Middle East & Africa

Middle East & Africa

Israel & Jordan

Expat Explore's tour through Israel & Jordan explores both famous ancient sites and modern attractions. Passionate locals show us their countries from a unique point of view. This includes the striking cities of Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Jerusalem. We show you the highlights, fuel you with the best local foods and then give you plenty of time to explore by yourself. We visit the Mount of Olives, discover the Old City of Jerusalem and the pilgrimage sites around Bethlehem. You will also encounter the Jordan River Valley, Jerash and Mount Nebo. Visit Petra, one of the 7 New Wonders of the World and sleep at a Bedouin campsite! Then go on a desert safari, visit Jericho, see a real oasis and the Dead Sea. Not to mention the Caesarea, the Bahá’í Gardens and Akko! This Middle Eastern tour truly has it all.


A country of many textures and colours, Turkey is a former stop along the famous Silk Route, and now a renowned travel destination. This is truly where east meets west. Expat Explore Turkey tours are led by passionate English-speaking locals who know the country inside-out. Touring with them, you will get to see Turkey through authentic Turkish eyes. By their side, the bustling bazaars of Istanbul unfold before your eyes, the battlefields of Gallipoli provide a place for solemn remembrance, and the natural landscapes of Cappadocia are a sight to behold.


If you have ever dreamed about experiencing Egypt coach holidays, Expat Explore has a great selection of Egyptian coach packages to suit your needs. Taking you to one of the most beautiful and historic destinations on earth, Egypt has one of the oldest and most complex histories, and you will discover such highlights as the pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the temple of Abu-Simbel and the temple of Edfu. Above and beyond its well-known attractions, Egypt offers something for everyone - from Nile river cruises, camel riding in the desert and diving and snorkelling in the Red Sea. Hurghada is the perfect spot to explore the stunning coral reefs and tropical fish. Foodies will also have plenty to whet the appetite. 

South Africa

Explore the Rainbow nation in one epic, tasty, breathtaking, colourful, adventurous, memory-filled, staggeringly beautiful trip of a lifetime. From safari to surf, scenic drives, adventure and wilderness, allow us to introduce you to South Africa's unrivalled diversity. The home country of Expat Explore founders Carl Cronje and Jakes Maritz, we believe it is one of the most surprising, diverse and naturally beautiful travel destinations in the world.

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