of samosas with dipping sauce world food & drinks
Share a samosa with friends and family on World Samosa Day.

25 September – National Lobster Day
An impressive seafood dish and a magnificent treat for those who enjoy it! Grab a bib and dig in!O

October World Food & Drinks Days

1 October – World Vegetarian Day
Not a day to tuck into actual vegetarians, but a day to go meatless and celebrate eating vegetarian fare! These are our favourite veggie dishes from around the world.

1 October – World Coffee Day
A day dedicated to celebrating the magic brown beans that give us an extra boost in the morning! Take on the world with a cup of your favourite expertly roasted coffee on World Coffee Day

4 October – World Taco Day
Tuck into a taco or two (or three or four) on World Taco Day.  A hard or soft tortilla is wrapped around a filling of your choice and topped with sour cream, guacamole, salsa, cheese and more. And then you get to stuff your face! 

16 October – World Bread Day
There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly-baked bread! And this is the day to fully appreciate bread in all its wonderful shapes and forms. 

25 October – World Pasta Day
If we could eat pasta every day of the week, we would! We have the Italians to thank for many of the iconic pasta dishes we know and love. 

bowl of pasta served at table world food & drinks
There is nothing quite like enjoying a huge bowl of pasta!

November World Food & Drinks Days

1 November – World Vegan Day
Some may stick their nose up just at the thought of vegan food but we are going to let you in on a secret… it’s not all “salad and rabbit food”… Vegan dishes are delicious and today is the day to branch out and try some for yourself! 

3 November  – World Sandwich Day 
The sandwich is a classic and should never be underestimated! Sandwiches have been enjoyed since the dawn of time (not true) and their popularity lies in how versatile a simple sandwich can be (true). Two slices of bread and any filling of your choice – go wild! (or just go to Subway). 

Sub sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cheese world food & drinks
You can enjoy a sandwich pretty much any way you like it!

December World Food & Drinks Days

4 December – National Cookie Day
Today is your day to grab some sweet treats straight out of the oven! Enjoy your favourite cookie (also known as a biscuit) with a glass of milk or a cup of tea for the warm and fuzzies! 

Plate of cookies with milk world food & drinks
Grab a glass of milk and eat a cookie (or ten!)

15 December – International Tea Day
Tea is up there with coffee, wine and beer as one of the most popular drinks in the world. Grab a cup of your favourite tea and savour it today. Did you know, a UN-organised International Tea day is held annually on 21 May. More days to celebrate tea? Sounds tea-rrific!).  

Are you drooling yet? We sure are! Celebrate the next few upcoming world food and drink days and let us know which you are more looking forward to in the comments. Better yet, get your foodie wanderlust into gear and start planning your next trip with Expat Explore!

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