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Latvia is based on the east coast of the Baltic Sea. Riga, the capital, is the largest city in the Baltics. The best time to travel to Latvia is June to mid-September, when it is summer season and the days are longer. When there visit the St. Peter's church in Riga, The Art Nouveau centre (a UNESCO world heritage site) or the Latvian National Museum of Art. The old city in Riga is filled with restaurants and bars to explore.

Latvia is known for its range of cheese products and Latvian cuisine includes a variety of bread and milk products. Try grey peas with bacon, bacon buns and sugar cookies - Latvian style! Accommodation at two or three star hotels is included in all of our tours, along with breakfasts and some other meals. We also include a number of rewarding experiences that help you make the most out of every moment you spend on your Latvia coach vacation.

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