France, Spain & Portugal

France, Spain & Portugal Tours

Expat Explore's unforgettable France, Spain and Portugal tour packages take you to the most romantic, scenic countries of Europe, for a vacation experience like no other. Our itineraries visiting France, Spain and Portugal provide you with the perfect opportunity to experience the vibrant culture, delicious food and centuries of history these countries offer.

The seven day Taste of France tour offers an introduction to the world's most popular tourist destination, as you cover must-see destinations including Paris, Burgundy, Lyon, Mont Saint Michel, the Loire valley and the Normandy D-Day landing beaches. France is famous for its chateaux, and on this tour we'll take you to Chateau de Chaumont, and you'll have the opportunity to explore Chateau de Chambord and Chateau de Chenonceau.

The Highlights of Spain and Portugal explores the Iberian Peninsula, and if you are craving exquisite culture, delicious food and incredible history this is the place to be! Starting in Madrid and lasting 9 days, you will follow an enticing route of delicious tapas and seafood, stunning Moorish architecture, centuries old Latin culture and picturesque towns. Highlights include experiencing the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Toledo, exploring the historic town of Salamanca, enjoying a port tasting in Porto and free days in Seville and Lisbon. For those wishing to visit Barcelona and experience all the superb art, architecture and nightlife it has to offer, there is an optional 3 night post tour extension.

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