• 20 November 2020

Bucket lists… Everyone seems to have one. Whether it’s a dream of visiting Machu Picchu or the thrilling thought of jumping out of a plane (strapped into a parachute of course). Bucket lists are made up of the destinations, experiences and moments that no life feels complete without. 

But what exactly defines a bucket list destination? That’s what Expat Explore has set out to discover! We sent two members of our team off on a European adventure like no other. Now we are excited to bring you Behind the Bucket List; a travel series showcasing some of Europe’s best destinations and experiences along with an insight into what makes them worthy additions to your bucket list.

We asked our travellers to share their top bucket-list destinations and then sent our expert tour guide Luke and cameraman-extraordinaire Jamie off to delve into the history, mystery, beauty and bewilderment of your top picks. 

Get behind Europe’s bucket-list destinations and experiences as Luke find out more about the weird, the wonderful and the why

Introducing your brand new go-to travel show: Behind the Bucket List

Over the course of six episodes, you’ll get to experience incredible destinations and activities with Luke and Jamie as they travel through Greece, Germany’s Rhine Valley, Sicily, Rome, Tuscany and Switzerland. 

Join them as they see iconic sites like the Acropolis in Athens, the Colosseum in Rome and much, much more. See the snow-capped peaks at Jungfraujoch and kayak across almost-impossibly blue waters of Lake Brienz in Switzerland. Zoom along the streets of Italy on a golf cart and zip-line through the forests in Interlaken.

Historical landmarks are just some of the bucket-list destinations that Luke will visit – here Luke is admiring the Colosseum


Europe is full of adventures that Luke and Jamie were able to enjoy; like kayaking across beautiful Swiss lakes!

One of the best parts of travel is the people you meet along the way! Luke gets to know some amazing locals on this trip.

Along the way, Luke and Jamie encounter amazing people and have the chance to get to know fascinating locals. Not forgetting that there is no shortage of fantastic food to be enjoyed on any European adventure!

There’s no doubt that Europe is home to many bucket list-worthy destinations and we are here to show you exactly what makes them so popular with travellers from around the world. Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride! 

Let’s go Behind the Bucket List.

Join the adventure now!

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