• 22 November 2020

One does not simply ‘visit’ Norway. It’s a country that needs to be experienced with all your senses! It is a bucket list destination if ever there was one. A country so wild, rugged and beautiful that it enters your system and never leaves. While Norway’s breath-taking landscapes, towering mountain peaks and magnificent Fjords are a nature and adventure lovers’ paradise, the country’s cities and towns are a heady mix of ancient and modern, and charm and sophistication. Quite simply, Norway is one of the most breathtaking countries in Northern Europe and the world.

Bryggen is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions.
Bryggen is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Norway’s most visited tourist attractions.

On our Scandinavian Escape tour, we cover Denmark, Norway and Sweden and travel to top destinations like the capital, Oslo, as well as Bergen and Gudvangen – a beautiful village at the end of a fjord. In Oslo, you get the opportunity to see not only the Akershus Castle but also the Oslo Opera House, the Parliament building and the Royal Palace with a local guide! Not too shabby, hey?

Here are the highlights in Norway not to be missed…

The medieval castle Akershus Fortress in Oslo
The medieval castle Akershus Fortress in Oslo


Oslo is a modern city with historical significance. For a relatively small city, population 700 000, the city plays an important role in world politics. Nestled comfortably between the Oslofjord and its thick indigenous forests, the city is a magnet for international tourists, especially those who seek something a little different in their travel excursions. With a history as rich as this, you have to explore Oslo’s kaleidoscope of fascinating cultural attractions, check out its interesting architecture, and immerse yourself in this cosmopolitan city.

As Norway’s’ capital, Oslo is home to Norway’s government and its royal family. The Norwegian Parliament is known as the Storting House or Stortingsbyningen in Norwegian. Here the eight political parties gather with the president and vice president for political debate and supreme decision-making.

Parliament in Oslo
Parliament (Storting House) in Oslo.
Inside of the Parliament building in Norway.
Inside of the Parliament building in Norway. Eight political parties and 169 members gather here with the president and vice presidents for political debate and supreme decision-making.

In the summertime, Oslo brings with a plethora of music concerts and festivals, which make great use of the long sunshine hours. From its world class opera house to its ski museum and jump tower, Oslo is as contradictory as it is enticing!

Interesting facts about Oslo
  • Oslo is one of Europe’s fastest growing cities and has been the capital of Norway since 1814.
  • The 1993 Oslo Peace Accords, which is the closest the Middle East has come to peace agreement since 1948, was signed in Oslo.
  • Oslo is situated at the end of the 100km Oslofjord, which has over 40 islands.
The National Opera House in Olso.
The National Opera House in Olso.


Norway’s second largest city, nestling comfortably on the mountain sides has a charisma and character that once it grabs you, never let’s go. It’s a wonderful place to relax, kick back and take in the culture and nature that embrace the city and its people. When you pack, make sure you bring good walking shoes, because as a small city, you want to experience Bergen on foot. Situated on the water’s edge, the old town is a charming little waterfront city with character buildings, reminding you of a wild and wonderful past, many cool shops and restaurants, and quirky art scattered around the town.

Bergen from Mount Floyen in Norway.
Bergen from Mount Floyen in Norway.

Bergen is also home to a growing musical scene! There are numerous theatres and even a professional ballet company. Choose between theatre, dance performances, shows and international concerts (like the annual Bergen International Festival!).

At close to 900 years old, Bergen’s history, including its colourful Viking past, is part of what makes this town tick. Bergen’s most visited site is Bryggen (“The Hanseatic Wharf”), a World Heritage-listed site, which likes to show off with brightly painted wooden buildings that are hundreds of years old. Look out for fresh fish market!

Local fish markets in Bergen are some of the most visited tourist attractions. Norway is the largest exporter of salmon in the world.

Despite its old school charm, Bergen is most famous for being the “city of seven mountains” as there are seven towering mountain peaks standing protectively around the city. Take the cable car to the top of Mount Ulriken or do some hiking and biking for amazing views of the ocean and islands.

The city of Bergen from Mount Floyen.
Cable car on Mount Ulriken in Bergen


The Lillehammer Region first came to international prominence in 2004 thanks to it hosting the winter Olympics. Many of these facilities are today open to the public making the region a popular place for winter sport lovers. Located in the Gudbrandsdal Valley, above Lake Mjøsa, Lillehammer is a popular all-year-round destination.  Rich in culture and history, the region has farms dating back to the middle ages, tasty food traditions and a lifestyle which mixes the best of olden day charm with first world modernity.

Norway has about 450,000 fresh water lakes. Lake Mjosa is a located in the middle of towns Gjovik, Lillehammer and Hamar.
Norway has about 450,000 fresh water lakes. Lake Mjosa is a located in the middle of towns Gjovik, Lillehammer and Hamar.

Located close to a variety of national parks, like Ormtjernkampen and Rondane National Park, you can experience the region on foot, horseback or mountain bike. It is an area where you can go from forest clad hills to towering mountain in a day. A place where fresh air and adrenaline mix to invigorate and rejuvenate even the laziest of visitors.

Rondane National Park. One of the many national parks located around Lillehammer.
Rondane National Park. One of the many national parks located around Lillehammer.

From the great outdoors to a vibrant shopping scene, from museums to cultural centres, Lillehammer entices everyone and entertains them all in equal measure. Plan on staying here a few days as you’ll never want to leave.

Norway has one of the highest standards of living in the world, a first world economy, an efficient government, and an outdoor playground to blow your mind. A place that, according to UN, is one of the top places to live in the world and has the lowest unemployment rate in the world.

This is not a country you simply look at; you need to experience it with your senses fully switched on!

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