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Lithuania became part of the European union in 2004 and also part of the eurozone from January 2015, meaning the currency used here is the Euro, making visiting very convenient.

One of the well-known spots in Lithuania is the Hill of Crosses located in Northern Lithuania.  This famous hill became a place of Christian pilgrimage when a tradition of leaving crosses started after the November uprising of the Polish-Russian war in 1831. Today there are more than 100,000 crosses and for tourists from across the world it is a must-see attraction in Lithuania.

The capital, Vilnius, reveals Lithuania’s fascinating history and rich cultural heritage. The Big Ghetto forms a poignant reminder of the Jewish community that were killed in the 1940’s, the town hall, statue of Frank Zappa (the American composer) and the ever popular old town of Trakai.

The Lithuanian cuisine is all about potatoes: Potato salad, loaf and pancakes. Give the local speciality ‘Zeppelins’ a try. Like a lot of other European countries they also brew their own beer and are known as a beer-loving country - so definitely give the traditional Lithuanian beer a taste!

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