Slovenia, a small European country with 2 million inhabitants, is truly a European country that will calm your mind, body and spirit. Bordered by Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Italy, the country shares a small section of Adriatic coast and offers a diversity of urban and historic cities, snow-capped peaks, rivers, lakes and stunning mountainous landscapes. 

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (lub-lee-yana), is also the European Green capital for 2018 & 2019. The Slovenes work actively towards preserving natural ecosystems and diversity.  One can find a prominent outdoor culture all around Slovenia that offer activities like skiing, mountain hiking and kayaking.

Highlights in Ljubljana are the Ljubljana castle, old town and Tivoli - a grand urban park.  Explore the many pathways and gardens surrounding the city centre, and do keep an eye out for the Ljubljana dragon, the city's symbol.  that symbolises strength, courage and greatness.

Lake Bled is Slovenia's largest lake and located close to Ljubljana. Bled is known as the 'pearl of the Alps' and Slovenia' most popular resort with pilgrimage churches, Bled Island and in the backdrop - the beautiful Julian Alps.

Food in the area includes anything served in the bordering countries like bread, pastries, and, of course, cheese.

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