• 17 March 2017

Looking forward to a summertime adventure in a foreign country but not quite sure what and how to pack? No problem, we’ve got you covered! We’ve checked in with a few expert travellers to make a list of top tips and must-haves for a spring/summer trip! We trust it will provide you with a pretty good blueprint of the essentials that need to feature in your warm-weather repertoire.

Check the weather a week before you go

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, especially when it comes to packing for a foreign destination. Before you whip out your suitcase, have a look at the weather forecast for the region you’re headed towards. Here is a link to a particularly useful weather forecast site that is simple to use before and during your travels. Once you’ve had a look to establish the median temperature and general weather outlook for the time you’ll spend in each destination, you can plan your outfits for each day and packing becomes a whole lot simpler.

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A jacket is a must – even in summer!

Unless you’re headed for the Atacama Desert, we can guarantee that you will need a lightweight, water-resistant jacket at some point during your trip. Especially if you’re headed to Europe where the clouds are prone to gather at the drop of a hat, even in summer. We recommend a versatile jacket with a hood in a neutral, quick-drying fabric that can easily fit into your day pack.

Choose washable fabrics that dry on the fly

In summer it’s very simple to do laundry on the go! You can easily rinse your underwear and smaller clothing items in the hotel sink and hang it out to dry overnight. To implement this space-saving game plan, you’ll need to pack light, crease-resistant outfits that won’t take ages to dry without direct sunlight. Good quick-dry options include synthetic textiles like nylon and polyester, and Coolmax, a new-generation, high performance fabric that keeps your body sweat-free, and also happens to dry super quickly (double score!).

Top tip: Get yourself a quick-drying microfiber towel/ beach towel – these aren’t always supplied by accommodation venues.

You’ll only ever need three pairs of shoes (or less!)

Packing the right shoes is a crucial element of an enjoyable holiday – trust us, it’s almost impossible to have a good time when you’re nursing blisters and pinched toes. On tour you walk a lot and you need to be as comfortable as possible. For warm-weather holidays we recommend that you pack one pair of durable, versatile trainers or sneakers that offer plenty of arch support; a pair of flip flops for days on the beach or around the pool; and one pair of dressy shoes in a neutral colour for nights out on the town.

Choose multi-functional clothing items

To save some room and keep space in your suitcase for all th lovely souvenirs you’ll want to bring home, try to include some versatile items that can keep you warm or cool. Think along the lines of a bandana, buff or light scarf that takes up very little space in your luggage, and could be used to shield your face and neck from both sun and rain. Ditto, a large sarong that can double as a scarf and beach coverup.

Invest in a versatile day pack

Something first-time travellers often forget is that you’ll need a day pack to ferry about your belongings when you’re out and about. You’ll probably also have to carry your own luggage between one destination to the next, so you don’t want to be loaded down with a camera bag, handbag and shopping bag. We recommend that you limit the number of bags you bring on tour to the absolute minimum. The easiest way to do kso is to invest in a carry-around backpack or shoulder bag that can fit at least a camera, sweater, water bottle and some snacks. Mugging is common, even in Europe, so remember to choose a pack that fits you snugly and closes up securely.

Choose a savvy flight outfit

When you’re heading for warm weather from a colder climate, it’s important that you dress in light layers when you board your flight. Disembarking in balmy weather while you’re still clad for a snowstorm is no one’s cup of tea! Here are a few items to slip into your hand luggage that will make things a little more comfortable when you get off the plane: lip balm, sunglasses, a cap/hat, comfortable shoes, and moisturiser with an SPF.

Top tip: It is often a good idea to purchase sunscreen and anti-mosquito spray once you get to your destination. Each country’s brands have been developed with that particular climate in mind.

This concise guide should give you a good idea of how to approach warm-weather packing.

Get a list of essentials here!


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