Northern Europe

Northern Europe

Multi-city Europe tours take you on a journey through some of the continent’s most sought-after destinations on an unforgettable guided adventure. Experience the magic of Great Britain & Ireland, Scandinavia, the Baltic states and many other iconic hotspots with the help of affordable coach packages and fantastic special deals from Expat Explore.

What makes multi-country Euro vacation trips so popular is that they allow you to plan a full multiple-destination tour experience, as you take in some of the best-known sights in the world. Our affordably-priced trips provide even more value, making last minute bookings more possible than ever and allowing you to stretch your travel budget out as far as possible. If you have always longed to see the sights of northern Europe, we have a fantastic selection of tours for you to choose from – whatever your budget and preferences may be.

From our popular Great Britain and Best of UK & Ireland tours, to the comprehensive Northern Explorer tour, and many other enticing packages; our round trip bus tours cater to a diversity of travel tastes. To find out more about making a booking, simply contact us today and let us know how we can help you start planning the multi country Europe tour of a lifetime.

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