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Georgia is found at the intersection of Europe and Asia. The country is a unique combination of cultures, traditions and historical landmarks. Georgians believe guests are a gift from God, and as such treat travellers with top-notch hospitality.

Like its neighbouring countries, Georgia is most famous for its breathtaking cathedrals and monasteries, dotted throughout quaint villages in the countryside. Known all over the world is the Gergeti Trinity Church that sits 2,000m above the Chkheri river! The Gelati Monastery was built in the Golden Age and known as one of the world’s most treasured religious landmarks. The ancient city of Mtskheta was once the capital of an early Kingdom of Iberia and today it’s a UNESCO world heritage site with many significant landmarks. Georgia is also known as the first wine-making region in the world. The traditional method is still used today in the eastern region of Kakheti! The capital of Tbilisi is known as the Paris of Eurasia with a perfect mix between old-town charm, striking architecture and modern fusion cafés.

Spend 12 days on one of the guided-adventure tours to the Caucasus pearls. Travel beyond the classics and explore Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

12 Days
  • Experiences Included: 34
  • Optional Excursions: 1
  • Meals Included: 18
  • Tour Operator: Expat Explore
  • START IN: Baku
  • END IN: Yerevan
3 Countries
Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia
Tour Highlights
  • Explore the vibrant and historic capitals of Baku, Tbilisi and Yerevan
  • Wine tasting in Khareba, lunch with a family in Odzun and dinner with the locals in a Molokan village


18 May 2020
22 Jun 2020
31 Aug 2020
14 Sep 2020
28 Sep 2020