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Denmark is a country of ancient Viking warriors, historic storytellers and colourful modern culture! Its home to famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen and LEGO. Denmark holidays give you the chance to immerse yourself in a modern, progressive society that is famous for its outstanding quality of living, incredible architecture and design and rich cultural heritage.

Wondering what to expect when travelling to Denmark? Whether visiting on your own, or with Expat Explore on one of our exciting coach adventures, you will certainly fall for its notable charms. The Danes are enormously proud of their land – for good reason, too. A world-renowned approach to social development, environmental practices and forward-thinking design has earned the country a reputation for being one of the most progressive in Europe. On the flip side of its modern-day attractions, the well-preserved historical attractions, Viking burial grounds, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and an abundance of museums offer a glimpse into its long history. As far as natural heritage goes, the country is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. Beaches, lakes, fishing and hiking are all par for the course for those wanting to make the most out of the diverse landscapes covering Denmark.

There’s also the people and the culture. The Danes may seem aloof at first glance. However, after sharing a beer or Aquavit you will see just how warm, funny and jovial they are at heart!

Here are a few great things to know before  your next trip to Denmark:

Copenhagen, Denmark.
When to visit

Any time of year is the best time to visit, but with that said, each season has its own highlights. Denmark in summer and spring is ideal for glorious summer days spent by the lake, by the beach, out in the fresh air and soaking up the sunshine. There are many museum festivals that take place mid-year, including the Woodstock inspired Roskilde festival (June/July), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (July) and Smukfest (August).

Winter is Hygge time in Denmark! Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that translates roughly to “cosiness” – creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life. Think cosy cafes, library bars and winter festivals. Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and sledging can be enjoyed all over in the beautiful snowy landscapes of Denmark.

What to see, do and experience:

LEGO, LEGO and more LEGO

Shop for LEGO in the country of its creation! Did you know that the LEGO story began in a woodworking shop in Denmark in the early 1900s? A visit to the Legoland theme park in Billund is highly recommended. Opened in 1968, this is one of the oldest Legolands in the world. One can find famous Danish building blocks in just about any store across the country for great prices and a massive variety.

Legoland in Billund, Denmark.
Get your thrill on at an amusement park

Denmark can be as easy-going or heart-stop-thrilling as you choose. With many amusement parks found here, thrill-seekers can head to Tivoli, apparently a source of inspiration for Walt Disney’s famous theme park, and Dyrehavsbakken, home to the world’s oldest roller coasters!

Tivoli Amusement Park
Tivoli Amusement Park

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Beautiful beaches

A coastline spanning some 7400 kilometres puts Denmark right up there on the map along with Brazil and India for its long stretch of coast. Beaches are therefore outstanding – especially on the west coast of Jutland during summer holidays in Denmark.

Beautiful beaches in Denmark.
Beautiful beaches in Denmark.
Viking relics

A good start for those wanting to explore the country’s Viking heritage is Lejre Experimental Centre Sagnlandet, which has a recreated Viking village. The Viking ship museum is also worth a visit. Both are near Roskilde, accessible on a day trip from Copenhagen on Danish tour packages.

Viking Denmark
Viking Relics in Roskilde, Denmark.
World Heritage Sites

UNESCO has listed a number of important sites here. The Jelling rune stones date back to 900s, and are often called ‘Denmark’s Birth Certificate’. Roskilde Cathedral is the first Gothic church in Northern Europe and is where the son of Gorm The Old (the first ruler of Denmark, who erected the Jelling rune stones) is buried. Kronborg Castle in Helsingør is the home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, a staggering sight to behold!

Kronborg Castle, Helsingor.
Kronborg Castle, Helsingor.

Daydreaming about experiencing your own Denmark trip? Have a look at Expat Explore’s Northern Europe packages and Scandinavian tours. These tours gives you a fantastic opportunity to see Denmark along with other top spots in northern Europe!

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