Moldova is the perfect holiday destination for travellers who prefer to explore off the beaten track. Not yet commonly known as a tourist destination, Moldova is slowly but surely gaining popularity. Now is the perfect time to book a Moldova vacation if you’d like to enjoy its unspoiled countryside without crowds and high prices. 

The country is well-known for its ancient ruins, adventurous architecture, and extremely affordable travel prices. Moldova points of interest include Gypsy Hill Town, as well as the many wineries and monasteries scattered across the country. One thing you’ll find in abundance when visiting Moldova, eastern Europe, is fantastic wines. 

There are so many wonderful things to do in Moldova, such as wine tours, browsing museums full of culture and heritage, and enjoying some of the interesting food on offer. While Chisinau - the capital of Moldova - tops the list of best places to visit in Moldova, there are also many quaint towns and villages to visit. 

Moldova safety is sometimes a concern for travellers, but the country is quite safe. Travellers need to simply be aware and stay vigilant. Group tours make Moldova holidays much safer, as well. 

So, plan your trip to Moldova, Europe now and make sure you don’t miss out on seeing this beaut of a country. 

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