• 9 July 2018

 Not everyone spends their childhood exploring the world. Take 32-year-old Korey Witalka from Chicago, Illinois, for instance. Senior marketing coordinator by day, travel dreamer by night, this adventurous lady only set foot outside of the US when she was 24, but once she did there was no stopping her.

“Growing up I never really traveled much. Family vacations consisted of driving 9 hours from Illinois to Minnesota to camp on a lake every summer. My first trip out of the states was to Mexico when I was 24 and then to Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. It wasn’t until my first trip with Expat Explore on the 14-day Europe Jewel tour when the travel bug really bit and I discovered what wanderlust felt like.”

Expat Explore made it easy for for Korey to follow her dream of seeing even more countries, without the hassle of a huge budget or having to take too much time off work.

Korey enjoying the Blyde River Canyon (top left), shark cage diving (bottom left) and safari (right)

“I’ve always been the type of person who craves new experiences and dreams of going to new places, but didn’t think I would ever be able to do so, due to money involved and not being able to take too much time off from work. After my first tour around Europe with Expat Explore, I couldn’t wait to book the next one. In fact, after my first trip was over, I realized it was the first time I was truly not ready to go home. I always heard people say that traveling changes you, and now I definitely agree. I feel like I have learned so many things in the short amount of time I have been traveling and can’t wait to keep exploring.”

On her latest Expat Explore trip to South Africa, Korey found that the organized tour setup allowed her to see and experience a whole lot of things she hadn’t even realised was an option.

Korey and her friend Stephanie loved their tour in South Africa

“Before and even after my trip to South Africa I talked to several people who visited the country and booked everything on their own. A lot of times there are places and experiences you go on an organized tour that you may have completely missed if you planned the trip on your own. During the South Africa tour with Expat Explore we were able to visit an ostrich farm and have a braai at a South African home – which were both unique experiences that no one else I knew had.”

Travelling in a group in South Africa also did a lot to make Korey feel more secure and tick all those sights and experiences off her bucket list!

Take a look at Korey’s adventure through South Africa in the video below:

Questions & Comments

  1. I wanna know about group Europe tour in low price.

  2. Nance Pirrello says:

    Hello fellow companions, I have questions about how to get to Greenwich Holiday Inn Express from Heathrow Airport U.K. can someone send me information about what to do please. I don’t want to get a taxi or shuttle. Too expensive, prefer train. thanks Nance

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