Africa tours

Africa tours

Journey to Africa for wild and unforgettable adventures! Expat Explore visits two top destinations on our Africa tours - South Africa and Egypt. Our Africa travel packages are filled with fun, adventure and variety! Look forward to incredible scenery, ancient icons and lively culture. 

Venture to South Africa and explore the breathtakingly beautiful Rainbow Nation. From safari adventures and scenic coastal routes to adrenalin-pumping activities and unique cultural expeditions; a South Africa holiday is unlike any other. This is the home country of Expat Explore founders Carl Cronje and Jakes Maritz and we believe it is one of the most surprising, unique and naturally spectacular travel destinations in the world - our South Africa tours showcase it at its best! 

Far up in the north of Africa is Egypt. This famous destination is shrouded in history and the mysteries of the pyramids and pharaohs! Expat Explore has a range of Egypt coach holidays that help travellers discover this historic destination. Explore the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx and beautiful ancient temples. Enjoy relaxing Nile River cruises, ride camels in the desert and take a dip in the waters of the Red Sea! Egypt tours allow you to take a step back in time, visit bustling modern cities and relax in beautiful locations! 

Travel with us to see the stunning landscapes of South Africa and discover the ancient mysteries of Egypt. These Africa trips are filled with pure adventure and fun!

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