Stretching along South America’s western edge, Chile is all coastline and mountains! Travel its expanse, marvelling at the rich diversity of cultures and nature in this unique country. It’s most famous for both its world-class wine, and its active volcanoes!

Here, you’ll find the other-worldly landscape of the Atacama desert, green islands dotting the South, and the desert hot-spring of El Tatio, among many other stops.

You can do a Chilean tour as part of a tour of the greater South America, exploring the best of what the incredible continent has to offer! Marvel at the ancient mystery of Easter Island. Go shopping and Museum-hopping in the country’s capital, Santiago. Taste everything you can of the unique Chilean cuisine. The city has some of the best places to eat in Chile, like Boragó. Here, the 20-dish tasting menu is foraged from the nearby hills - the food is unlike any other!

Chile owes its lengthy shape to the mountains, which have allowed the country to defend natural borders against many enemies. It’s now the most economically developed country in South America, and certainly one of the best to travel.

The best time to visit is in Spring, when the flowers are in bloom, or Fall, when temperatures are mild and the crowds reduce. Summer is also a great time to go if you prefer the warmth and people! We offer Chile tours all year round, exploring the soaring peaks and busy cultural centres of this impressive country.

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