• 13 April 2020

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Italy. In the land of la dolce vita, spring makes its first appearance in March and reaches full bloom in April through to May. As the remnants of winter melt away, the colours of spring add to the beauty of the Italian streets. We’re here to answer your questions and give you the lowdown on what you can expect on your trip to Italy in spring!

couple on holiday in europe
While the sun may be out, it could get a bit nippy in springtime

Is it cheaper to travel during spring?

Technically, spring should present itself during the shoulder season – which is synonymous with cheaper prices and fewer crowds. Shoulder season in Europe occurs between the peak tourist season (June – August) and the less popular low season (December – February).

Italy, however, has a shorter shoulder season than most other European countries. This is partly due to its location on the Mediterranean coast. You can expect summer days from May onwards, which means spring (shoulder season) is in March and April.

Thus, your time to travel during Italy’s spring shoulder season and save money has been limited down to two months (March and April). So, be sure to take advantage of the money-saving perks of shoulder season while you can!

aerial view of florence
Spring blossoms just add something to the already beautiful Italy

Spring weather in Italy

As we mentioned above, Italy’s spring months include March, April and May. What kind of temperatures and landscapes can you expect? In March, the spring blossoms start to appear, but you can expect the nights and early mornings to still be a bit chilly. The arrival of April means spring is in full swing and the heavy winter coats have been shed – as the blossoms and scents of spring are tickling your senses. In recent years, heat waves hit Italy in late May. So, the weather will be warm and sunny but it also means that the crowds will start flooding in.

Capri - tour to capri
Even in spring, Capri looks idyllic

Travel tip: Be sure to pack a warm jacket – it can always be removed when you get hot, but you’ll love it in the chillier moments. Take a look at this post, to help while you’re packing.

Temperatures you can expect:


March (High 16°C, Low 6°C)
April (High 19°C, Low 12°C)
May (High 24°C, Low 12°C)


March (High 13°C, Low 5°C)
April (High 17°C, Low 9°C)
May (High 22°C, Low 14°C)


March (High 16°C, Low 10°C)
April (High 20°C, Low 13°C)
May (High 24°C, Low 16°C)

leaning tower of pisa - tour to italy
What could be better than a picnic at the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Festivals and events

Another perk of travelling during spring is time and space. You’ll have more time to wander through the iconic landmarks, as the queues will be shorter and the crowds less. However, places like Rome and Venice are always bound to have a tourist buzz around them. During spring, Italy is bustling with festivals and religious holidays. Why not consider including them in your trip? Here are a few of the ones you can look forward to:

The Rome Marathon takes place in April each year. Run 42 kilometres in the footsteps of gladiators and Roman Emperors. The best part is that while you’re running, you’ll be glimpsing all the iconic landmarks of the historic city of Rome. The route starts and ends near the Colosseum. If you also want to be part of the fun, but not run a full marathon, the Maratona di Roma also has a 4km Fun Run!

Rome Marathon
Running with a view at the Rome Marathon

An important thing to note is that Easter is one of the biggest and most important holidays in Italy. What does that mean for a tourist? You will have an array of cities or towns to choose from, to see the Italian festivities. And, it also means that business hours could be affected/changed or closed altogether in certain shops and sights. So, be sure to book in advance and make sure that you’re where you want to be before the streets are lined with people.

St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City
Easter in front of St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

The Almond Blossom Festival is a popular festival, which takes place in the city of Agrigento, Sicily. The festival either takes place at the end of February or early in March – depending on the blossoms. If you’re wanting to capture the spirit of spring in Italy, this is the best place to do it! The event was founded in 1936 and celebrates the arrival of spring over ten days. What used to be a harvest festival is now and international event with performances by folkloric groups.

Almond Blossoms in Agrigento, Sicily
Almond Blossoms in Agrigento, Sicily

In April, you can look forward to celebrating the spring blossoms with a glass of vino. Vinitaly is an annual competition that is held in Verona, the country’s wine region. The first competition was held in 1967 and has been going strong ever since. This is where all the winemakers and connoisseurs meet.

So, if you’re looking for spring blossoms, wine, moderate temperatures and unforgettable sights – then it’s time to pack your bags and get ready to travel to Italy!

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