• 10 March 2018

First up, we commend you on choosing the road less traveled! Once you’ve had your first shoulder season travel adventure, you’ll never look back. Fewer queues, more local experiences, less expensive – what’s not to love? To get you even more excited for your off-season journey, here’s our go-to packing list.

What to pack when you’re travelling in spring/fall

No matter where you’re headed, the weather is bound to be a tad unpredictable. Fortunately, we have a wardrobe silver bullet: light layers. It’s as simple as that. So, without further ado, here are your shoulder season travel must-haves.

Top Tip! Assume that all apparel items should be of wrinkle-free, drip-dry (if possible) fabric. Travelling for more than 14 days? Double up on the number of items listed below.

Head & Shoulders

  • Sun hat + beanie (cover all your bases)
  • Large lightweight sarong (that can double as a scarf)
  • Long-sleeve button down shirt x 1
  • T-shirts x 3
  • Vest x 1
  • Cardigan/button jersey x 1
  • Lightweight blazer x 1
  • Lightweight jumper x 1
  • Lightweight waterproof parka x 1

Knees & Toes

  • Shorts x 1
  • Denim x 1
  • Slacks x 1 (ladies, leggings also work a charm)
  • Sandals x 1
  • Ankle boot x 1
  • Sneakers x 1

Top Tip! Stick to darker colours, it extends the time you can go between washes. Ladies, if you have a light-weight skirt that you can pack, do so. It can be layered with tights for extra warmth.

A vital note: Every pair of shoes you pack has to be very comfortable. Don’t even think about packing anything that pinches or can only be worn for a given amount of time. Don’t pack shoes you haven’t broken in. You’re going to be walking a lot. There is nothing that can put the brakes on an adventure like sore feet. Avoid this pitfall at all costs.

Those You-never-know Essentials

  • Collapsable, travel-size, backpack-friendly umbrella
  • Lightweight, moisture-wicking swim towel
  • Swimming costume
  • Thermal underwear (hey, better to be prepared!)
  • Cross-body day bag for all-day adventures

There you have it – your shoulder season capsule wardrobe packing list all sorted. Adapt it according to your needs, pack that bag & go explore! It’s a great big world out there and we can’t wait for you to see it.

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