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Croatia is currently one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe, with the Dalmatian coast - located across the Adriatic Sea from Italy - particularly popular. The perfect white beaches, crystal clear water and historic towns make for an excellent holiday destination. You can visit Croatia as part of a multi-country coach tour ranging between two weeks and 22 days, or an 8-day sailing tour that visits many of the unique islands that dot the coast.

Positioned between the Balkans and Central Europe, the land that is now Croatia has been transferred between competing kingdoms and republics for hundreds of years. The declaration of independence in 1991 was followed by several years of war and authoritarian rule, which severely damaged the economy and the countries attraction to tourists. However, after years of steady change Croatia applied for EU membership in 2003 and has come on leaps and bounds since the low point of the early 1990s. With EU membership finally being granted in late 2011 signalling the peak of Croatia’s transformation, it is now an open democracy that is well-placed to welcome tourists to explore it’s incredible culture and history, with the medieval walled-city of Dubrovnik undoubtedly the highlight. The coastal islands and towns offer a surprising amount of diversity - like the glamour of Hvar and the history of Korcula (reportedly the birthplace of Marco Polo) - while the mainland provides striking natural beauty in the Pltvice Lakes National Park.

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