• 9 June 2017

First-time traveller? We’re pretty sure you have a few worries. It’s actually completely normal to be at least a little concerned when you’re getting ready to leave your comfort zone behind. But there are few things as thrilling as overcoming fears and uncertainties. Guess what? That’s half the fun of travelling! Here are a few common travel fears and proven ways to overcome them. Let’s get yours sorted out so you can embark on the adventure you’ve been dreaming of!

1.International travel is too expensive and I can’t afford it

Taking the financial risk of travelling. We get that this can be a massive concern for most people. Travel ain’t cheap, but it’s also not as expensive as you imagine. It all depends on how you travel and where you go. There are travel destinations that are surprisingly affordable. Also, if you’re easy-going enough to join an organised tour, find your own way, use public transport and eat (absolutely delicious) street food, you can make your money last pretty long. The best way to go about this fear is to play the long game. Put away a little money towards your travels every month.  When you do get to go it will be all the more amazing, because you worked so hard for it! Also keep an eye out for low season rates and special deals. There are also thousands of smart ways to save money as you travel.  Lastly, did you know that you can book a tour with us by paying only 10% deposit? We’re just gonna leave it at that.

2. I don’t speak the language & I’m afraid of not being understood

This fear is perfectly valid. It’s not great to find yourself in a tight spot and not being able to ask for help. The truth is, you don’t need to speak the native language of a country in order to explore it. It’s fairly simple to overcome this.  All it takes is a little preparation. Learn the basics (hello, goodbye, please, thank you, where is the loo, I am lost, help, etc.) in the native language of the country you’re visiting. Get a handy phrase book. Download a translation app. Boom! You’re all sorted. And to be perfectly honest, you don’t need to speak or understand the native language of a country in order to explore it. If you’re in a group led by a travel expert, you will be just fine.

3. I don’t have enough leave saved up 

A lack of time is one of the biggest reasons why people end up postponing their dream holidays. We get so stuck in our everyday routine that we forget there should be more to life. Use the time you do have. You can even start by being a tourist in your own country. Go explore all those tourist attractions you’ve never been to! Alternatively, why not try a short organised tour? You can go on a full adventure in as little as 7 days

4. Disaster could strike while I’m there

You may feel that it is too dangerous to travel right now. And you’re right – bad things do happen. But not because you go on holiday. If you think about it carefully, you’ll realise that these things could also happen in your home town. Not the airplane, sure, but your car or the bus you take to work could also malfunction. Or another driver could lose control on the road. Treat your fears like you would any other risk you would encounter in your everyday life. Life is for the living – go see what’s out there! If you do want to take proper precautions, check your government’s travel warnings before you book your travel. If a certain country is noted as dangerous, rather choose a different destination.

5. The logistics will drive me bonkers

Can’t deal with the logistics of finding and booking accommodation, transport and outings? You’re not alone. Thousands of people feel this way and it keeps them from exploring.

The thing is – you don’t have to do it yourself! You can go on a tour that has been planned and booked all in advance. All you have to do is pitch up and climb aboard. But even if you do have to plan things yourself, we’ve got the internet! All the info is right there. Travellers from the world over share tips, tricks and traits on how to travel easy and on a budget.  So maybe see what’s out there. It could be much easier than you think.

6.  I hate admin

When it comes to travel admin, we know that  when you haven’t travelled before, it can look like a momentous undertaking. The basic things you need to set off on an adventure is the following: passport, travel insurance, spending money, transport. You might also possible need a travel visa. If you are planning to set off on an adventure take a look at what needs to be done before you go – it’s completely doable, even if logistics and admin give you the heebie-jeebies.

7. I’m afraid of getting lost

When you go to a new destination, you will always feel a little out of place. Again, this is part of the joy of travelling! Encountering a brand-new place is magical. You will feel like a kid again! Luckily for us, it’s the 21st century and we can access Google Maps from our phones, tablets and laptops. But even if you don’t like technology, you can always get a printed map. Or ask for directions!  Learn from the travel experts and make your first trip a guided tour.

8. I’m scared my stuff will get stolen

To be fair, travellers are often targeted by pickpockets and con men. However, you don’t have to fall in that trap. You can be smarter than that. Here are a few simple ways to keep your money and possessions safe while you travel. The key is to be alert and be aware of your surroundings. And then – hello, travel insurance! Even if you do fall prey to a thief, you can always replace your things.

9. I don’t like being uncomfortable

We get you. There is comfort in being at home. You know what you like to eat, you know how to get around. Thing is, you are also missing out on so much by staying in your comfort zone. If you join a guided tour with nice accommodation and safe transport, how bad could it be? Even if you have an uncomfortable encounter or two, it will make a great story to tell back home. In fact, you could even find that you like pushing your boundaries. You never know, you might just surprise yourself!

10. I’m a fussy eater

Unless you go to the Amazon or the outback, you’ll be able to find hamburgers, fries and cola. Or some yogurt and fruit. Or some toast with cheese. So there’s not much to be worried about. Just eat what you’re comfortable with. If you’re on a guided tour you could ask the group leader to point you in the right direction to find a suitable meal. However, we’d really suggest you try at least one thing that makes you a little squeamish. Just because you should challenge your palate every now and again. Start small, with some stinky cheese. Or go big and fall face first into the haggis (It’s a Scottish delicacy)! We promise you, if you open yourself up to the world of food out there,  you’ll live to tell the tale.

11. I have no one to travel with & it’s not safe to go alone

Probably one of the biggest travel concerns out there. And we can understand how this can seem like a rather big obstacle. But it shouldn’t stop you!

If you haven’t tried finding a travel partner, it could become a fun challenge. An unlikely candidate could be waiting among your co-workers or group of friends you haven’t contacted in a while. Alternatively, simply go by yourself. There are lots of people who travel solo. Remember you won’t drop off the radar completely. You will be connected with family and friends every step of the way. There is always wi-fi. If you don’t like the idea of going completely alone, join a group tour and make some new friends!

12. I feel awkward around strangers

Who doesn’t? It’s weird to meet new people and have to make small talk. But then it gets better after a while. It even becomes fun!

We’ve seen time and again that going on tour with a group of people you’ve never met really is one of the best things ever. We’re not kidding. If you have trouble engaging with new people, this is the way to go. When you spend a few days on a bus with the same group of people, you have time to chat a little with everyone. So if you’re a feeling rusty in terms of social engagement, this will get you right back in the game. The bonus is you’ll go home with a bunch of friends from all over the world.

Feeling a little more confident? We hope so! There is a big, wide world out there full of wonderful things to see and people to meet. We’d love to show you at least a slice of it. Come and play – the world is your oyster!

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  1. Great info, lets go traveling everyone!!

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