Argentina is a beautiful country located in South America. Its rich cultural history makes it a great place to explore and learn while on your travels. An Argentina tour is arguably the best way to do this.

While on your trip to Argentina, it’s important to explore the area. Soccer, wine, steak, tango dancing and elegant architecture are just a few of the things that Argentina is famous for and await you on your tour of Argentina. Unlock your creative side with tastings, dance lessons and city tours to make the absolute most of your trip.

You’ll be happy to know that Argentina is a fairly safe country and is considered to be the safest country to visit in Latin America.

One of the most interesting things about Argentina is that it’s real name is Argentine Republic. The name Argentine comes from the Latin word for silver - Argentum.

The best time to visit depends on what you’re looking for. Skip the crowds and the inflated tourist prices by visiting during Spring or Fall. If you don’t mind the high prices that come with tourist season, then it’s always a good time to visit.

Everyone seems to start work at around 10 am in Argentina, so take the time to sleep in while you’re on an Argentinian vacation, because it’s likely you won’t find anything open before 9 am.

Spanish is spoken throughout Argentina, but there’s a strong Italian influence on the Spanish dialect of Castellano. Be sure to download iTranslate or TripLingo before you go, as English is not commonly spoken in Argentina.