Best Safety & Hygiene Tips for Travelling in 2021

Here at Expat Explore, the safety and well-being of our travellers and travel crew is our priority.

As the world adapts to new regulations, the tourism and hospitality industry is taking extra precautions regarding how to travel safely. We will be implementing a number of enhanced health and safety protocols on our trips. These additional precautions have been introduced to help prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and to help ensure that our travellers and the Expat Explore team are as safe and protected as possible while on tour.

Health and Safety on our Coaches

Elevated coach hygiene and safety procedures will be put into place. Our safe and comfortable coaches are cleaned and sanitized before the start of each tour and daily cleaning is maintained throughout the tour. 

In addition to the existing daily cleaning measures, face masks will be compulsory while on the coach. While our travellers are expected to pack their own masks and any necessary personal protective gear - face masks will be available for purchase from your tour leader. Hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol will be available to travellers and staff at all times. Coach boarding will also be adjusted in line with social distancing measures.

Safety Measures for Social Distancing on Tour

In line with precautions from various government authorities, such as the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), social distancing and face masks will be necessary on both rail and coach tours. Please also take note that our travellers will be asked to fill in a health declaration form prior to travelling with us.

There will be changes in all walks of life due to the Coronavirus - including in the realm of travel. Carrying out responsible social distancing while on the coach and train, during city tours, on visits to landmarks, museums and more, will be necessary to help ensure the safety of yourself, the other travellers in your group and our travel crew. This extends to the use of face masks on board the coach and train and where necessary when visiting different destinations. We ask that our travellers familiarise themselves with the best way to use, clean and store face masks (especially if they are reusable). Travellers should bring their own face masks for use throughout the journey as well as spares. Always remember to practice good hygiene and wash or sanitize your hands frequently.

Travel tip: Plastic bags are good for storing used face masks.

Our Travel Crew are Trained and Here to Help

Our travel crew, which includes your tour leaders and drivers, have previously been trained for important health and hygiene needs while on tour. In addition to this, our crew will have received additional, in-depth health and hygiene training prior to embarking on any future tours. This training is in line with guidelines set out by public health authorities. You can rest assured you will be in capable hands during your trip. For any of your pre-tour or post-tour queries, our excellent Customer Service team is available to help.

Trusted Partners & Service Providers Meet Increased Standards

As the world opens up for travel again, we are ensuring that our trusted partners and service providers meet our updated standards and health and hygiene requirements. In addition to ensuring the comfort and quality of our accommodation and activities for our travellers, our hotels, restaurants, local guides and companies are being carefully assessed. This is to ensure that they are up to date with the increased hygiene standards and that we are confident that they will consistently follow the necessary regulations in the future.

Along with the measures above, we ask our travellers to take personal responsibility for their own well-being and safety. On top of the usual travel hygiene practices, make sure to keep general coronavirus safety precautions in mind; wash your hands regularly, keep your distance, and be prepared with masks, sanitiser and any other personal protection equipment you may require.

Our team will communicate information, guidelines and recommendations with passengers prior to travel.

Our team is regularly reviewing government tourism and travel updates and ensuring our tours run in accordance with the prevailing public health advice, and recommendations by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the European Centre for Disease Control, and the Public Health Agency of Canada. We are hoping to make this adjustment to the “new normal” of travel as stress-free as possible!

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