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Nelson and Chris Verified Buyer 6/14/2024

awesome Great Britain trip

it was indeed a spectacular trip as we get to see pretty much the entire Great Britain. Scotland is such a wonderful place for me. Our TL Vanessa and driver Craig were both wonderful people. they made us feel comfortable and well attended during the entire trip. will surely recommend this tour to friends and family. Nelson & Chris


Jay Verified Buyer 6/14/2024

Amazing Europe Tour

It was an awesome experience been with a beautiful group of travelers and a wonderful Tour Leader and driver. What made the tour from an ordinary tour to a great tour was the professionalism of the tour leader Darius and the driver Robbie.


Peter Verified Buyer 6/14/2024

Best Tour Leader and Fantastic driver!

As much as Europe itself is a gem to see, Darius and Robi were the factor that made this trip truly excellent. With their professional, friendly, and engaging attitude, they absolutely went above and beyond to provide the best experience for everyone. I wish everyone to have Darius and Robi in charge of their tour. Thanks for such unforgettable experience!


Jude Verified Buyer 6/11/2024

My first tour and was not disappointed

Having Peter as our tour guide for 2 weeks, was an unforgetable experience for me and my wife. Peter as a person is very compasionate, thinks about others, thinks about our safety all the time. Hebis very professional and verybknowledgeable, about places, history and geography. After this first experienced tour, i wanna travel more when my wallet can afford it. Wanna travel with Peter again. Good job Peter and Sabastiano. Looking forward seeing u again in Europe or here in USA. Keep up the good work.


Val Verified Buyer 6/10/2024

absolutely the best experiences ever

This was our first international trip. Not only did Expat exceeds our expectations , Luke was the best. He made history come alive with his story telling. Friendly and caring for his group. The bus driver Enda was the nicest bus driver ever. Luke and Enda were a great pair. Didn't want this trip to end. Luke made it special. Thank you expat for an unforgettable trip. I have share with many and look forward to traveling again with expat.