In central Europe lies beautiful Switzerland with its great alpine heart! Switzerland is home to over 1,5oo lakes, thousands of valleys, intricate Swiss watches and the best chocolate in the world. These are all reasons why Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations in our range of Europe tour packages! And with France to the west, Germany to the north and Italy to the south, Switzerland is perfectly situated to our Europe multi-country coach tours. Sampling the famous cheese fondue is a must and the Swiss chocolate is to die for. All in all it's the perfect place to visit!

Switzerland is known for its alpine peaks and glaciers. At 11,400 feet, Jungfraujoch is one of the highest peaks in Europe and one of most famous landmarks in the world. Our tours visiting the Swiss Alps offer a train ride with breathtaking views up to the peak as an optional excursion. En route to Jungfrau, you'll find magical villages like Wilderswil (where many of our tours stay), Lauterbrunnen - the valley of 72 waterfalls - and Mürren. In your free time you may choose to go hiking (in summer), skiing (in winter), paragliding or biking.

Lucerne is another fantastic stop on two of our tours; the European Vistas and Scenic Europe. Famous for the chapel bridge-Kapellbrücke and of course beautiful Lake Lucerne. Take a look at our fantastic tours below and start planning your visit to Switzerland!

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