Squeezed in between Germany, France and the Netherlands, Belgium is one of the smaller and most interesting countries in the whole of Europe! Beautiful Belgian cities like Bruges, Antwerpen and Brussels, the administrative capital of the European Union attract tourists from far and wide. A mosaic of traditions, languages and cultures can be found in Brussels and it is easy to see why this city is regarded as one of the premier cities in Europe. Among the most celebrated attractions are the Grand palace where you will find Hôtel de Ville (town hall) with its distinctive bell tower, the Belvue museum (national history of Belgium) and the Atomium. In Bruges, the main attractions are the 14th-century town hall, the Belfry Tower and Halle, the Cathedral of the Holy Saviour, canals and market squares.

The Belgian people speaks Flemish in the North and French in the South (and English is widely spoken). Do not miss the beer, chocolates and frites! Belgian beers are known all over the world and Belgium boasts more than 180 beer breweries. Brussels and Bruges are undoubtedly two of the top destinations Expat Explore travels to!

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