Travel Insurance

When you sign up for an Expat Explore tour, you are required to secure adequate travel insurance cover for the duration of your trip. If you cannot provide the Expat Explore team with a proof of adequate travel insurance prior to the start of your tour, you will not be permitted to embark on day one.

Travel insurance should be as much a part of your travel preparation as packing your camera, sunglasses and passport! Incidents can happen… from flight and baggage delays to injuries and sickness.

Travel insurance gives you (and us) peace of mind, and, for this reason we make it compulsory for all Expat Explore passengers.

Why do I need travel insurance?

  • Incidents, accidents and delays happen. Events, such as yourself or a relative falling ill, can also occur which may require cancelling travel plans. Travel insurance offers peace of mind and security ensuring you are covered for a variety of eventualities from trip cancellations to medical emergencies and loss of personal items.
  • Importantly, embassies will not issue travel visas without proof of having an adequate travel insurance policy in place.

What kind of travel insurance should I get?

The type of travel insurance you secure depends on a number of things, including:

  • Where you are travelling to and what kind of trip it is. For example, is it a relaxing beach vacation or an action-packed holiday that will include a number of adrenaline-pumping activities like skiing or rock climbing that you need to be covered for?
  • What kind of gear are you taking with you? Expensive cameras or sports equipment? Look out for a policy that will cover your personal items.
    How comprehensive you would like your cover to be. Insurers should provide a tiered system with varied options that will be perfect for your needs.

How much does travel insurance cost?

For a relatively small price, travel insurance provides you with the peace of mind so that you can enjoy your tour without any worries. South African residents can visit the Hollard website to receive a quote for travel insurance. It is important to note that there are different types of travel insurance available and you should research the best options available to you when preparing for your trip.

Travel Tips:

  • If you have a medical insurer, contact them about your current plan as you might already have coverage for international trips.
  • When you book a trip with a credit card, it usually includes some form of travel insurance coverage. Investigate what travel insurance benefits your credit card includes and see if your credit card offers trip cancellation coverage.

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