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22 days - Best of Europe Tour

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A medieval city by the sea: Dubrovnik, Croatia.
A medieval city by the sea: Dubrovnik, Croatia.

See the highlights of Europe in just 22 days on our Europe coach tour. Starting out in the city of London, we head to Paris, a truly iconic European capital. From the Louvre to Notre-dame or the Champs Elysées, a trip to Paris is a must-do on anyone's list. After l'amour de Paris our Europe coach tour heads across the Swiss Alps to stay in a mountain village with fresh air aplenty to fill your lungs and whet your appetite for Swiss chocolate. 

Once you've indulged your sweet tooth our Europe tour transports you to Pisa and Florence where you can tuck into pasta, pizza and Tuscan wine to your heart's content as you see the famous Leaning Tower, the Duomo in Florence before heading to Rome for a step back in time. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain or walk in the footsteps of gladiators at the Coliseum. Next it's Pompeii and an Adriatic cruise to Dubrovnik, the jewel of the Croatian Riviera with monasteries, churches and tiny side streets to explore at your leisure.

From Dubrovnik we head to Bosnia-Herzegovina to visit the famous town of Mostar with its Roman, Greek, Croatian and Ottoman history. Next stop on our 22 day European tour is Northern Croatia and the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park.  You are sure to enjoy Ljubljana, before we head back to Italy to the canals, pizzas and ice creams of Venice. Once you've seen the hustle and bustle of Venice, we head to Vienna, home to the world famous opera, Mozart, Beethoven and St Stephen's Cathedral, and then to Hungary's beautiful capital city, Budapest. 

The 22 day European tour then takes you to Bratislava and Prague before heading to Germany to see the wonderful city of Munich. The tour continues north to the vineyards of the Rhine Valley, where you are sure to enjoy the included cruise.  To cap off the tour, we head to the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam and then Bruges, Belgium before heading back to London.

Tour Dates & Rates

GUARANTEED DEPARTURES: All our tour dates are guaranteed to depart. BOOK NOW: Our prices increase as seats are booked, so book early to a great price.

Dates Tour Price EarlyBird Status Description
04 Jul to 25 Jul 2015 US$3500 US$2910 Guaranteed to depart Fully booked. Call us.
01 Aug to 22 Aug 2015 US$3500 US$2690 Guaranteed to depart Less than 15 seats left
08 Aug to 29 Aug 2015 US$3500 US$2750 Guaranteed to depart Less than 12 seats left
29 Aug to 19 Sep 2015 US$3500 US$2800 Guaranteed to depart Less than 10 seats left
24 Sep to 15 Oct 2015 US$3420 US$2670 Guaranteed to depart Less than 14 seats left
22 Oct to 12 Nov 2015 US$3260 US$2545 Guaranteed to depart Less than 22 seats left
14 Apr to 05 May 2016 US$3260 US$2320 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
28 Apr to 19 May 2016 US$3260 US$2275 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
12 May to 02 Jun 2016 US$3260 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
26 May to 16 Jun 2016 US$3260 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
09 Jun to 30 Jun 2016 US$3500 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
23 Jun to 14 Jul 2016 US$3500 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
07 Jul to 28 Jul 2016 US$3660 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
21 Jul to 11 Aug 2016 US$3660 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
04 Aug to 25 Aug 2016 US$3660 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
18 Aug to 08 Sep 2016 US$3660 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
01 Sep to 22 Sep 2016 US$3260 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
15 Sep to 06 Oct 2016 US$3260 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!
13 Oct to 03 Nov 2016 US$3260 US$2225 Guaranteed to depart 2016 Early Bird Rate!

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Visit Paris

Welcome to your 22 day tour! You have chosen an itinerary which will see you celebrating the best of east, central and western Europe! Departing London, you will be escorted across the English Channel, until you meet the French countryside. In good...

time, you shall be exploring one of the most famous, cultural, iconic and cosmopolitan cities on the planet - Paris - 'The City of Lights and Love'. Expat Explore will introduce you to all the key Parisian sites on a relaxing coach tour of the city. Keep an eye out for such iconic landmarks as the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Notre Dame - take a mental note of what you wish to explore more on your free day. The evening will be spent having a welcome dinner in the Montmarte area of Paris, so you can get to know your fellow explorers a bit more. The rest of the evening is yours to embrace however you wish.

Dinner. Overnight accommodation. Alternative start point: Paris. MoreLess

Day 2: A free day in Paris

Bonjour! A whole free day in Paris and so much to see and do. Whether you are into history, art, culture, fashion or simply soaking up the atmosphere, Paris is a city which brings it all together, and is one of the easiest cities to navigate. For...

art buffs, head to the the Louvre (home to the ‘Mona Lisa’) otherwise, Montmatre, the highest point in the city, offers a historical starting point for many famous and local artists, as well as classic French cafe culture and stunning views of the city. The Sacre Coeur also offers amazing vistas of the sprawling metropolis, and invites you in to rest your feet and soak up the peace and quiet, and stunning architecture. The Seine River is the backbone of the capital, and flows through the heart of the city. The banks are peppered with book sellers and market stalls - stroll with the locals if you wish. Why not experience a Seine River cruise, which offers an alternative perspective of the city, as well as educational commentary on the history of this amazing city. Of course there is the most iconic man-made structure in Europe - the Eiffel Tower, along with an example of stunning gothic architecture - the Notre Dame cathedral. For the ‘young at heart‘, Paris Disneyland is the perfect choice, and if your passion is fashion, the Champs Elysees won’t disappoint. Your Expat Explore tour leader is brimming with ideas and local knowledge, so that you can get the best out of your time here. Don’t forget to find out where you can sample such French delicacies as frogs legs and snails - not your typical garden variety...

Breakfast. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 3: Visit Switzerland

‘Au revoir’ France...You are heading for the hills! Any goose bumps you get today will only be partially due to the drop in temperature, as the scenery you will encounter today, is simply jaw dropping. Your Expat Explore coach will take you...

into the Swiss Alps, and every turn of these mountain roads will leave you in awe. Once in the heart of the famous Jungfrau Alpine Region, you will check into your mountain village accommodation, where you can enjoy the views. One of the most visited places in the Alps, it is also a World Heritage site, and there are plenty of reasons to charge your cameras in preparation for tomorrow. Enjoy your dinner together, and maybe take evening stroll through the mountain village.

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 4: A free day in the Swiss Alps

Are you excited!! It’s a guaranteed snow day!! For 365 days of the year, Jungfraujoch is the home to snow, and today you have the option to explore the ‘Top of Europe’ on one of our most popular excursions! Cameras at the ready, you will be...

shuttled to the highest railway station in Europe, passing beautiful Swiss mountain views as you climb. The train journey is a highlight in itself and the rewards for your journey will be greatly appreciated. This 4000m glacier is truly magnificent, and the combination of ice, snow, rock and epic views will stay with you for life. Once at the top, frolic as you will - snowball fights, snowmen, or snow angels! Alternatively, for those who wishing to spend their free day exploring the local sights, you can head to the village of Interlaken, and spend the day exploring the local cafes and shops, do a spot of sightseeing and souvenir shopping. Ask a local where to find the best fondue and of course the famous Swiss chocolate.

Breakfast. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 5: Visit Pisa and Tuscany

The gloves are off! Time to swap snow for gelato, as you continue your European tour, from your mountain adventure towards stunning Italian vistas. Make sure you prepare your camera for a photo opportunity of a lifetime when we stop at the Leaning...

Tower of Pisa! This world famous, 56m, 840 year old Bell tower, is immaculately presented, and it can be a test of your creativity to try to ‘push’ the Leaning Tower back up, in one of your cleverly crafted photos. A world heritage UNESCO site, The Leaning Tower is visited by millions of tourists every year, and is one of the most popular cultural European landmarks. Once back on the coach, you will head for the exquisite Tuscan region - famous for wine, food, art and architecture. After checking in to your hotel in Montecatini Terme, a spa town north-west of Florence, you are free to roam the local cafes and restaurants deciding where you will sample the wonderful Italian cuisine and maybe a local wine or two.

Breakfast. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 6: Visit Florence and Rome

There is more of Italy to see! Firstly, you will continue through the Tuscan region to the birthplace of Renaissance - the city of Florence, and then on to the capital of the nation - Rome! Once in Florence, a local guide will show you the sights...

on a walking tour of the city. History oozes out of every pore of this artistic and cultural centre - the city is home to Michaelangelo’s ‘David’. It is no wonder that so many past and present artists find their way here to be inspired. Once you have boarded the coach, you shall be whisked to one of the most awe-inspiring cities in the world - It’s off to Rome! This European metropolis buzzes with activity, tradition, passion, and an energy of its own. Our local Roman tour guide, will take you by the hand and proudly introduce you to the locations which make this city so beloved and famous. The Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Roman Forum and the Coliseum...just for starters! Whilst at the Trevi Fountain, toss a coin over your shoulder, and legend has it, that you will return to Rome again one day. (what a great investment!) On the way to your accommodation, you can start to plan what to do with your free day. Enjoy your meal - Bon Appetite! Tomorrow will be epic!

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 7: A free day in Rome

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but luckily you have a free one in which to explore the Italian capital to your hearts content. The city centre boasts ancient ruins, historical landmarks, religious buildings and a buzz like no other. Today is a...

perfect opportunity to take advantage of an optional excursion to visit the Vatican City - the smallest country in the world! Inside the walls, you can visit Michelangelo’s painting within the Sistine Chapel, as well as numerous other famous art pieces dotted around the buildings. We get there early ahead of the crowds so you will still have the afternoon and evening free to enjoy the city. The Colosseum is spectacular, and once accommodated 55,000 spectators. Those wishing to enter will not only be rewarded with fabulous views of the city, but also an unbelievable feeling of drifting backwards in time, to when gladiators, chariots and lions dominated the arena. Another feature of Rome is the constant aroma of Italian food and coffee spilling out from the cafes. One of the best areas for sampling authentic Roman food is in Trastevere where restaurants, favoured by the locals, serve original and classic dishes you may not find elsewhere. You will be made to feel very welcome here, and the authenticity of the cuisine is a reflection of the people who serve it to you. Whatever you do, take your time and don’t rush. Remember that coin you threw in to the Trevi Fountain last night? means you will be back again someday to catch up on what you may miss. Enjoy!

Breakfast. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 8: Visit Pompeii and board an Adriatic Cruise to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Today, your Italian adventure continues with a drive through stunning countryside, to one of the most famous archeological sites in Europe. Heading to Pompeii, you will be greeted by a local tour guide, who shall lead you through this perfectly...

preserved ancient city. It fell victim to the wrath of Mount Vesuvius, a volcano which erupted in 79AD with violent force, burying the city in pumics and ash. Pompeii is a UNESCO heritage site and welcomes over 260 million visitors every year. Ready for an overnight cruise to Croatia? After your tour, you will head to the coastal town of Bari, where you will board your ferry, and cruise across the Adriatic Sea, to the city of Dubrovnik.

Breakfast. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 9: Visit Dubrovnik

As you cruise into port, prepare for a Dubrovnik welcome! We have a local tour guide, waiting to show you the sights, and acquaint you with this stunning walled city, with a maritime history dating back to the Middle Ages. Famous Croatian poets,...

writers, playwrights, scientists and mathematicians hailed from Dubrovnik, and the city itself is a tapestry of spectacular architecture - including churches, monasteries, fountains and museums. The marble streets will guide you through the historical ‘old town’, and if you wish to wash your cares away with a swim in the Adriatic, your tour guide will let you know the best beaches to visit. You have plenty of time to explore, so don’t rush as you have a full free day tomorrow.

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 10: A free day in Dubrovnik; optional excursion to Montenegro.

A whole day to explore Dubrovnik? What bliss! With most of the main attractions located within the city walls in the ‘old town’, it is very easy to plan your day and navigate the streets. The City walls themselves are a highlight - offering...

wonderful views of the city and surrounding landscapes (best in the morning or late afternoon, if it is hot). There are a number of museums, including the Maritime Museum, which are extremely popular with history buffs and those with a love of architecture. Want the best views of the ‘old town’ and islands? Catch the cable car to the top of Mount Srdj and enjoy! It is highly recommended for a scenic sunset photo or two. For those who really want to explore further afield, you can choose our optional excursion to Montenegro! Take a full day to experience one of Europe’s lesser-visited gems. There is natural beauty and a rich history, waiting to be discovered as we drive through countryside to the UNESCO heritage listed town of Kotor. Once back in Dubrovnik, enjoy an evening relaxing in one of the many bars and restaurants, especially the ones with fantastic views of the sea or city walls.

Breakfast. Overnight accommodation MoreLess

Day 11: Visit Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and Northern Croatia

Today you will toast Bosnia-Herzegovina and head to the Balkan town of Mostar, before heading back to the Croatian coast to complete your day. Mostar is an enchanting and historical place, which offers a splattering of numerous religious buildings...

and churches, and a vast collection of Roman, Greek, Croatian and Ottoman influences. A local guide will escort you on a walking tour of the town, explaining the most significant landmarks and history, whilst you take in the uniqueness and beauty surrounding you. After your Mostar tour we will take you to your hotel in Northern Croatia either in the Liga region or Paklenica National Park.

Breakfast. Overnight in Northern Croatia (Lika region/ Paklenica National Park) MoreLess

Day 12: Visit Northern Croatia and Ljubljana.

Your European tour continues today with a mix of sublime scenery and a stunning Slovenian capital. Today you will be treated to some of the most picturesque natural landscapes in the whole of Europe. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is known...

internationally for its cascading lakes, waterfalls and dynamic landscape. We will take you into the reserve, so you can stroll along the boardwalks and marvel at the incredible natural scenery of Croatia’s largest national park. This is one of the most beautiful stops on the tour and is home to numerous rare animals, so make sure you have plenty of space in your cameras! After your brush with nature, it’s off to the pint-size city of Ljubljana in Slovenia. A local guide will escort you on a walking tour of this fairytale city, pointing out the numerous bridges and brilliantly preserved baroque, gothic and medieval architecture. The rest of the afternoon and evening is yours to spend as you wish. In your free time, you may wish to visit St Nicholas Church (built in the 13th century). After dinner, why not take a stroll or visit one or two of the many local bars.

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 13: Visit Venice

In the morning, you will say your goodbyes to Ljubljana, and head back into Italy, to visit one of the most unique cities in the world - Venice! Perched across 118 islands, and known for it’s canals, piazzas, art, traditional glass and lace...

making, and of course, gondolas, your tour leader will introduce you to the city with an orientation tour so you can use your free time to explore as you wish. St Marks Square, Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge are world famous sights, and great to explore in the daylight. When the sun sinks and the last rays of sun throw out that familiar Italian glow over the city, relax and watch the crowds in the piazzas, or indulge in a sunset harbour cruise in a water taxi. The evening is yours to enjoy authentic Italian delights, with hundreds of fantastic local restaurants and bars to choose from. After an espresso, explore Venice the traditional way - from the canals. An evening gondola ride is unique to this city and gives you a completely different perspective and appreciation for this amazing place.

Breakfast. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 14: Visit Vienna

Wave goodbye to Italy, and continue your European tour, across the border into Austria to visit two of its most prominent cities. Your first stop is Graz, Austria’s second-largest city, and you will have a chance to stretch your legs and take in...

the local sights. However, the highlight for the day is Vienna - boasting some of Europe’s most impressive architecture, and a cultural heritage steeped in glorious flamboyance and style. Home to Sigmund Freud, the Vienna boys choir, a clutch of the worlds most celebrated composers (...try Mozart, Beethoven & Brahms), the United Nations and OPEC, the city centre has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. Take a glance at the famous Schonbrunn Palace as you approach Vienna, and once you have arrived, explore the centre on your guided walking tour of the city. Taking in the Golden Mile, Imperial Castle and St Stephen’s Cathedral, allow the history to wash over you and marvel at Vienna’s significance in modern and ancient history.

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 15: Visit Budapest

Feeling Hungary? Today you meet Budapest - cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and the magical Hungarian capital. Straddling the historic Danube River, Budapest is well preserved, and boasts numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites....

Its natural geo-thermal springs are a highlight and the city hosts millions of tourists every year, who wish to indulge in its mind-blowing architecture and picturesque surroundings. Enjoy your Expat Explore driving tour of the city, and then use your free afternoon to explore. Make sure you catch the sunset with an evening stroll along the Danube, grab a bite to eat on the banks of the river, and then find some local entertainment. Unforgettable...

Breakfast. Overnight hotel MoreLess

Day 16: Visit Bratislava and Prague

Continuing on your journey of Eastern Europe, today you will head north towards the Slovakian capital of Bratislava for a quick stop. Also located on the Danube River, the city is a melting pot of numerous nationalities and religions, and so...

explains the very relaxed and down to earth nature of its residents. Then, it is time to Czech out Prague! On the road to the Czech Republic, it is time to get excited about what lays ahead. Prague is an unforgettable city, which stays in your memory long after other locations have faded. The historic centre was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, and your walking tour will introduce you to many locations, which you will want to explore in more depth on your free day tomorrow. For dinner experience authentic Czech cuisine at our local restaurant on your first night in Prague.

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 17: A free day in Prague

The day is yours to treat yourself to the fairytale magic of Prague - often aptly described as the "Jewel in the Crown" of central Europe. Prague has an essence which combines youthful inquisitiveness and old world wisdom. Highlights of the day...

might include the majestic Prague Castle, the famous Charles Bridge (you need to also see the views from the bridge at night - simply stunning...), the ‘Old Town’ and the Jewish Quarter. There is also a ‘Secret Garden’ which leads to a man-made grotto - see if you can find it! The Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square is a ‘must see’ - the intricate puppetry and show which is performed on the hour, draws hundreds of people throughout the day and night. Prague's dramatic history is reflected in the beauty of the architecture of churches, opera houses, concert halls and parks. There are numerous beer halls in which to sample a local brew, and for those who wish to put your stamp on the city, why not visit legendary Lennon wall - a tribute to John Lennon and words of peace, which is added to on a daily basis by the thousands of visitors to the city. Did we mention ‘fairytale’ city earlier? Go easy, and enjoy!

Breakfast. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 18: Visit Munich

Onwards and westwards, today you continue towards the border into Germany. However, before you leave the last of the Czech Republic, you will have the opportunity to sample a local Pilsner, on your tour of the Plzen Pilsner Brewery. Arriving in...

Munich, an orientation walking tour of the city centre will have you learning about what makes this city tick. With much of the centre having to be restored after WW2, the modern and ancient history of Munich is fascinating, and the appreciation of the effort to rebuild the German capital is gilded with respect. After your excursion, the evening takes a lighter, more sociable turn. Every year, Munich plays host to one of the most famous beer festivals in the world - Oktoberfest! To give you a taste, this evening you will dine in a traditional beer hall, and enjoy a local stein on us! Prost!

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation Bavarian Region MoreLess

Day 19: Visit Dachau and The Rhine Valley

Your Europe tour may have you on emotional highs and lows, today. Your departure from your hotel today will take you on a more serious turn with regard to modern opportunity to visit the first ever concentration camp, which was...

operational during the Nazi occupation. Opened in 1933 by Heinrich Himmler, Dachau is located 16 km from Munich in a beautiful, medieval township, and was originally intended as a holding place for political prisoners and a prototype for further camps. There were many human atrocities which stain the grounds here, and the crunch of the stones beneath your feet as you wander the compound and replica buildings, act as a reminder of the fear which must have been felt by the thousands of people who were imprisoned here. The museum houses photos and documents of the camps’ history from 1933 until it was shut down in 1945, and all displays are represented in an educational, honest way, and provide a truly moving and emotional experience about this darker time in Germany’s modern history. Once back on the coach, you will continue to one of the most picturesque sections of the Rhine River. The Rhine Valley is nestled to the north of Munich and boasts the highest concentration of castles and vineyards in Europe. Just for you, we have organised a Rhine Valley river cruise, so that you can relax, take in the scenery and medieval townships, whilst filling your lungs with crisp, fresh country air. As you dock at a quaint gothic village, you will be checked into your hotel, and enjoy a lovely German dinner. Afterwards, why not take an evening stroll along the banks of the river, or explore the village? There is a world famous Cuckoo Clock waiting to be discovered, and a shop bearing the world’s largest beer stein!

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 20: Visit Amsterdam

This morning we leave Germany, and continue your Europe tour into the Netherlands, where you will be given an opportunity to indulge three of the most iconic Dutch products - cheese, clogs and windmills! A very entertaining cheese and clog making...

display, will keep you entertained and wanting to sample the cheesy flavours and ‘klompen’ (the Dutch word for ‘clogs’) A quick visit to the windmill for a photo and then where off to the hotel. After checking into, you will be escorted to the centre of Amsterdam for a twilight canal cruise. Complete with pizza and ice cream, you will explore the city, drifting past famous landmarks, underneath the low bridges, and learning about Amsterdam’s development. Afterwards, join your Expat tour leader on a walking tour of the infamous Red Light District, and then you are free to explore the city to your hearts content. The cafes, restaurants and bars will be buzzing with activity and atmosphere

Breakfast, dinner. Overnight accommodation. MoreLess

Day 21: A free day in Amsterdam

No rest for the wicked. There is much to see and do in Amsterdam! The city very picturesque but also bohemian in nature. The streets are full of museums, shopping, and unusual architecture. Take notice of the older, slender canal buildings which...

lean forward - this is so that furniture can be hoisted on a pulley up to the top window because the buildings are too narrow to get furniture up the stairs! The Anne Frank Museum and original house is a favorite amongst tourists, and other recommended sights include the Oude Kerk (Old Church - located in the Red Light District) and Waterlooplein, which is a permanent market renown for unusual second hand goods, jewellery and art. Alternatively, wander the canals and enjoy the local cafes. Just watch out for the bicycles - they rule the streets!

Breakfast. Overnight accommodation MoreLess

Day 22: Visit Bruges and return to London

After your Amsterdam adventure, you have one more stop before you set off for the UK. The Belgian city of Bruges, is small but picturesque, with breathtaking architecture and a wonderful personality. Described as the ‘Venice of the North’, take...

some time to stretch your legs and indulge in a spot of sightseeing. After your visit, you will then be on your way back to London, crossing the English Channel on the way. This is the perfect time to exchange contact details with new friends and travel buddies as you prepare to disembark in the capital. Make sure you upload the highlights of your 22 day Best of Europe tour onto our Facebook page, and we look forward to having you on tour with us again soon.

Breakfast MoreLess

Tour Experiences

Details of the Experiences you'll enjoy on your 'Best of Europe' tour.


1 Included Experience, 3 Optional Experiences

Included: Driving Tour of Paris

Driving tour of this famous city where you may see L’Opéra Garnier, the Tuileries Gardens, Place de la Concorde, Hotel de Ville, The River Seine, l'Ile de la Cite, the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Lovers Bridge, Sacre Coeur, Montmartre, Pigalle (the Red Light District) and see the Moulin Rouge.

Optional Excursions: 

  • River Seine Cruise  
  • Cabaret Show
  • Montparnasse Tower

Other places of interest you could visit in your free time:

  • Disneyland Paris  
  • Notre Dame
  • Rodin Museum
  • Louvre
  • Sainte-Chapelle
  • Catacombs
  • Pantheon
  • Jardin du Luxembourg
  • The Arab Institute
  • Orangerie Museum
  • Latin Quarter
  • Place de la Bastille
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Eiffel Tower

Jungfrau, Switzerland

1 Included Experience, 4 Optional Experiences

Included: Scenic Mountain Drive 

Spectacular views as we drive through mountain passes and alongside lakes, breath-taking mountain vistas and scenic views of quaint Swiss towns.

Optional Excursions:

  • Train to Jungfrau ‘Top of Europe’
  • White-water River Rafting
  • Sky-diving
  • Paragliding

Other places of interest you could visit in your free time:

  • Interlaken – situated between two lakes in the heart of the Jungfrau mountain region.  Amazing views and a great place to enjoy a traditional Swiss fondue in one of the many restaurants.  Along with the restaurants and bars you can shop for some great souvenirs – of course including the famous Swiss chocolate, the choice of flavours and combinations is truly astounding.


1 Included Experience

Included: View the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Your chance to see the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, or even take some iconic pictures of you ‘holding up’ the tower.



1 Included Experience

Included: Walking Tour of Florence

The capital city of the Tuscan region of Italy and considered to be the birthplace of the Renaissance.   We will take you on a walking tour with a professional local guide where you will see Florence's Baptistery, Bell Tower, Gates of Paradise, Brunelleschi's Dome, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio.

Other places of interest you could visit in your free time:

  • Galleria degli Uffizi
  • Galleria dell' Academia
  • Santa Croce
  • Piazza della Republica
  • Piazza Santa Croce
  • Leather Market


1 Included Experience, 1 Optional Experiences

Included: Walking tour of Rome. 

Rome has so much to see and do we can’t list everything here but your walking tour of Rome with a professional local guide will give you a great start for further exploration in your free time.   You will see the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Arch of Septimus Severus, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona (Fountain of the Quattro Fiumi) and the Spanish steps.

Optional Excursions:

  • Vatican City - Take a guided tour around the amazing art works in the Vatican Museums and bask in the beauty of Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. Tour includes queue jumping privileges for both the Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica.


Other places of interest you could visit in your free time:

  • Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Vatican Museums
  • Villa Borghese
  • Villa Borghese bike rental (in the park)
  • Catacombs
  • Saint Peter Basilica
  • Saint Peter Cupola (tower) Campidoglio / Cordonata / Palazzo Nuovo & Senatorio: Famous sights around Capitoline Hill
  • Castel St Angelo
  • Piazza del Popolo
  • Trastevere
  • Capitoline Hill
  • Campo dei Fiori
  • Piazza Venezia - Vittoriano
  • Coliseum


1 Included Experience

Included: Visit to Pompeii

Tour this amazing ancient World Heritage site with a professional local guide. See firsthand the immense destruction the eruption of Mount Vesuvius caused in AD 79.



1 Included Experience, 1 Optional Experience

Included: Walking tour of Dubrovnik

On arrival in the coastal city of Dubrovnik we’ll take a guided walking tour of the old town, stolling the marble streets and getting a feel for this amazingly scenic city.

Optional Excursions:

  • Montenegro – take a full-day excursion to one of Europe’s lesser-known gems, discovering the natural beauty and rich history of the city of Kotor. 

Other places of interest you could visit in your free time:

  • The Cable Car – Reopened after 19 years, the cable car takes you up to Mt Srđ from just north of the city walls. Get a great view of the Old Town and the Adriatic horizon.
  • The Adriatic Sea – Banje Beach: This is the closest beach to the Old Town, right outside Ploče Gate.
  • Dubrovnik City Walls
  • Old Town open-air cinema – open in July and August. Schedule available from Sloboda Cinema
  • Dubrovnik String Quartet – Concerts given throughout Autumn on Monday nights at St Saviour church.
  • Lazareti – a cultural centre hosting gigs, club nights, cinema nights and other interesting events.




1 Included Experience

Included: Guided walking tour of Mostar

Take in the scenery in this charming medieval Balkan town.


Plitvice Lakes National Park

1 Included Experience

Included: Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park

A breathtaking region of natural beauty, the lushly Plitvice National Park boasts some of Croatia’s best scenery. An incredible network of lakes and waterfalls, this is one of the tour’s highlights.



1 Included Experience

Included: Orientation tour of Venice.

Your tour leader will take you into the heart of this unique floating city for an orientation to help you explore and see St. Mark’s Square, St. Mark’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Museum, Campanile (Elevator to the top), Doge’s Palace , Rialto Market and Scuola Grande di San Rocco.

Other places of interest you could visit in your free time:

  • Grand Canal Tour
  • Glass-Blowing / Murano Island
  • St. Mary of the Friars
  • Santi Giovanni e Paolo
  • San Giorgio Maggiore
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection


1 Included Experience

Included: Walking tour of Ljubljana.

Your local guide will take you on a walking tour of this city, the capital of Slovenia where you will see the medieval old town, Preseren Square, City Centre, the Riverfront, Dragon Bridge and Cobblers Bridge. In your free time you may wish to see St. Nicholas Church built in the 13th century to honour St. Nicholas, patron of fishermen and boatmen and the present structure dates from 1701 and is a fine example of Baroque architecture.



1 Included Experience

Included: Walking tour of Vienna

On the drive into Vienna, Austria’s capital city, you will see the Schonbrunn Palace before reaching the Inner City and one of the best vistas from Belvedere Hill. Vienna is known as the 'City of Music’ due to its classical heritage and the prodigies that worked there including Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms to name a few as your local guide on your walking tour will tell you. The tour starts at the Golden Mile on the Ring Strasse (Parliament, City Hall, Burgtheater).Then discover the courtyards and passages around the Hofburg (Imperial Castle) and St. Stephen’s Cathedral which is Vienna’s geographic and historic centre.



1 Included Experience

Included: Driving tour of Budapest

We meet the local guide who takes you on a driving tour of this fabulous city pointing out places of interest and imparting their local knowledge and history. You will experience amazing views from Gellert Hill and the Citadel, drive through the city to include a stop at Heroes Square, see Budapest Parliament, St Stephen Basilica, the State opera, Castle District and then drive along Andrassy Avenue crossing the river to stop at Matthias Church and Fisherman's Bastion area.



1 Included Experience

Included: Orientation tour

On your approach you will see Bratislava Castle. Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia and your Expat Explore tour leader will take you on a orientation tour of the city where you will see the Old Town, Primatial Palace, Michael’s Gate, the Main Square, Old Town Hall, Slovak National Theatre and Reduta.



2 Included Experiences

Included: Local walking tour of Prague

Local guided walking tour of the capital city of the Czech Republic. See the Old Town Square & Astronomical Clock, Wenceslas Square, St. Vitus Cathedral, Petrin Tower (Mini Eiffel Tower), Charles Bridge, Church of Our Lady before Týn, and a view of Prague Castle.

Included: Prague dinner

Experience authentic Czech cuisine at our local restaurant on your first night in Prague, the history of this restaurant dates back hundreds of years and it is a favourite place for locals as well as our Expat Explore groups. You will also have the option to try the famous Czech Beer, Budweiser anyone?

Other places of interest you could visit in your free time:

  • Prague Castle
  • Municipal House
  • Old Jewish Cemetery, Jerusalem Synagogue, Jewish Museum
  • The Dancing Building Photos


1 Included Experience

Included: Pilsner Brewery

Take a tour of the famous Pilsner Brewery and have a chance to sample the local brew.



3 Included Experiences

Included: Orientation tour of Munich, visit a traditional beer hall, visit to Dachau.

Your tour leader will take you on an orientation tour of Munich, the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria. You will see Karlsplats and Marienplatz, New Town Hall, Church of our Lady, and if you visit in the winter the traditional German Christmas markets.

We take you to visit a traditional beer hall and sample some German food and drink, including famous German sausages (vegetarian options available) and steins of beer.

Visit to Dachau. Opened in 1933 by Heinrich Himmler,  Dachau was the first of the Nazi concentration camps in Germany and was originally intended to hold political prisoners.  Situated near the medieval town of Dachau , about 16 km from Munich, this is a fascinating insight into the conditions and brutal treatment and imprisonment of Jews, ordinary German and Austrian criminals, and eventually foreign nationals from countries which Germany occupied or invaded. It was finally liberated in 1945. 


Rhine Valley

1 Included Experience

Included: Rhine River Cruise

Cruise down the Rhine and see the beautiful scenery and the largest concentration of gothic castles (Sterrenberg, Liebestein, Katz and Fortess Rheinfels).

Opportunity to visit a cuckoo clock and beer stein-making shop.



4 Included Experiences

Included: Visit to a windmill, cheese and clogs demonstration, Amsterdam canal cruise & Amsterdam walking tour

Photo stop at a windmill.

Cheese and clogs demonstration – see how these famous shoes are traditionally made by hand and taste some fantastic cheeses. Of course the chance to shop and get those unique souvenirs.

Amsterdam  Canal Cruise -  Sail along Amsterdam's stunning canals at twilight and enjoy a delicious pizza as you cruise.  A perfect  introduction to Amsterdam you will cruise along Amsterdam's atmospheric canals.  Choose from six types of pizza, Ben and Jerry's ice cream,  and you can also upgrade to include unlimited soft drinks, beer and wine. 

Amsterdam orientation walking tour where your tour leader will show you Central Station, the infamous Red light district, Dam Square, Damrak, Royal Palace, National Monument, Old and New Church and of course the canals that weave through the city.  



1 Included Experience

Included: Visit to Bruges

A stop in this beautiful medieval town with some free time so you could try the signature national dish of frites and moules, see or even climb the Belfry Tower, have a Belgian beer or buy some amazing Belgian chocolate.


Tour Accommodation

Expat Explore have searched and invested in excellent budget accommodation either located in cities or well placed with good public transport connections. We use a mostly 3 star hotels for our different tours. During this tour you will stay in twin share rooms and if you are a single traveller, you will be roomed with a fellow traveller of the same gender or you have the option to book a single room at an additional price. Below is a selection of the accommodations that we use on our Europe Multi-Country Tour, these may be subject to change but are an indication of standards and types of properties you will stay in during your tour. A full list of accommodation names and addresses will be given to you on the first day of your tour


Ibis la Defence

B&B Porte de Lilas

Ibis Budget La Villette
IBIS Paris La Villette Cite des Sciences



Alpenrose Hotel

Hotel Schönbühl

Swiss Youth Hostel

Hotel Baren, Ringgenberg

Hotel Oberland
Ibis Budget Lucerne



Hotel Massimo D'Azeglio

Hotel Autopark

Hotel Raffaello





Club House Roma

Christophoro Colombo

Hotel American Palace

Park Hotel Ginevra



Hotel Adriatic



Hotel Centrale 

Residence Elite

NH Venezia Congress Center

Hotel San Guiliano
Hotel Venezia



Ibis Wien Messe

Ibis Budget Wien

Renator Hotel

Senator Hotel

Ibis Budget Wien St Marx



Hotel Ibis Budapest City



Ibis Mala Strana

Charles Central Hotel

Hotel Adeba

Hotel Duo
Hotel Krystal


Bavarian Region

Hotel Dolomit München

Ibis Meunchen City

Ibis Budget Augsburg Gersthofen

Ibis Augsburg Hauptbahnhof

Leonardo Hotel Nürnberg

Ramada Nuernberg Park hotel

Leonardo Hotel Munich Arabellapark

Tryp Munich North

Azimut City Ost

B&B Munich City West

Winters Hotel

Leonardo Hotel Munich City Olympiapark

Avis Hotel Regensburg

A&O Nurnberg

A&O Munich Laim

Bavarian Region
Bavarian Region


Rheinlust Hotel Boppard

Hotel Weiland

Hotel Gorres
Ibis Bonn
InterCity Bonn



Hilton by Hampton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam Schiphol

Lakelands Hotel

Holiday Inn Express Arena Tower


Northern Croatia

Hotel Vicko

Hotel Dujam

Northern Croatia
Northern Croatia


Hotel Park

M Hotel

City Hotel


Ekomi Reviews for Expat Explore

Newest reviews of this tour

Would definitely recommend to friends whom wish to visit Europe for the first time.

Great tour if you are looking for and on the go and taste of everything!!

I would recommend to everyone even if your thinking of going solo - you won't regret it

I would recommend this to anyone! We had a range of ages on our tour and everyone had a great time in their own way

this was a great deal for money

couldn't get it better then this trip

You get to see a lot and all the essential attraction in this tour. 22 days is just right. Will definitely recommend to all my friends, who want to see the most of Europe in a short time, without the hassle of planning.

We joined in Paris and end in Amsterdam. The whole experience was fantastic! I'll recommend to my friends who'd like to see Europe.

Good for a taster tour

2014-06-02: I would recommend to my friends

Highly appreciating for the very responsible and experienced safety driver ( Best of Europe 22 days Driver : Deno. from 26th April to 6th May, 2014 ) and also, Thanks for the well organized tour leader Camerom,s hard work.We were felt very safety with tour leader Cameron and Driver Deno.Thanks.

By: Danny - from: Vancouver, BC, Canada

2014-05-31: Another trip? Why not......

A well organised tour with cool, handsome and always cheerful tour leader (Mark) and humorous and experienced coach driver (Dean). A big and heartful thanks to both of them. Comfortable and always clean coach, you can even take nice photos from inside the coach. Nice weather throughout the trip (so go to Europe in April:) No complaints on the accomodation and food, except for maybe 1 or 2 breakfast provided (2 out of 22, still pretty good).I'd recommend this trip to those who has limited time and wants to see a lot.

By: Lester - from: Singapore

2013-10-30: Spet 10th - Oct 1st

This certainly was the Best of Europe. A great mix of Western and Eastern European countries and cities. There is so much to see everywhere, a great tour to see a little more than the average whirlwind tour and see exactly where you want to revisit in the future.So well organised, great mix of activities and time to explore on your own when wanted. Awesome people - make the trip so much more memorable.Excellent tour leader (Tim) and Driver (Dean) - Thanks!Highlights would be beautiful Greek Island of Corfu (So fun and relaxing) and Oktoberfest (a surprise as I didn't book specifically around this and had much more fun than I expected)

By: Jess - from: Melbourne, Australia

2013-10-16: Time of my life: Europe Blitz

This tour, which took place from September 30th to October 10th, was the best trip I have ever taken. I met excellent people and visited incredible locations. I was pleased to see the careful organization and happy demeanor my tour guide put into the trip. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in travelling to Europe.

By: Courtney - from: London

2013-10-14: Had a blast

This was a great tour for getting a feel for as many places as possible in as short a time as possible. It is a fairly demanding schedule, but it's only for 10 days, so you can rest when you're done...Our guide Aga was fantastic - knowledgeable, well organised, fun and patient. Really made it a great trip for everyone.

By: Ryan - from: NZ

2013-10-02: I would definitely recommend this tour!

I had the pleasure of going on this tour about 2 weeks ago from 16.9.2013-25.9.2013, and I had an amazing time! Our tour leader, Cam, was very helpful, informative, and fun! We were provided with lots of entertaining activities, and he always had hidden surprises planned according to how much time we had. Our driver, Marco, was very friendly and engaging as he participated in many of the activities. I had the chance to meet amazing new people as our group was very lively and diverse! I loved the optional excursions that were given to us-primarily the river cruise in Venice, Italy and canyon swinging in Switzerland! The guided walking tours are also very educational and interesting, although I felt that they were a bit too rushed. This tour provides a great opportunity to visit many places on a reasonable budget. The only downside was that we didn't get to spend much time in some places such as Pisa, Italy,and sometimes we arrived later than planned in some destinations due to traffic. I felt that the accommodations were generally good, but they could be better in places such as Munich and Amsterdam. All in all, it was a great experience. I would definitely recommend this tour! :)

By: Huda Yaacoubi - from: Jerusalem

2013-09-30: Best experience to travel in Europe

long time spending on coach, time limited in attraction spot. i would recommend for the longer period for the whole trip

By: Man in Black - from: Austria

2013-09-26: I would highly recommend this tour

Me and my daughter went on this tour. We were very concerned about the low price ...but what a big surprise. We had a fantastic holiday, great tourleader, Paula and excellent coachdriver, Dean. We made great friends (Bob & Fon-above), had a fantastic tour. Food and accommodations are moderate but fine. Only in Prague we experierenced ( to us) bad accommodation. The coach is luxurious and we felt like one big family.I understand that 2014's tours will not be divided in legs, which is an exellent idea. On our tour, newcomers joined us halfway, which felt strange...I will highly recommend this tour to everyone, as I have already spoken to my local travel agencies to promote these tours.This is absolutely value for money, i am 50 years of age and much elder people were part of this tour, without any problems. We enjoyed it as all the young ones, although it was tiring at some times... it was worth every step and penny...Corfu was a highlight as we could rest and enjoy the sun and sea...and quad bikes, what a thrilling experience...Well done on an excellent organised tour... I am planning on going again in 2014 !!!!

By: Daleen & Dane Venter - from: South Africa

2013-09-02: Best tour ever. I love Expat Explore

Tour date 19/08/2013The tour was amazing. It says budget tour, but it doesn't feel like one. Really nice food and the accommodation was really nice too. Our tour leader was amazing. She was really helpful. I would love to go to tour with u guys. I love it. Thanks for everything. I've recommended expact explorer to all my friends.

By: Abin Jacob - from: London

2013-09-02: next year I'm coming back to you guys ag

Nice experience with expat, got to see some exotic places in a short time

By: ranjan - from: india

2013-09-01: August 19, 2013

It was great to discover new things about the places we visited and having experienced and knowledgeable guides helped so much. I had been to Italy on my own before and didn't see half as much as we did on our few days there. This is real value for money if you want to visit Europe but have no set destination in mind. It was a good way to get a feel of the city and keep activities and places in mind for your next, longer visit. I was expecting it to be more hectic than it was and the accommodations and food would be a write off but I was pleasantly surprised that both were better than could be expected. I would have appreciated arriving at the cities earlier though so we could have entered museums and exhibits. But all in all a great experience.

By: Lee - from: Dubai, UAE

2013-08-30: Great short tour. Recommended !

I had such a great time on this tour. Met some very fun people and we had great memories together.Our tour leader Luke was great. He has deep travel knowledge and made sure everyone was looked after and having a good time. Our coach driver Michel was so much fun as well. He involved himself with the group and was one of us. The activities on the tour are great, although they were quite rushy and exhausting; but that was expected for a short tour. Accommodations were clean, which was good. It would be better if they are close by public transports, especially for cities that we have free days, so that it would be easier for us to get back to hotels ourselves.

By: Maggie - from: Melbourne

2013-08-26: 05/08/13 to 14/08/13

This trip was fantastic! There was many items/activities that happened within the various places which made the country you were in come alive and more real. On your free days do try to plan something rather than go with the flow as time flies.The walking tours were brilliant and very informative. Accommodation was varied and some were better than others so go with an open mind.The people I met on tour were fantastic and we all mixed which made the trip more special. It is tiring and and this is hard to cope with but it will be worth it. The only thing that was missing was an activity in London. Absolutely loved this trip, my best holiday ever and I hope Expat continue to expand and i go on another one soon.

By: Bonny beans - from: Hull

2013-08-22: Tour duration: 02-23 July 2013.

My friend and I have enjoyed the tour. We shall go on another one if an opportunity presents itself.Messrs Tye and Dean have shown lots of professionalism.The local guides are well versed.

By: Ishwar - from: Mauritius

2013-08-19: 5-14 August 2013

Was a great experience!

By: Chrissie - from: South Africa

2013-08-13: The ABSOLUTE time of my life!!

It's hard to put into words an indescribable experience, which is what I had during this 3 week tour (I was on the Best of Europe tour from 5/21/13 to 6/11/13). This was my first experience with Europe and I could not have imagined a more fantastic vacation. This tour literally covers every hot spot or "must see" place in every country you visit, leaving you with the feeling that you've really "done it all" by the time you leave. I was lucky enough to have 2 fantastic bus drivers, Adam and Stu, as well as an absolutely exceptional tour guide named Ty. They were a HUGE part in making my trip what it was, as they were incredibly knowledgable about Europe, extremely helpful in making this a once in a lifetime trip for me, and were just plain and simply fun. I laughed the whole trip, formed life long bonds with new friends from other countries, and made memories that will last a life time. I can't really think of too many cons to this trip - everything was extremely well organized and it was the perfect balance of group activities and personal free days to explore on your own. The only word of advice I have for anyone interested in this trip is be prepared for a jam-packed vacation! There is a lot of traveling involved and it can get tiring at some points, but it is totally, completely, and utterly worth it. Best way to see Europe! Thank you Expat Explore for giving me the tour of a lifetime!

By: Cory B - from: USA

2013-08-06: Great experience

I would definatley recemend this tour to everyone who is looking for less budget and great experience. Its definatly worth it. Staff were friendly and we had our best 10days of our life.

By: Shravas - from: London

2013-08-05: A whole lot of fun!

I had an amazing 10days! The tour was well organised and is a great way to get a taster of Europe. You do spend a lot of time on a coach and the accommodation isn't brilliant. However for the money I paid, I am more than happy! I would highly recommend this tour!

By: Saz - from: England

2013-07-16: Expat Rocks

I was not too sure about the whole thing until we were on Our way. It just kept getting better and better. Tour was fun. A little too tiring at times but no one complained.Only thing to improve is may be activities in bus.All in all totally recommended.

By: Hash - from: Leicestershire

2013-07-08: Europe Blitz! One of the best :)

This tour was a great experience. I saw many places in less time and most of all met great people and now I have the memory to cherish for lifetime.

By: Syed - from: Chester, UK

2013-07-04: May 21-June 11

This was a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone I know. This trip was fast paced and always on a time schedule. Which I appreciated. The sites were fantastic and the tour was awesome!! I would have liked more time in Budapest and Rimini, as they were definitely better than Prague. I only had one complaint about the accomodations, the hotel in Prague was horrible. All the rest of the accomodations were great!The food was often good just too much bread and heavy food for 22 days straight. I personally would prefer lighter meals like salads and more healthier choices. I realize often when you travel there is no choice in the matter. This is just my opinion.Also, anyone looking at this tour should book a private room on ferry between Italy and Greece, unless you are partial to sharing with other people.As stated previously I would definitely recommend Expat to my friends, it was terrific all around!!:)

By: Metalmaiden - from: Canada

2013-07-02: Brilliant, Fun,Enjoyably Exhausting.

How do you describe this type of experience ? For once words fail us. The designers of the trip must be crossed between philanthropist and sadist. There is no attempt to sell unwanted add ons or to profit from naive travellers, only an obsession to provide the best possible value for money and to squeeze in as much experience, fun, and insomnia as the time allows. There seemed to be 30 hours in every day,and as much as 6 hours of sleep at night ! For those up to it, you will have a holiday of a lifetime, for those looking for relaxation,and recuperation, go elsewhere. The driver (Dean) and courier (Paula), were phenomenal, they ran the trip perfectly. They were professional, well organised, fun, but strict, (it couldn't work any other way.) They worked so hard, they truly deserved medals. Credit must also be given to the 40 or so other folk, who played a massive part in contributing to the group enjoyment, they were almost all courteous, fun, positive, and on time, and polite to each other, despite the fact that they came from all corners of the world, they all seemed to be experienced, and seasoned travellers.Expat Explore, your owners and managers should be proud of your product, your staff, and the challenging spirit inspired by your tours. Such attention to quality and value, is so rare in these days of group speak, flim flam and corporate greed. Thank you soooooo much. From Uncle Bob and Fon.

By: Uncle Bob and Fon. - from: UK, Thailand, and Who Knows where next ?

2013-06-29: Hop on, Hop off in 14 countries

Expat Explore took away all the pain of organizing a comprehensive tour of more than a dozen countries in northern and Central Europe, and they did it at a great price. The tour is especially good for people traveling alone as no single supplements are charged and there is plenty of good company. I will definitely use the company again and am considering the trip to Egypt.A lot of time is spent on the coach and whilst many used the opportunity to catch up on sleep I enjoyed following the route and appreciating the scenery. I would have valued more insights into the agriculture, economy, geology and culture of the areas as we passed through and perhaps the most practical way of doing this would be to hand out an annotated diagram of the planned route on travelling days.The local guides used are excellent and there are many surprise inclusions.

By: Jan - from: South Africa

2013-06-26: expat 10/6/13 - 19/6/13 the best tour!

Better than I could of every imagined, Our tour guide Tim went above and beyond the call of duty and provided us with an amazing, fun, educational, emotional, and unforgettable experience! Our driver Michel drove so safely with total entertainment value, they were both much loved by the whole crew. Every place visited was well organised and the surprises were extra special. Life long friends made and over all the most amazing 10days.

By: Jennie - from: New Zealand

2013-06-25: Europe Blitz 10-19 June 2013

Probably the best tour ever, although it was my first time overseas, I travelled like an experienced traveller thanks to the tour leader who kept me informed through out the day. Each day we were given a day planner exaplaining what we'd be doing for the day. From seeing all the sights to being surprized with some extra activities. Every day was an awesome experience, the group became my family and I would recommend this to everyone who wants to travel but don't have the huge budget to do it

By: T - from: South Africa

2013-06-24: I LOVEEEE EXPATT!!!! June 10-19 2013

This was my first time going on a european tour and I just wanted to say that I had the BESTTTTT time of my life. I chose the european blitz since it worked well with my budget. I just travelled between june 10-19 and let me say I have met the best people in my life. Our tour leader TIM was the besttttt tour leader ever. He was very helpful and pleasant to talk to and was loads of fun. Our driver Michel was simply just entertaining and one of the best drivers ever. I felt very safe while on board and he kept us super entertained on the bus since we had some days with long hours on the bus. What I liked about expat is that they took us to the areas that people would enjoy the most in each country. The only downside I had were some of the accomodations. Most of them were fairly good for a hostel and some were just not up to my level but it was managable. This is a very fast pace trip so be prepared to be on your feet for a lot of the tour. It is totally worth it and I would do this tour again in a heartbeat. I miss everyone on the tour and I just cant get over the fact what an amazing experience I had on this trip. Please do check out expat's european blitz as it is totally worthhhh it for your money!!!!...LOVE YOU EXPAT TEAM

By: shubz - from: Canada

2013-06-18: Should be renamed "best tour ever"

One word to describe this tour would be amazing. The places were amazing, the tour leader Ty was amazing, the driver stu: amazing. There was no shortage of things to do, and there was time to relax if needed. Our tour leader and driver constantly had extra "surprises" planned for us, including a trip to Dachau on our way to Munich. This trip gives you the opportunity to meet amazing new people, while traveling to the most beautiful places, and having fun, new experiences!

By: Nyss - from: Chicago

2013-06-12: 07/05/2013 - 2205/2013

This was a very go-go-go tour! Which you should be able to see from the itinerary. Whilst it was very tiring a lot was crammed in so you have the best possible bragging rights about what you've seen in a short amount of time. There is always something to do or you can just relax. There are a couple of long coach days but our tour leader Carly always did her best to ensure that we were entertained with quizzes, movies and general banter. Also don't worry about the overnight ferries, they were the best nights sleep I had the whole trip, but don't worry the hotel beds are very comfy too. The main con I'd say was the breakfast, it was the EXACT same everyday with the exception of about three days which had more variety, so that does get pretty boring, the lunches and dinners provided were great however. There are a lot of extra optional excursions you can join including skydiving, so there can be much variety in this trip.

By: rebecca - from: derby

2013-06-12: Holiday of a lifetime 07 MAY- 28 MAY 13

Despite being a solo traveller still had the time of my life!! Made loads of new friends, visited the most AMAZING, unforgettable places and had the BEST driver and tour guide Dean and Carly. All in all was money well spent and would do it all again if I had the chance :)Thanks Expat for providing tours like this where SO much can be seen and done in such a short time frame. Have memories to be cherished forever :)

By: Rabia - from: Durban, South Africa

2013-06-02: Trip of a Lifetime 7th - 28th May 2013

We had not heard of Expat before this trip but it was the best decision we could have made to go with them. Our tour leader Carly and coach driver Dean were professional,knowledgeble and above all fun. They went above and beyond to ensure that we all had an amazing and unforgettable time. The tour took us to amazing places where we were able to enjoy the cities in our free time but were also given a lot of cultural information from Carly and the local tour guides. This trip definitely exceeded our expectations and we would have no hesitation using Expat again or recommending Expat to anyone.

By: Natasha and Christian - from: Sydney, Australia

2013-06-01: 22 amazing days 7-28 May 2013

This was the most amazing trip ever. The guide was very knowledgeable! The driver AMAZING. The accommodations were ok. All but one was clean. The beds varied from amazing to terrible. It would be nice to be dropped off closer to the hotel all the time but some hotels did not seem to accommodate the coach. The hotel in Florence was AWFUL!! Metal bunk beds. The first meal in Paris was really bad. They didn't cook the chicken enough and they burned the steak and they didn't have enough staff to help. Pretty sad. All others were good. Fast paced tour! Very little rest! Plan an extra day off work when the tour is over to recoup!!!!

By: Spud - from: USA

2013-05-29: Amazing holiday

I had some reservations about doing this tour (retired older lady) but I decided to take my adult daughter with me as she had not been to Europe. The tour group was made up of all ages and nationalities, so we fitted in very well. Our guide Carly and driver Stuart were the best ever, and went the extra mile to ensure everyone had a great time. The journey was full of culture, gorgeous scenery and architecture. Although it was a very full itinerary and tiring at the time, we had to keep going as we had so much to see and do. We very quickly caught up on missed sleep and have wonderful memories forever of our fabulous 22 day tour of Europe, with a great group of like minded fellow travellers. My daughter loved every minute of her exciting trip and is looking forward to another one not too far down the track. I have no hesitation in recommending Expat Explore to friends and family who have the energy to do such a tour and especially if looking for excellent value for money. Well done Expat, Carly & Stu.

By: Mum and daughter - from: Melbourne, Australia

2013-05-27: Great Trip

I had a great time on my trip, I met new people and made great friends. I really enjoyed visiting all the countries and learning about different cultures. We had a great tour guide Holly and Marco our coach driver who were very knowledgeable about the different countries and their culture.

By: Globtrotter - from: England

2013-05-20: 29th of April to 8th of May 2013

the place that we went are the best among all the attractions in all the countries.. but the travel time really long and have to wait in the bus for a long time to reach the next destination.. the accomodation sometimes was out of expectation as 6 sharing or bathroom not attached to the rooms. however, generally this trip really worth it and is cheap for backpackers..

By: Ah Yam - from: Malaysia

2013-05-18: Sampler Plate of Europe

April 28-May08, 2013In this case, I'd say that you judge the book by its cover. The European Blitz really is a blitz. Visiting 5 countries in the span of 10 days, most of which is spent on the road, you will definitely not be able to see everything that you want to see. However, this tour isn't meant for that. If you wanted to see the mona lisa, the cabaret, climb the eiffel tower and still get to go to Euro Disneyland, I suggest you take a more city specific tour.The European Blitz is meant for you to sample a bit of the flavors of each city, have an idea of which ones you loved and come back to them some time in the future.The trip is definitely exhausting and is not meant for the weak-spirited. But if you have high energy and are always rearing for adventure then this is the tour for you!

By: Mandarin Matt - from: Manila

2013-05-16: Awesome Europe Taster

It was definately a blitz tour, however it was the blitz tour I have done. From the start of the tour a whole bus clicked and was a hoot from the start. We had our 'backseat bandits' down the back and awesome crowd up the front. Our tour guide Quartz was really knowledgable on everywhere we went, she had little surprises up her sleeve and no matter what tried to please everyone and trying to keep things on task, pointing out all the cool sights, places to eat, there was 39 of us. Marco our driver was a gem, no matter what with traffic issues or not he got us everywhere on time and sometimes earlier he and quartz were the dream team, if you get them your trip will be amazing! Jungfrau in Switzerland would have been my highlight, being on the top of the highest mountain in Europe was the best. We were lucky to have blue skies, strongley recommend this excursion. Italy was filled with beautiful scenerey along the way, florence you had plenty of time to do the markets as well as some of the sights. To go up the Catherdral we found that between 12:30 and 1:30 was good time to line up as we waited 20mins but after 2 it was queues as lunch finshed. Wasnt a fan of the food in some spots, like Munich but everyone is different on their tastes. Amsterdam is brillant place, however being a blitz tour you need to keep in mind you wont see everything. This tour is about getting a taster of what cities you like and go back to when you have time. I found the time in most places good as I got to see what I wanted and know where I will go back to. Vience is amazing recommend the gondola even in the rain, it was still lovely, but make sure you have 6 of you in the boat as it will work out cheaper for you. when you get to Paris is if you get the chance due to staying little longer or go back I recommend the Chateau de Versailles, it is a beautiful spot.Every tour has its pros and cons, its what you make it and how you deal with the people your with. I would recommend this trip to anyone, i went as a solo traveller and came back with a bunch of new friends from around the world. If you get the chance to do this DO IT!! you wont regret it. This is my second tour with Expact and going in my third in July. My first was to Egypt - Nile Adventure and that was amazing. So they must be good right!Enjoy your travels!

By: Penelope - from: New Zealand

2013-05-16: It was a Blitz tour but worth every cent

This whole trip was what i expected plus more, yes it was a blitz so you didn't have alot of time in most places but the time we did have I felt I got to see most things and know whether or not its a place to go back to. Jungfrau was the best experience to go to the top and do the zip line was a lot of fun. We were lucky to have blue skies and every minute was enjoyable. Italy is absoutely amazing. Expact Explorer is one of the best tours I have been on, as it is my second tour with them strongly recommend. the downside is how you make it. Its a quick trip you see what you can and do what you can. The guides were awesome and tried there best to please us also little surprises thrown in which were cool. DO IT!!

By: Pen the traveller - from: Ipswich UK

2013-05-13: Perfect

It was a good experience for me. Good accommodation, I recommended for this tour As a budget one.

By: Shan - from: London

2013-05-08: 29th of april until 8th of june

This tour was amazing i met so many great people the tour guide was professional i loved every second. the only thing i didn't like was the accommodation in Munich 6 people to one shower and an early start was tough. the coach driver was professional and sociable with everyone i would definitely recommend this to anyone who is wanting to experience Europe and it is very reasonably priced.

By: Mikey - from: Lincoln

2013-05-05: Best trip I've ever been on... no joke!

This tour was fun from the very first day, my tour guide Carly and bus driver Stuey are by far the best combination in order to have a fun journey, even on the bus! As there is a lot of bus time and early departures, Carly was always chipper and ready to welcome you with a smile, but also was very considerate of nap times! Because this is a longer tour, you get to become close with people from all over the place, and share memories that nobody else has experienced. I highly recommend this tour, you won't regret it at all!!

By: Mollie - from: North Carolina, USA

2013-05-05: Couldn't speak higher of Expat Explore

Well first off I was blessed to have the best tour guide and bus driver ever and that really made all the difference. Carly was very informative, organized and fun. She would get involved with the group and also get the group involved with each other. As a single traveller that made making friends a lot easier. During this trip I developed friendships that I'm sure will last a lifetime. The itinerary was perfect as well. I really appreciated the free days so everyone could do what they wanted, be it sleep in, get up early and explore or even participate in a extra activity such as skydiving in Czech Republic. The food was amazing , the local tour guides were well chosen the city's visited were beyond beautiful... Overall I would say that this was an amazing tour for an amazing price.

By: Jackie - from: Canada

2013-04-29: Good experienced, I would recommend

You have the opportunity to see the most popular areas in each country that you visited, the accommodation some are very good even if you share with other people from the tour, definitely worth the price that you pay for this trip. you have breakfast and dinner almost each day and trust me that really helps because food in Europe is expensive. It is a trip where you walk a lot and see the best of each city, you have the opportunity to meet people from other countries.

By: Trouble maker - from: San Diego CA

2013-04-25: What aamazing 10 days!

Just got back from this 10 day trip and would do it all over again! I must say this trip was extremely well organised and executed by the great tour leader we had! If you are looking for a trip which enables you too see all all the main spots in Europe and want to party and have a good time as well then this trip is definitely the one! The trip was absolutely perfect in terms of organisation and making sure that 99.9% of people are catered for. It ran smoothly and without any fault. The only downside to this trip is that as a 10 day trip its short and there are very long drive days so it almost is a taster of the European cities so that you come back and explore more in-depth at a later time!

By: Mr Chow - from: UK

2013-04-22: BEST HOLIDAY EVER 17 JULY-7 AUG 2012



2013-04-15: I am highly recommend this product

Its awesome. ....

By: bada - from: London

2013-04-15: I would recommend this trip

Time tables could be useful in the future

By: Daru Wibowo - from: London

2013-03-08: 7-12-2012 to 18-12-2012

I loved the tour very much, cant wait to go on the next one. Met so many new people and made good friends. I missing everyone, was realy great 10 days :)

By: Marlene - from: South Africa

2013-01-25: I liked...

Well, I loved the trip ... but I found it very tiring and there was not time to know everything in detail.And the fact that I do not speak fluent English did not help much, because I did not understand everything about the places visited.I traveled alone and this was a wonderful experience because I met great people on the trip and not feel alone or moved any day.My roommate was really cool.The hotels and breakfasts were good (although the breakfast is too early).I was disappointed only with Greece, because I would have gone in Mykonos.And my phone was stolen in Paris ... the rest of the trip was great!I commend everyone for sure!

By: Paty Patrícia - from: São Paulo - Brasil

2012-12-16: November 28- Dec 7

Very good tour!met great people and the guide was real fun. The only issue that I had was, Venice trip should have been at day time. I would also may be switch Florence, Italy with Rome. Otherwise, absolutely fantastic tour!!

By: Arun - from: Sheffield

2012-11-13: Satisfactory

was good no complains..

By: Biju - from: London

2012-11-07: Unforgettable

i enjoyed the trip travelled with my sister, but it would have been fine if you travel aloneMet a unch of awesome people and the group mixed well.i loved that you have free time to do and see what you want to without restrictions. just dont miss the bus!Less time in the Rhine Valley, it was a useless stop.I enjoyed in my favourite order-Florence, Venice Amsterdam,Paris, Switzerland

By: KuKu - from: Johannesburg, South Africa

2012-10-29: Trip of a Lifetime (Sept/Oct 2012)

We hadnt heard of Expat before and are absolutely happy with our decision to give em a go!. They are a company on the rise and i have no doubt they will be as big as the other players in no time. There was not a single day on the trip that we didnt enjoy (even with a hangover or two). We cannot speak highly enough of Expat. The tour leader (Carly) and bus driver (Stuart) were professional, knowledgeable and above all else fun! They always had suggestions of things to do and see, little unique facts they have learnt on their travels and helpful hints with the language and culture of each destination. Having time to relax and catch some sun in Greece broke the trip up so it wasnt all "go, go, go". The accomodation was always clean. Breakfast was fair and dinners were delicious (and large). We saw some amazing things, we met amazing people and we have memories that we will never forget. The range of ages on the tour meant that if we wanted to have a drink and go out there were people to do that with and if we wanted to sit around and chat there were people for that aswell.This trip was great value for money and we didnt spend nearly as much as we were budgeting for. Highlights - Skiing and tubing in Switzerland, Scuba Diving in Greece, climbing Mt Vesuvius in Pompei, getting lost in Venice, eating my weight in cheese in Amsterdam. Was the trip everything we hoped for.... Yes and much more. Thank you Expat for giving us the holiday of a lifetime. We will be looking at booking our next adventure with you soon. One final thank you to Carly for ringing and explaining in advance to each restaurant that there was a vegetarian coming who only liked cow's milk. Mooo

By: Jados (27 years old) - from: Perth

2012-10-24: A Great fun way to travel to Europe

I feel each place should have been minimum of 2 nights stay, as it became very tiring with so many early departures. I feel the food kitty could be cancelled, as we would have liked to buy our own food, as the standard was very poor.

By: Grazzer - from: Queensland Australia

2012-10-16: Great Value For Money

Thoroughly enjoyed the tour, saw a whole heap of sights and places that I would never have been able to squeeze in that time frame. Now that I am back home and back at work, all I keep thinking about lately is how much fun I had on the tour!Our tour leader and coach driver were very professional, organised and accommodating. It was quite exhausting by the end of the 22 days but well worth it. We had a fantastic group of people as well which was made up of all ages and nationalities. Friendships were formed and it was quite sad by the end of the tour saying bye to everyone.The only negatives I have was I found 1 or 2 of the accommodations below average. Majority were satisfactory, and 1 or 2 were surprisingly of a high standard. Having said that, hardly any time is spent in the hotel room. Also the included dinners were nothing special, but then again wasn't expecting much. Considering the cost of the tour is significantly less than other tour groups I looked at, I was expecting a lot less and overall these 2 negatives were only minor issues in the overall scheme of things. Great value for money, would consider a tour with expat again, and would recommend to friends that I think would enjoy something like this. If you are considering this tour and unsure if this is for, JUST DO IT!

By: Nick - from: Melbourne, Australia

2012-10-15: Awesome

I had so much fun, those tour guides were the best, very helpful, caring and considerate, as if were just bros and sis', the walking tours were informative, the only problem i have encountered was the accomodation in Italy and the dinner they have served particularly, but generally it was pretty descent food.

By: Red - from: British Virgin Islands

2012-09-30: Loving the trip to the max =D

The trip was splendid. I wasnt expecting much from the trip as i was travelling alone, but i got 1 heck of a memorable trip with crazy and funny travel mates !

By: Kenneth [@] - from: Once in Sheffield, now back in Malaysia

2012-09-24: It's amazing holiday to stay with Expate

Hv fun with Expate this Jul! Our group is awesome, so happy to know so many nice friends from worldwide! And we do enjoy every moment during the trip, only thing wanna carry out is WE WANNA STAY ONE MORE NIGHT AT FLORENCE PLEASE!! ^&^ Great experience @22 th July 2012 tour, miss ur guys! Cheers!

By: BoBo - from: Singapore

2012-09-04: Best way to travel europe

The best trour company with best prices.I thought travelling solo will be boring...but it ended up being one of the best trips of my life..thanks to all the the wonderful travel mates and a great travel guide and driver....u all rock :)

By: dinesh - from: Glasgow

2012-08-29: Well planned with great staff

A great way to see many countries in a short period of time but very exhausting. Staff very friendly and helpful. We had a great time!

By: Lish - from: Australia

2012-08-27: Just plain AWESOME!! [...]

What an amazing time we had on this trip. LOTS of walking, so bring good shoes. Just wished we had more time in Vienna and Ljubljana. Great mix of people on the bus, GREAT mix of countries visited. Beth and Stu were amazing! I will never forget this trip!

By: Yvette - from: From South Africa, living in Dubai

2012-08-25: Simply Awesome

It's really good.

By: Jeff - from: Philippines

2012-08-21: 01/07/2012 00:00:00

I am recommending Ex-Pat tours to friends. It was great to travel with my friend and our 14 year old daughters. The four of us had a great time! I really appreciated how Stewart, our driver, and Beth our tour leader supported each other, obviously got along well and were both very helpful, knowledgeable and fun.

By: Alice - from: Oakland, California

2012-08-14: it's a budget tour but it's a bliss

we are given our own free time to explore some of the places with the guide from the tour guide. the tour is fun but it would have been better if we don't have to wait for late comers (which included the tour guide and coach driver sometimes) as time are really limited for this tour and especially when there are time limits for driver to drive on road. I understand that tour guide needs to organize things and it will take up some times. not that the tour guide was inorganized but i think sometimes tour guide needs to be a little bit harsh on latecomers because the other people did not pay to wait and wasting time. the accommodations could be both good and average but since it's a budget tour,i considered it overall a little bit beyond average. it's a best guideline for self to know which place to visit next time and which place could be skipped. the tour guide knows how to have fun but could be more knowledgeable about the background of the places we visited.[...] the great thing about this trip is the tour guide was good at making us all one big family and feel so close to each other.

By: theboo - from: united states

2012-07-31: Stupendous, terrific, unforgettable

My husband and I were very worried about the fact that we would be the oldest travellers on the trip. However, we coped well we think and loved being with younger travellers. Realized that without an iphone or laptop we really showed our age! Was exhausting with lots and lots of walking tours. Didn't miss out on any. Would like longer in Florence, Rome,Paris and Brugge. Realize that one wouldn't see as much if we were able to do this. Corfu was the very best!! Dom, our driver was exceptional and a wonderfully safe driver. Paula, our guide, too was really lovely and joined in with the group.

By: barbie - from: south africa

2012-07-30: 3rd July to 24th July 2012

Wow, we had an amazing time on the tour, highlight would definitely be Corfu, Beth and Stewy were an awesome team that lead us around Europe in the utmost professional way possible and always ensured we all had an amzing time!

By: Christine - from: Ex london

2012-07-23: EPICNESS

Awesome tour... Perhaps consider a night in Belgium or an extra night in Munich instead of spending a night in Rhine Valley.

By: Casper - from: Cape Town, South Africa

2012-07-23: 7th June

THe tour was great fun. We were able to get free time aftet walking tours which allowed us to do things we enjoyed or found interesting that were showed to us. I enjoyed the places we stayed at, a good variety with great places of interest. The tour is exhausting as there is a lot of driving involved, but I made it fun. I went out of my way to make friends and had the attitude of "sleep when Im dead" ... I took the time to explore and learn as much as I can and it was really a life chaning experience for me.

By: Mike - from: South Africa, Port Elizabeth

2012-07-17: BEST TRIP EVER!!!!!!!19/6/2012-10/7/2012

Action packed thrilling 22 days around Europe. Carly and Dean did ALL the work so you just follow! The people on the tour are the BEST EVER! Fellow South Africans and Donners, Australians, New Zealander, Canadian, Floridians, Trinidadians, Hong Kongers, Vietnamese, Malaysians, Mozambicans, Indians, Londoners, British, Colombians(Hola Martha!) I lost 15lbs at least from all the walking!!! LOTS OF walking!!! No Air conditioning in Austria and Germany! Rome was HOT (over 40ºC?)

By: Peter from South Africa Sudafrica! - from: Johannesburg,Capetown,Malmesbury

2012-07-16: Life time experience

Werner and I had a absolute awesome time on the Best of Europe tour. We really enjoyed Switserland, Corfu and Prague. But every place we visited had something special! Carli and Dean were fantasic and we enjoyed their company very much, they were always helpful and part of the group! Thanks for a fantastic time!

By: Wer and Sim - from: South Afica, Amsterdam

2012-07-16: Best of Europe (22 days)

As a Christian the sort of movies shown on the coach was embarrassing (pornography), blasphemy, uncalled for. If you want to show movies on the coach then at least give the person that do not want to sit and listen to rubbish to enjoy the scenery on the outside. It also mean that those that want to watch the movie must move to the front of coach with headphones in order for the rest to still have the curtains open to enjoy the views!I also want to recommend that no towels are needed to bring along as only one place did not supply towels and that was Rome Camping Villas - more space for presents to take home!Most of the accommodation was perfect but a few was shocking - the hotel at the Rhine river there was no pillow cases and no top sheet and looking at the pillow it is been use like that for a very long time.The camping Villa at Rome you could not sleep as the Contiki group had a party and making a noise until 03:30 in the morning even though the rules clearly states that after 11:00 no noise but they supplied booze until 02:00 in the morning - a bit contradicting I would say!Regarding the food we had some excellent food such as the Congress Hotel! But in some cases again at the Rhine Valley Hotel breakfast and supper was shocking. The restaurant at the Venice we had soup water (a cup full) and a tiny bits of pasta in the soup water for a starter. Then we had a piece of bread with 3 tiny blocks of meat with gravy over it for the main meal and ice cream for dessert. I challenge Expat on the amount that was asked [$] per head additional for food - the value that we got was not even [$] per head. My suggestion is to take away the food supplement completely so that everybody can decide where he or she want to eat or give everybody the option to upgrade for extra few Rands.In terms of the tour itself I would recommend to keep the amount of days but exclude some of the countries and make a part of another tour. I personally would like to stay in Venice for 2 days, Vienna for 2 days and Munich for 2 days. Ljubljana is also a place that need more. Time was wasted to visit the Pilsener brewery which we could have spent in Munich. Vienna we arrived 18:00 hours, had a quick walking tour and that was that. I personally think that you need to make your distances travel on certain days much shorter - it becomes very tiresome. I think the Corfu stay is a brilliant idea, just give enough time to unwind[@]the tour leader is fantastic in her knowledge of the history of the places. She only need to work on the fact that you do not have to laugh after every second word spoken - it becomes very irritating.Please give the coach driver something so that he can wash the front window at least once a week - was not washed for the whole tour.The Rhine Valley cruise was for me personally very disappointing as I had this picture in my head of the castles standing in the woods next to the Rhine. Your advertising is also misleading as you look at the map the dotted lines is much longer than a hours cruise - again I thought that this must be at least a 100 kilometers long. [...] I also got streetwise in terms of the transport systems, where to eat, etc.

By: Surprise - from: South Africa

2012-07-12: Simply amazing memorable experience

Amazing tour....

By: Raymond the adventurer - from: Philippines

2012-06-30: what you is what you get.

good way to explore Europe, but sometime can be very tiring....overall i really enjoy the tour with the friendship i'd gained, place i'd explore, thing i'd see and the wine i'd taste

By: Samantha Sim - from: Malaysia

2012-06-26: awesome! (june 7, 2012)

It was a great fun and there was certain spontaniety about the tour.

By: Me - from: Nepal

2012-06-26: Life changin experience!!!

Great for the price, our guide and friend [@]was an added bonus.

By: Brandon Aka crazy Americans - from: San Diego

2012-06-26: Whirlwind adventure

It was an amazing journey which leaves me nostalgic,I want more!!!

By: Fez - from: Durban South Africa

2011-12-20: Absolutely the trip of a lifetime!

This trip was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. Expat combines great guides and brilliant coach drivers with an itinerary that allows for both fast paced travelling and chances to chill out and recharge the batteries. One of the things I liked most about travelling with Expat is the diverse range of nationalities and ages within the group of travellers. It makes for a really interesting experience and the chance for great friends you would never have expected. This tour itself was a great taster of Europe, giving you the chance to sample the highlights of Europe in a short amount of time. I would thoroughly recommend it to any traveller - regardless of age, nationality or experience. Do it!

By: Renita - from: London, previously Perth, Australia

2011-12-16: Good bang for the buck (or pound)

This tour is a very easy and convenient way to see the best cities of Europe. The trip was well organized with an experienced guide,[@] and an expert driver, [@]. You can just sit back and relax and enjoy the view. At every city we had a local guide who showed the main points of interest and its history. As well we were given a map of the city and were shown how to use the local transit system so that we can go on our own to see the major big cities ourselves on the free days. On the free days you can relax, sit on the sidewalk café, go to a museum, or a beer hall. It is up to you.It is a long tour over 6000 km in 22 days. It is a good value because you get to see and do a lot. Money was not wasted on fancy hotels or meals. I would recommend it to the young and the young at heart.

By: Peter the camera guy - from: Surrey, BC, Canada

2011-11-05: This tour was amazing!

These tours were the most amazing experience of my life! I did 22 days of Europe in September, and 9 days of Egypt in October. Everything was so well organised, excellent accomodation, met great people. If you want a taste of the world this is the trip for you! But get ready for most of the trip its on the go, but thats so you can see so many things! The few days off you get you cherish to relax, but then the excitment starts again! The only critisism I would have was wanting to spend longer in some places, but there's just so much to see! [...]

By: Anthea - from: Perth Australia

2011-10-31: Fun Christam Shopping Trip

Great day trip to a beautiful city. The perfect Christmas shopping experience.

By: Rio - from: London

2011-10-05: 1st September 2011

This was our last trip before heading back to Australia after 2.5 years in London. So we wanted to make the most of it!The trip is awesome we had Ali as our tour guide and she was fantastic! She made sure that everyone on tour was enjoying themselves and was fantastic at getting us to all the places we needed to be on time.I can't decide where on the tour was my favourite as the entire trip itself was just so much fun. The bus trips could be long at times but then we would start playing Expat bingo and other games to keep us all entertained. Corfu was beautiful and I would highly recommend going on the optional boat trip. Dancing around a boat to music while sailing through the Greek Islands is something I will remember! Prague was great fun as well, a beautiful City and if you are lucky enough to get Ali ask her to take you to the 80's and 90's club its a great night out!I was worried about the money I would need before going on the trip and we didn't end up spending nearly as much as we thought we would. Ali always pointed out the different areas in which you could get a cheap bite to eat or even knew local shop owners which would give her a discount if you wanted to save your funds. In Venice we got a drink, a Gelato and the biggest slice of pizza you have seen all for [$].I would highly recommend Expat and if I ever get the chance to come over again I will definitely do another tour with them.Thank-you to Ali for a brilliant tour and I can't forget our Bus Driver Drewy Ga Ga the best driver/planker around!!All the best Shell and Shaun

By: Shell and Shaun - from: London

2011-08-16: Would highly recommend this tour...! :-)

This tour started with a group of strangers, who ended up becoming a group of friends. Our tour guide [@] was amazing - he really knew his stuff and was very funny. I was also impressed with the accommodation, particularly in Boppard - the food there was great. The highlights of the tour for me were Corfu and Prague - they were amazing!! Prague had some great shopping and nightlife (plus an excellent walking tour!) and Corfu was a great opportunity to hit the beaches, have some cocktails and indulge in some relaxation (I would definitely recommend the optional day cruise - this was a great day out! There are not many times you can say you listened to 'Cotton Eye Joe' whilst aboard a boat sailing through the Greek Islands :P). Overall, this was a great tour and I would highly recommend it to others.

By: Susan - from: Australia / Republic of Georgia

2011-08-02: Best of Europe: June 8th -30th

Great tour made more enjoyable by Ali, our friendly and enthusiastic tour leader. Some amazing sights and accommodating people. This is an experience everyone should have!

By: The Irishman - from: Liverpool

2011-04-13: The best trip ever!

This was the best trip indeed. Just carry more money on you. Whoever selected Corfu, is a legend! This place is heaven. All other places are well managed. Dean was the best driver & Ananda, the best tour guide. Just a bit more info. xxx

By: Prejal- The Bingo winner - from: Mumbai

2011-03-12: All and More!

Quad biking around Corfu with a group of our tour was memorable and hilarous. What a day! The next day was just as entertaining with a boat cruise, delicious food, company and a day full of swimming and sunbathing. Such a great combination of sights, history and fun. Regular parties at night, followed by some very early mornings :) but time to sleep on the coach. Saw so much and loved every moment of it!!

By: Sal - from: Yorkshire

2011-02-15: ALORAAAA!

I am proud to say that my friend and I were on the FIRST EVER "Best of Europe Tour". Wow it was truly amazing! The group was varied, and we all really became close. Our tour Guide ANANDA was perfect: Fun, Funny, Relaxed, yet organised, responsible, well clued up, and there for US. She knew soo much about all the places we were going, and if there was anything she didn't know, she knew of some local who did!Dean, our coach driver- What a talented man. He drove that Expat bus (a bus I speak of fondly) like the Chariot it was! No situation Dean can't drive through! Such a charming, witty man! Thanks Dean for getting us around Europe safely. And there was plenty of movies and to watch and games to play on the bus too. All destinations were cool, with Corfu, Florence and Venice being my personal favourite. I'm very happy with the experience I had with Expat, and would urge anyone to go! You won't regret. Even if you go alone (as some people did), everyone was open to each other!Oh and finally, the back seats are the best, so grab them if you can :).

By: Roxy - from: London

2011-02-13: Unforgettable experience: Don't miss out

I went on the 22 day Best of Europe Tour on 14th June 2010 till 5th July 2010 and it was the best experience of my life. It's very cost effective, lovely tour guides (Ananda Heyl and Dean Witt) and the most beautiful sites you'll ever see. The most upsetting thing about the experience was that it came to an end so quickly. Don't miss out on a life changing experience.

By: Egypt - from: London

2011-02-10: A great adventure with a fantastic group

I had a fantastic time on the 22 day tour. At the end of the 22 days I was left with seeing the amazing sights of Europe that I never would of had the chance to see in three weeks. Meet a great group of people that I now call friends and most of all, the memories that will last forever. The bus trips were long at times but we had a great group that made them fun. We had a fantastic tour guide (Grant) that made the tour exciting and definitely not boring! Would recommend the tour to anyone who would like to see the sights of Europe and have a great time along the way.

By: Kirst - from: London now Sydney

2011-01-31: Most awesome trip ever!

By far the greatest trip ever! Made loads of amazing friends! I loved every moment apart from Ananda the tour leader, jokes! if you lucky to get her on your trip it will be the most fun! She definitely made the experience memorable for all of us!

By: Sammy the seal - from: Cape Town

2011-01-28: Yebo yes its AWESOMENESS

This tour is perfect for people who wants to spend a little more time at each destination. It is almost like a tour and holiday combined. I could not have asked for more.Corfu was such a highlight as the whole group desided to go quad biking together.It was great.

By: Your mamma - from: South Africa

Included in Tour

What's Included:
  • 21 Nights accommodation in twin rooms. Single travellers have the option to pay a single supplement to insure a private room.
  • 21 Breakfasts, 9 dinners
  • 27 Experiences (including guided walking tours, orientation walks, driving tours of cities plus other exciting experiences – please see Experiences tab for more information).
  • Modern air conditioned coach with reclining seats, TV for showing DVDs, and toilet.
  • Free Wi-Fi in hotels
  • Services of your Expat tour leader who will be on hand with advice and tips and ensure that you get the most from your trip.  You can also book any of the optional excursions available during your tour with your tour leader – please see Essential Information tab for more details.
  • All taxes and fees
  • Any public transport used as part of the tour (excludes free days)
  • Free Expat Explore tour souvenir – a memorable gift of your once in a lifetime trip. 

REMEMBER ALL TOURS ARE GUARANTEED DEPARTURES AND WILL OPERATE.   Many other companies that operate tours of Europe cancel tours if minimum numbers are not achieved or will only guarantee some departure dates.  All tours operated by Expat Explore are guaranteed departures and will operate.*

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Optional Excursions: Optional activities available on your Best of Europe tour.

Pre-departure information: Everything you need to know before you leave on your tour.


REMEMBER ALL TOURS ARE GUARANTEED DEPARTURES AND WILL OPERATE.   Many other companies that operate tours of Europe cancel tours if minimum numbers are not achieved or will only guarantee some departure dates.  All tours operated by Expat Explore are guaranteed departures and will operate.*

 * See terms and conditions for further details. 


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