• 18 November 2020

Rail travel comes with its own unique brand of magic. Not only is it a convenient and comfortable way to travel that brings with it a certain nostalgic charm, but it also gives you the chance to enjoy rail tour benefits and see destinations in a whole new light!

There are a host of benefits that come with this mode of transport and it should definitely factor in your future vacations! Deciding on what to do for your next adventure? Here are a few reasons why you should choose a rail trip for your next European holiday:

Bernina Express in Switzerland rail tour benefits
Hop aboard and enjoy incredible views exclusive to train travel!
  • Travel by rail for a new way to see destinations

Rail tours are an experience all of their own! Train journeys of old offered old-world romance and charm. You can still feel that nostalgic ambience when travelling by train today! You will have the opportunity to see areas and sights exclusive to rail tours. As you go from destination to destination, you’ll move through incredible landscapes and see beautiful mountains, lakes, small towns, sprawling cities and more. Sitting back and admiring the views as you glide through various landscapes is a huge bonus! It is not simply about getting to your destination – it’s about the journey too!

Train in Grindelwald, Switzerland rail tour benefits
Travel through quaint Swiss villages and see impressive mountains on Europe rail tours.
  • Comfort on board

Trains offer you a more comfortable way to travel. Planes and cars can become cramped. On trains, it’s all about your comfort and making the most of your space! Enjoy wider seats with more legroom plus the added benefit of having the freedom to move and walk around during the trip. Carriages are also air-conditioned for a pleasant experience. 

A smooth trip along the tracks also has the benefits of no air turbulence!

  • Rail tours are more convenient

Train travel is relatively hassle-free. You get to avoid the early check-ins, long lines and boarding times experienced at airports. You also get to skip potential traffic along the roads and enjoy a trip where you simply get to sit back and relax. 

There are often spots on-board where you can buy snacks and food; some even have dining cars. Wifi is often available onboard trains in Europe, giving you a number of ways to pass the time. 

Girl admires view from train in Paris rail tour benefits
Sit back, relax and enjoy the sites!
  • Trains offer a sustainable way to see more of the world

According to the Guardian, rail travel only makes up 1.8% of transport CO2 emissions. This is compared to road users with 71% and air with 12.3% and shipping with 14.3%. Looking at the stats, travelling by train is the greenest choice. 

What are the similarities and differences between coach tours and rail tours?

Expat Explore loves both coach and railway tours! Both offer convenient, affordable and fun ways to see more of Europe. You will also get the same quality tour promise. Each comes with its own benefits. Here are some of the similarities and differences between the two:

  • Smaller groups

Expat Explore rail tours have a maximum of 28 people per group. While you won’t meet as many travellers as you would on a traditional coach trip, small group travel does have it’s advantages. Smaller groups can access areas not available to larger groups plus it can be easier to get to know people.

Group waits to board train rail tour benefits
Make travel friends on our small group tours by rail.
  • Comfort stops

Comfort stops will be less frequent than on coach tours. However, there will be more time spent at each comfort stop.

  • Getting to your hotel

While coaches can pretty much drop the group at the entrance to the hotel, train stations are generally located in the centres of town. This means that if the hotel is within short walking distance, you will make the short walk to the accommodation. Anything longer and transfers will be organised (with the cost included in tour price).

When travelling by rail, it’s about the journey and the destination! Check out our list of the world’s best rail journeys as well as these amazing Expat Explore guided rail tours and start planning your future adventures!

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