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Situated in Central Europe between Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia, the Czech Republic has a rich and colourful history. Although a comparatively small country, it has many historic towns and cities, and plenty of castles, churches, country houses and other architectural wonders. For much of the 20th Century Czechoslovakia suffered from both internal and external influences, including Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. However, in 1993 the country peacefully dissolved into the separate countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the stability of being an EU and NATO member has allowed the country to flourish ever since.

Things to do on Czech Republic holidays

The capital and largest city, Prague, has served as the capital of the Bohemia historic region for centuries. Unusually for major cities in Central Europe, Prague was mercifully left largely undamaged from WWII, and the centre - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is one of the most well preserved medieval old towns in all of Europe. The large 9th century castle overlooks the Charles Bridge and the city’s famous cobbled streets, cathedrals and church spires.

Did you know?                   

  • If you go on a Czech Republic vacation, you are heading to the region with the highest density of castles and ruins in the world! There are 2000+ of these majestic buildings throughout the country. In fact, Prague Castle has the distinction of being the Guinness Book of Records' largest ancient castle.
  • If you're going for a lengthy Czech Republic trip, you may want to include a visit to one of their famous natural spas. The country is renowned for the numerous spa towns along its border with Saxony.

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