As with much of Central and Eastern Europe, Poland is an underrated but increasingly popular country to visit. Poland offers incredible value for money compared to major Western European destinations like France and Italy, yet offers just as much to see and experience; from incredibly beautiful old towns like Krakow and Poznań, to the modern, vibrant capital city Warsaw!

Warsaw was mostly destroyed during WWII. However, the old town has been recreated with incredible attention to detail, and the city is modernising fast. Warsaw exudes a progressive, diverse culture and vibrant nightlife. Warsaw tours reveal a fascinating history, awe-inspiring architecture, hearty local cuisine and unforgettable cultural experiences. 

The other major draw in Poland is Krakow. As the former royal capital, its striking architecture is incredibly well preserved and has survived largely untouched throughout Poland’s turbulent history. The city was among the first ever UNESCO World Heritage Sites which were inscribed in 1978 - a testament to the Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance monuments, churches and palaces found throughout the city. You can visit Krakow on Expat Explore’s Eastern Highlights multi-country coach tour!  You can also spend two nights in Warsaw on our 18-day Northern Explorer tour and tick a visit to the colourful harbour town of Gdansk off your Poland bucket-list when you join our Helsinki to Warsaw or Best of Scandinavia & the Baltics tours.