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Cinque Terre – Italy’s charming seaside escape

Situated along an isolated corner of Italy’s northern coast, Cinque Terre (pronounced: CHINK-weh TAY-reh) is a beautiful oceanside destination that consists of five picturesque villages, linked by a network of stunning coastal- and mountain trails and rural railways. Travellers who join us on tour to Italy are always thrilled to enjoy a day of exploration […]

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Where to find the most fascinating UNESCO sites in Italy

Italy has long enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most historically significant countries in the world, and with good reason. This was the birthplace of the sweeping Roman Empire and it has seen war, triumph and the rise and fall of many emperors and rulers. Fittingly, the Bel Paese (beautiful country) is home to […]

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15 Best Things to Do in Vietnam

Vietnam is a vibrant mix of colourful culture, buildings and cuisine. This exotic destination has emerged as a popular travel spot for people from all over the world in recent years, and with good reason! See the busy city streets of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, experience history in Hoi An and Hue, and embrace […]

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The 14 Most Exotic Vacations Around the World

What comes to mind when you think exotic? White sandy beaches, palm trees, turtles and whale sharks, maybe a tropical jungle almost untouched by humans? We have discovered so much more. From magical sinkholes in the ocean to soaring forests of bamboo and moonscapes formed from volcanic eruptions. Here at Expat, we are always adding […]

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