The Monaco Grand Prix, race cars, Grace Kelly, Monte Carlo and AS Monaco football club. One of the smallest and most famous independent states in the world (the Vatican being the first), Monaco is a microstate on France’s mediterranean coastline. It is not part of the European Union, but uses the Euro as currency and maintains an open border with France.

Some of the must-sees in the area include the Prince’s Palace, the Monte Carlo casino and Monaco-Ville - the old town of Monaco. When in town, try some Bouillabaisse and champagne - widely known as the national drink of Monaco.

Interesting to know that people from Monaco, known as Monégasques, do not pay tax and are not allowed to gamble or even set foot in a casino. Unlike years ago, Monaco gets it main source of income from tourism.

Monaco can get expensive, so it is a great idea to visit as a daytrip. Take an optional day-trip excursion on our famous Highlights of France tour, Europe Explorer tour or London to Rome tours.