• 26 March 2020

Easter is around the corner and it’s time to plan the annual break. You’ve worked really hard and deserve this two-week holiday. Are your little ones as excited as you by the prospect of the entire family spending some quality time together?

After a long winter and being indoors for the most part of it, it is only fitting that you choose a destination with plenty of outdoor activities. If you’re looking for easter holiday ideas for your family, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of some of the best places you can head to for a fun vacation.

Easter family holidays

We’ve picked the perfect holiday getaways to experience from a historical, cultural, as well as scenic point of view.

1. Explore the USA and Canada

The USA and Canada are historically significant countries with iconic stories attached to them. Cities in Eastern USA like Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Arlington provide an insight into the past happenings of the country. A chance for an educational experience for your Easter break with the kids.

Canadian cities like Quebec, Montreal, and Toronto are major tourist hubs and offer plenty of outdoor activities to engage in. The magnificent Niagara Falls are one of the best experiences ever and are bound to leave you speechless.

If you like exploring the historical aspect of a place while indulging in the beautiful scenery, this is the perfect family Easter holiday for you.

Niagara Falls refers to the three different waterfalls that act as an international border between the USA & Canada.
2. Visit the culture-rich Japan

Easter is probably the best time to visit Japan. It’s neither too hot, nor too cold. It is also the season of the cherry blossom when the country is painted purple with the blooming flower. This picturesque scenery makes for the perfect photos to show off in front of your friends and family.

Crowds from all over the world visit Japan during the month of April when the air is filled with the scent of fresh cherry blossoms. In addition, it is also the perfect time to experience the hot springs known as onsen and the famous Mt. Fuji.

Did you know: that Japan is called the land of the rising sun? It refers to Japan’s relative position to the east of China, which is the direction of the sunrise.

Cherry blossoms at the Hirosaki Castle Park in Hirosaki
Cherry blossoms at the Hirosaki Castle Park in Hirosaki
3. Escape to Scandinavia

With the winters having ended just a few days before, a Scandinavian escape offers pleasant weather during Easter. The cities are vibrant with blossoming flowers and colourful buildings, aesthetically enhancing the holiday.

Norway is a delight during the early summer months, with its glaciers, fjords, and dense forests. Denmark, with its lush green landscapes, blue fjords, and snowy mountains provides an enriching experience in the lap of Mother nature.

The scenic drive through Sweden’s countryside, coupled with the experience of the local cuisine and an insight into the way of life of the people in Northern Europe is fascinating. With the colourful surroundings, your little ones will be equally awestruck and happy to spend their time discovering new landscapes.

Norway has about 450,000 fresh water lakes. Lake Mjosa is located in the middle of towns Gjovik, Lillehammer and Hamar.
4. Head to Croatia and Eastern Europe

Croatia pops to the top of our heads whenever we think of Game of Thrones. It has one of the most diverse landscapes to offer. Explore the Dubrovnik city walls, the Plitvice Lakes, and the magical Blue Cave.

Then head out to the pristine countryside with mountains on one side and the vast ocean on the other. Natural surrounding makes for one of the best Easter family breaks, breathing in the fresh air and letting go of all worries.

Explore the architectural marvels of Eastern Europe- the Dragon bridge in Ljubljana, The Parliament building in Budapest, and the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. You can find multiple Croatian and Eastern Delight tours to help you plan that perfect holiday.

Travel tip: Take your kids to the Lindt boutique store outside the Vienna zoo for gourmet chocolates and probably the best hot chocolate ever. They won’t be able to thank you enough.

Plitvice Lakes National Park - Croatia tour - Expat Explore
Plitvice Lakes National Park
5. Celebrate in Mexico

Easter is a big deal in Mexico. The holiday week leading up to the festival is of religious significance to the locals. The various processions through towns and villages are a sight to behold.

April is also a time when people flock to the divine beaches of the country. Kids of all ages will enjoy the vibrant ambience and the spirit of the Mexicans during this auspicious time.

Travel tip: It can get really crowded with a large number of tourists. If you have small kids with you, we suggest keeping them close.

The beaches of Mexico are truly something to behold

Whether you’re looking for easter holidays for kids or for adults, there is no lack of places to see and activities to do. It depends on your preferences and the budget and time that you’re willing to spare.

You can choose a holiday that involves going down the historical path, exploring the culture of a new place, or simply relaxing on the beach and getting some vitamin-D into your body. No matter the destination, the holiday is still going to be perfect because you will have your entire family together.

Looking for a getaway where everyone can relax? Contact us and let us do all the planning for your family’s next group tour.

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