UK & Ireland tours

UK & Ireland tours

With up to five countries included in the unforgettable UK, Great Britain and Ireland tours, you can be sure that every tour provides you with a world of sights, sounds and experiences to discover. From the coastal beauty and charm of Ireland and the rolling green hills and historic landmarks of Northern Ireland, to the numerous world-class attractions of England and the picturesque scenery of Scotland and Wales, Expat Explore offers a host of great deals for those wishing to explore this part of the world. 

Whether you are looking for well-priced last minute packages for a family holiday, or you have been wishing to plan a memorable holiday in the United Kingdom, these tours cater to a variety of preferences and budgets. See the best of Ireland over 7 days on the Irish Explorer tour. Explore England, Scotland and Wales in a week on the Great Britain Tour. Journey through Scotland on the Scotland Rail Express. Or, see it all on a 13-day best of UK & Ireland tour.  

Whatever your travel dreams may be, Expat Explore makes it all possible, with a wide selection of coach tours of the UK and surrounds. 


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