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Looking for help? You've come to the right place! We're more than happy to assist you in planning trips or tours to Europe, the UK, Egypt and further afield. Get in touch via phone or email if you have any questions or simply need a helping hand.

You can send us an email by filling out the handy form below or contact us directly from your own email platform on for General & Sales Enquiries or for Travel & E-tickets Enquiries.

While you're waiting for us to get back to you, we recommend that you see our online FAQs - you might just find the answer you're looking for has already been answered there.

Expat Explore Travel Ltd. is registered in England and Wales with registered number 07728519 and Vat No. 119547302. Registered Head Office: Unit 9, Dock offices, Surrey Quays Road, London, SE16 2XU

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Please see below for our Sales & Customer Service contact numbers and hours of operation. Please note, our web chat service is available 24 hours a day Monday-Thursday.

Opening Hours

5:30 to 19:00 GMT Monday to Thursday
5:30 - 18:00 GMT Friday
06:00 - 14:00 GMT Saturday

United Kingdom and rest of the world

0044 808 168 6799
+44 808 168 6799


1-800-86-1523 (Toll free)

14:30 to 0400 AEST Monday to Friday
14:30 AEST Friday to 03:00 AEST Saturday
15:00 AEST Saturday to 00:00 AEST Sunday

New Zealand

+64 4 888 0128

16:30 to 06:00 NZST Monday to Friday
16:30 NZST Friday to 05:00 NZST Saturday
17:00 NZST Saturday to 02:00 NZST Sunday

United States of America

1-855-980-6726 (Toll free)

23:30 CST to 13:00 CST Sunday to Thursday
23:30 CST Thursday to 12:00 CST Friday
0:00 to 09:00 CST Saturday


+1 844 479 1717 (Toll free)

23:30 CST to 13:00 CST Sunday to Thursday
23:30 CST Thursday to 12:00 CST Friday
0:00 to 09:00 CST Saturday


+62 855 7467 9336

12:30 to 02:00 WITA Monday to Friday
12:30 WITA Friday to 01:00 WITA Saturday
13:00 to 22:00 WITA Saturday

South Africa


6:30 to 20:00 SAST Monday to Thursday
6:30 to 19:00 SAST Friday
07:00 to 15:00 SAST Saturday

Media and operations related queries

Contact our global head office matters related to media, marketing or tour operations.

+44 207 122 0015

Drop By Our Office


Unit 9, Dock offices, Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 2XU


Come out of the Canada Water Tube station and head towards the traffic lights. Stay on the left hand side of the road, and you will see trees, vegetation and a cobbled car park. Our offices is in the building just behind it (first building you come to on the left)