Short European Tours – Because wanderlust does not keep office hours

At Expat Explore Travel we understand that wanderlust does not keep office hours. We know all too well that the need to explore and the desire to experience a different culture can ambush you at the most inconvenient times – normally when you cannot afford to take extended time off to book extended trips from London to Europe.

This is why we have tailored a selection of weekend tours from London that will have you back at your desk, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, first thing on a Monday morning. In fact, our weekend trips to Europe was the cornerstone of our business when we first started out and it was so popular that we could hardly keep up! We’ve now extended this offering to include everything from swift 7 day Europe tours to comprehensive 26-day tours that traverse nearly the entire continent.

How do we pack so much fun into so little time?

Today our short trip booking service is still in great demand, and with good reason – by travelling to each destination extensively ourselves we have found the best ways to condense a great trip into a short amount of time. We do so by streamlining our travel arrangements and aligning ourselves with the very best accommodation venues and service providers.

Furthermore, we always travel by means of our own coaches, which allows us to manage our travel time effectively and guarantee departure and arrival times. When you are working according to a tight schedule on a European trip this is absolutely essential; even a small, unscheduled delay could throw a wrench in the works and upset the well-oiled applecart.

Does this mean you only explore one city at a time?

Not necessarily. One of our most popular short city breaks actually takes you to three amazing cities in four short days! We meet in London, and then hop, skip and jump to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris to enjoy the must-see highlights of each city and give you a taste of the very best Europe has to offer.

At Expat Explore we believe you should be able to indulge your love for travel no matter what time of year it is. Get in touch to find out more about our short holiday breaks and exciting family holidays.

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