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North Macedonia is a veritable treasure trove of natural beauty, vibrant cities and fascinating historical sites that have remained unchanged by the passage of modern tourism. On holidays to North Macedonia, all of this can be enjoyed against the backdrop of a complex history that is evident in the many Greek, Ottoman, Roman and Mediterranean that remain a vital part of its culture.

Visit North Macedonia – things to see & do

When exploring North Macedonia, it is recommended that you include the lively city of Skopje on your itinerary - this interesting capital's streets are lined with sprawling buildings from the previous communist region, which lives side-by-side with ancient historical building and contemporary structures of elegant design.

Did you know?

  • North Macedonia trips will often include a visit to Kokino, an ancient astronomic observatory that is the fourth oldest in the world according to NASA (after Abu Simbel in Egypt, Stonehenge in Great Britain and Angkor Wat in Cambodia).
  • North Macedonia escorted tours also often stop over at Ohrid Lake - one of the oldest and deepest (228m/940ft) lakes throughout Europe. This natural marvel has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and is estimated to be 4 million+ years old!
  • North Macedonia is the only country that managed to secure independence from Yugoslavia without instigating civil war. It was granted independence in 1991.
  • The country has a higher number of mountains and peaks that any other in the world - it has 34 peaks that each reach 2000+ meters into the sky.
  • North Macedonia was the first country in the world to enjoy full access to wireless broadband.

North Macedonia tours with Expat Explore

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