• 24 June 2013

You may not think of skaters as tourists, but they do tend to get around. This video, though it’s essentially a shoe advert, gives a unique perspective on one of our firm favourites on our tours to Europe.


Venice, a city of exquisite artworks, medieval buildings and canals – not usually the sort of place you’d think would make a good place to go skateboarding! And perhaps it isn’t – as the end of the video attests! But one thing that is great about skating is the alternative ways in which you find yourself looking at a city – even one as Old World as Venice. For along with the monuments and landmarks that make up the city’s skyline and the canals that give it its character are steps, rails, benches, and sidewalks – things that seem almost mundane to the average viewer; but which are transformed by the agile manoeuvres of the skateboarder. Watch this video for a unique perspective on Venice. And see it for yourself on a tour of Europe!

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