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Nestled in between Germany, France and the Netherlands, you’ll find beautiful Belgium. This small western European country is one of Europe’s most interesting travel destinations! Stunning Belgian cities like Bruges, Ghent and the capital city Brussels - which is also the administrative capital of the European Union - attract tourists from far and wide.

A mosaic of traditions, languages and cultures can be found in Brussels; it’s easy to see why it is regarded as one of the premier cities in Europe! Among the most celebrated attractions are the Grand Palace, where you’ll find Hôtel de Ville (town hall) with its distinctive bell tower, the Belvue Museum and the Atomium. In Bruges, the main attractions are the 14th-century town hall, the Belfry Tower and Saint Salvator’s Cathedral as well as the quaint canals and market squares. Travel to Ghent and enjoy the picturesque harbour, well-preserved medieval architecture and the delicious local cuisine. 

Flemish, French and German are spoken in Belgium. English is also widely spoken and understood across the country. In addition to the rich history and mix of cultures, Belgium is also the perfect country in which to indulge! During a trip to Belgium, be sure to try its famous beer, chocolates, waffles and frites! You can visit Belgium on one of Expat Explore’s multi-country Europe tours. Choose your perfect tour, from whirlwind week-long trips to longer tours up to 26 days, and everything in between!