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News for September 2014
Expat Explore Driver of the Month

Welcome to Expat Explore if this is your first visit to our website. We currently have 20 tours on the road and I hope our more than 500 travelers are enjoying the sights in the amazing summer weather.

I'm very happy to announce the launch of our new base in Amsterdam starting in 2015. We will operate numerous new tours from Amsterdam and this would be ideal for guests that prefer not to start in the UK for visa reasons. Have a look at our 14 day Classic Europe and 8 Day European Vista tours. Keep an eye out for more new tours being launched towards the end of the month, including an 18 day tour that will visit Scandinavia and Russia!

Congratulations to our driver Gary who has completed his 50th tour recently. We also welcome back Tour Leader Benny as well as new Tour Leaders Susan and Kerry.

Carl Cronje

Founder of Expat Explore

29 August 2014

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