Booking Hotel Accommodation in Europe and abroad

Expat Explore makes it easier than ever to book hotels throughout Europe, helping you find great pre- or post-tour accommodation, close to our various departure points, minus the hassle!

Getting ready for an exciting group tour of Europe and wondering what the best options are for pre- or post-tour accommodation? Our team is here to help you!

Why do I need pre- or post-tour accommodation?

Almost all of our travellers choose to explore a bit before or after their tour, so having pre- and/or post-tour accommodation is an important part of planning your European adventure! 

With so many options available worldwide, we aim to take the hassle out of your hotel search. This means you spend less time searching booking sites and more time relaxing and looking forward to your upcoming adventure! 

Our pre- and post-tour accommodation varies from simple yet comfortable accommodation to four-star hotels with all of the amenities a world traveller could want! Our experienced team compares hotel prices to find great options for our travellers. 

In general, we always recommend that you stay at the hotel your tour will depart from or a hotel located as close as possible to the tour’s departure point on the evening before you are scheduled to leave. This makes it quick and easy to meet up with your tour leader and fellow travellers the next morning!

Please note: If you would like to book at the same hotel from which your Expat Explore tour will depart, please check your meeting letter or contact us to confirm the Europe tour’s accommodation details.

How do I decide where to stay? 

When choosing your pre- and post-tour accommodation, there are a few important points to remember.

Booking hotel accommodation in Europe checklist:

  • Hotels should be centrally located

  • Hotel options need to fit within your budget

  • Hotels options should be well recommended and reviewed

  • For peace of mind and comfort, make sure hotels are located near to your tour departure point (as many of our trips involve early morning departures, it’s best to avoid a last-minute rush!)

What if I want to enjoy a city break along with my tour? 

When combining city breaks with your tour, you have the chance to relax before or after your trip. It is also a great opportunity to explore more of the cities you’ll come to love on tour! 

We ensure the hotel options are great home bases for exploring any top city in Europe.

Help! I need assistance with the details of my European tour!

Looking for specifics regarding your Expat Explore European tour package? Hop on over to the Tour Help Section, select your tour from the drop-down menu and you’ll find everything you need to know. 

Our expert team is standing by to assist you with all aspects of your trip planning. From airport transfers to finding accommodation that suits your taste and budget. If you need anything organised in the lead-up to your Expat Explore European tour please get in touch so we can lend a hand.