Expat Explore Tour Leaders

Our tour leaders are experts in their field and share their passion for travel with each and every single traveller on tour!

Each tour leader is fully trained in operating in their allocated destinations. Expat Explore is a member of the ETOA, which keeps us and our tour leaders up-to-date on the latest changes and operating requirements across our many destinations. Our tour leaders play a key role in ensuring our passengers make the most of their time abroad and leaving them with an unforgettable experience, on every tour, in every destination.

If you are interested in becoming a tour leader for Expat Explore, please click here.


Born and raised in Australia, Aaron left to travel when he was 18 years old. Since then, he has travelled, lived and worked in countries across Europe! He has a passion for food, and can usually be found pigging out on the local cuisine. Be sure to ask for his favourite local spots on tour.
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Originally from Transylvania, Romania, Andreea is out to prove there is more to her hometown than Count Dracula! A passionate traveller, big foodie, and a lover of wine and the sea, Andreea loves to share the beauty, history and culture of each country she visits.
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Antonio medal  New Tour Leader of the Year 2018
globe map icon  Specialist in Spain & Portugal tours

Antonio is from what he (and many others!) claim to be one of the best countries in the world, Portugal! He has been travelling in Europe for over 30 years and considers the whole continent to be his hometown. He has a passion for people and will introduce you to his many friends along the way.
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Born in a small town in Western Australia, Bec loves the outdoors and anything to do with the beach. She has a passion for exploring new cities and trying different foods from across the world! Her favourite part of travelling is getting to know new people, and introducing them to the beautiful sights of Europe.
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Bilge Usta

Born in Turkey and raised on the Southwest Coast of Asia Minor. She loves meeting new people, learning new things, cycling, hiking and sailing. She studied Classical Archaeology at the Mediterranean University and joined the excavations in Patara. After graduation, she was drawn to tour guiding in archaeological and natural aspects, receiving her official guiding license in 2007. Since then she has been leading sailing, hiking, cultural, cycling, archaeology and family tours.


Branden comes from South Africa and has been a lot of things in his life. From working in restaurants and bars, a short professional rugby career, making beds and even becoming a chef. Nothing makes him happier than leading tours. His passion for travel is infectious and he loves sharing his life with new people from all over the world.
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From Melbourne, Australia Bryce has been working as a guide across Europe and Australia for the past 4 years and has developed a passion for exploring and showing his guests the very best parts of each destination. His favourite part of travelling is trying out all the delicious food and getting immersed in the local culture.


Carl co-founded Expat Explore, after his first trip to Europe in 1997 inspired him to bring other expats to show them the sights! Today, Carl is a true explorer, and the mastermind behind our fantastic itineraries. When he’s not on the road, he welcomes Expat Explore passengers to the Alpenrose Hotel & Gardens in Wilderswil, Switzerland.
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globe map icon  Specialist in Scandinavia tours

Originally from Sweden, Caroline has lived in countries including the UK, Italy and Australia. She loves the outdoors, and takes every opportunity she gets to explore new hiking trails! Travel is her true passion, and she loves to meet new people from all over the world.
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Dee medal  New Tour Leader of the Year 2017
Dee medal  Tour Leader of the Year 2018
globe map icon  Specialist in Eastern Europe tours 

Dee is originally from Poland and has spent the last eight years travelling, working and living abroad, in countries including Spain and Austria. Her favourite places in the world are in the Balkans, including Albania, Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and you’ll often find her leading tours through Eastern Europe!

Doan Cong Dinh (Mr Tom)
globe map icon  National Tour Guide in Vietnam

My favourite aspect of being a tour guide is showing out the beauty, historical places, the culture and traditional lifestyle of my country to the people in the world. My favourite sight is Halong bay - the world heritage site and the time being on a cruise. The hospitality of the local people is always bright on the face and the most interesting food is mixed with 5 tastings: bitterness, hotness, sourness, salted, sweetness with the art of cooking balance of yin and yang.


Emma moved from Melbourne to London to work as a travel agent, and after selling so many tours couldn’t resist the urge to get out and do them herself! The thing Emma loves best about travel is being able to try new things and experience new cultures – “Travel forces you to get out of your comfort zone whether you like it or not!”
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globe map icon  Specialist in Spain, Portugal & Greek island tours

Filip is from Split, Croatia, and likes to “split” his time between cities all over Europe! His superpower is to talk in many languages, and he loves to share the cultures and languages of new countries with his travellers.
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Grace medal  Tour Leader of the Year 2017
globe map icon  Specialist in Scandinavia & Russia tours 

Grace is a Brit, and has travelled all over Europe from Sweden down to Spain! Her favourite country in the world is Switzerland, but you can often find her leading tours through Scandinavia and Russia. She never goes on tour without her trusty mascot, so watch out for them on the road!
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Gus medal  New Tour Leader of the Year 2016
Gus medal  Tour Leader of the Year 2019
globe map icon  Specialist in Spain & Portugal tours 

Originally from Portugal, Gustavo has been touring Europe for 15 years. He’s seen pretty much all there is to see of the continent, so be sure to ask him for his travel tips and personal recommendations on the road!
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Originally from Norway, Inga has lived the past 9 years in Ireland. She trained as an opera singer, archaeologist and a cybersecurity professional until she finally found her true calling as a European tour leader! A true lover of travel, Inga is passionate about sharing her favorite places with others. “Nothing broadens the mind like travel!

globe map icon  Specialist in Spain & Portugal tours

John was born in Liverpool, England, but moved to Australia to work as a dancer. When he decided to hang up his boogie boots, he returned to Europe to embark on a life of adventure and travel! He still loves to learn the local styles of dance while travelling, from Salsa in Colombia to Kathak in India.
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An adventure-loving Aussie, and self-proclaimed gelato connoisseur, Karina has been on and off the road for the past seven years. She enjoys chasing the sun, and has successfully avoided a proper winter for the majority of that time! She continually aims to give people a fun and inspirational trip, which at the same time broadens their personal outlook on the world.
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globe map icon  Specialist in Ireland tours

Originally from New Zealand, Kerry now lives in Ireland and specialises in our Irish Explorer tour. She loves to share the history, tales and culture of the Emerald Isle, so look forward to some good stories along the way!

Kevin medal  Tour Leader of the Year 2016

Born in Dover, on the south coast of England, Kevin has been touring Europe for 16 years and has visited almost every country on the continent. One of his biggest passions is trying the local food, so if you want any restaurant recommendations on tour don't hesitate to ask him!
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Kim is originally from Adelaide, Australia, and has spent the last several years travelling the world and living in South Korea, Germany, and the UK. She started tour leading a few years ago, and finds it an excellent way to combine her main interests - history, cats, and food!
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Larry always knew from the time he saw his first map that he wanted to be a world traveller. Born in New York City, he has travelled independently to all fifty states and 135 countries. After working for fourteen years as a radio and television news and talk show producer, he decided he was more suited for the travel industry and has been leading tour groups since 2004.


Originally from Liverpool, England, Laura has travelled to over 100 countries and counting. A zoologist, dive instructor and avid traveller, Laura splits her time between the zoo, the beach and the Expat Explore coach! She loves to meet new people, and share her experiences on the road.
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Luke medal  New Tour Leader of the Year 2019

Luke is from London and has a passion for the good times! Whether exploring the medieval towns of Bavaria, hiking the mountains of Switzerland or riding gondolas in Venice his relentless excitement for just about everything will surely become yours as we invite you to join his GOOD TIMES GANG!
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globe map icon  Specialist in Spain & Portugal tours

Half Spanish and half German, Marysol was born in Venezuela but raised in France. She speaks many languages, and is starting to worry that it will be difficult to choose one to have a conversation in when she gets old! When not on the Expat Explore coach, you’ll find her on stage or curled up with a good book.


Matt is a former Police Officer from Queensland, Australia who took a career break to travel Europe and loved it so much he never went home. He has since lead Island Hopping Tours of his favorite country Greece, coach tours through mainland Europe as well as parts of Scandinavia and Russia. He has also spent seasons leading tours around South East Asia through countries such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and his second favorite country of Vietnam. His love of everything Europe though has brought him back and is now an enthusiastic member of the Expat Family.
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South African born, Matthew enjoys lekker chats around the Braai and seeing everything Africa has to offer. He has a keen passion for history, animals and the birds of Southern Africa. Matthew enjoys meeting people along the way and learning about other cultures and funny stories.

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Mr ‘did you know’ Mike has two passions: travel and history! Born in Hertfordshire, England, Mike has travelled Europe extensively, and also grew up visiting relatives in Southeast Asia. He likes to push himself outside of his comfort zone, whether that be travelling Vietnam on a motorcycle, mountain climbing in Morocco, or volunteering in Nicaragua!
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globe map icon  Specialist in Great Britain tours

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Mike specialises in our tours of Great Britain. Passionate about the incredible history of England, Scotland and Wales, Mike is also a fantastic storyteller, and loves to share his dramatic tales and interesting facts on tour!
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Nguyen Nam Phong (Mr Frank)
globe map icon  National Tour Guide in Vietnam

Being a tour guide gives me a chance to socialize with friends from everywhere. I enjoy bridging people on my tours: vendors, customers, locals, vets... I believe customers enjoy learning all about Vietnam as well as her best landscape. Vietnam is a safe country, people are very friendly and so many beautiful places and historical buildings.


Pedro is from Portugal and a true Expat. He’s passionate about exploring and especially about local food. His 10 years of experience in the tourism industry will give you a great inside look into what Europe is all about, this is his happy place. From Local cafes in Italy to the most hidden places in Portugal. “Portugal was my first home, now I look at the world as my place to be”.

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Phan Cao Nhan (Mr Jackie)
globe map icon  National Tour Guide in Vietnam

Being a tour guide, I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. It is great to be in the position of the nation’s ambassador to introduce our country’s history, culture, custom and cuisine etc... to the world. I wish people not only know Vietnam as the country with the war history like the images in the 1960s but also the new beautiful face of our lovely country.

Phan Vu Huy Tuan (Mr Tuan)
globe map icon  National Tour Guide in Vietnam

He was born in Ho Chi Minh City, where he grew up too. He has a great source of knowledge and provided valuable insight into the history and cultural aspects of Vietnam. He is a dedicated, punctual and entertaining guide.


Porfírio is from a small fishing village just 20 minutes north of Porto, Portugal called Apúlia. He loves the beach and never says no to seafood. He drinks local beer in the summer and red wine in the winter. He has been touring around Europe for the past 10 years and loves this lifestyle. It is his passion to travel and is always curious to find and explore new destinations.
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globe map icon  Specialist in Great Britain & Ireland tours

Born in the UK, Perci has over 20 years’ experience working and travelling in Europe and beyond. He’s a true explorer, always up for discovering a new destination! If you’re looking for travel inspiration or tips, be sure to ask him for some personal recommendations.
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Stacey is originally from Auckland, New Zealand, and moved to Europe to become a Tour Leader five years ago. After living in Athens for a year, she has travelled and led tours in Europe and New Zealand which means she sees the sun shining all year round.
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Steve medal  New Tour Leader of the Year 2015

Born in the UK, Steve has lived and worked in places all over the world! Various Greek islands, Finnish Lapland, France, Andorra, Austria and the UAE have all been called home at one point or another. Now living in Canada, Steve crosses the pond to lead tours across Europe!
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globe map icon  Specialist in Eastern Europe tours

Rachelle first packed her bags and left Australia in 2006, to work a ski season in the Rocky Mountains. The travel bug hit, and she hasn’t stopped travelling since! She loves meeting the locals and exploring the back streets of new destinations. She is also a language-aficionado, and can usually be found in any non-English speaking country!


Vicky has lived all over the world. Half kiwi, half British, born and grew up in Hong Kong, studied in Auckland and lived in the USA, Switzerland, Ireland, Turkey and Spain She has worked leading tours for over 10 years. Showing people around and helping them to have a fun and stress-free travel experience is what brings her joy. "I have a genuine passion for exploring this incredible planet of ours and I look forward to you joining me for the ride!"

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Born in South Africa, Richard has been on the road since 2015. He lives for outdoor adventure and sunny skies! He has a passion for travel, and for helping others to enjoy the thrill of adventure and new experiences.

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Roma medal  Tour Leader of the Year 2014
globe map icon  Specialist in Italy tours

Lithuanian by birth, Roma is based in Rome (how fitting!) and specialises in running our Italian tours. Fluent in English, Russian, Lithuanian and of course Italian, she's full of enthusiasm for Italy, one of her favourite countries - and one of ours too!
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Originally from Australia, Shae has been on the road since 2004. During that time, she has worked and volunteered in Canada, the UK, Thailand, Kenya and of course all over Europe! Travel is her true passion, and she loves sharing the history, cultures and sights of Europe with the people she meets.

globe map icon  National Tour Guide in Cambodia

I have been working as a tour guide for 5 years and will work for a long time. I really love this job because I like to show beautiful places in Cambodia and share history, culture, society and much more information to tourists from all over the world; especially, I like to meet new people every year to make friends and learn new good ideas to improve myself and the country.

globe map icon  Specialist in Italy tours

Vivien was born and raised in Hungary, and from an early age had a fascination and love for Italy. She later followed in the footsteps of her grandma, who was also a European tour leader. She has now been leading tours for six years and loves to just wander and explore, and she tries to encourage her travellers to do exactly that.
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globe map icon  Specialist in Russia tours

Originally from Canada, Will lived in Australia before moving to Europe to lead tours with Expat Explore. His favourite countries are Australia and Russia, but he can be found anywhere else with a good beach, good food and good SCUBA diving!


Willem is a South African who loves his country, its history, sports and music. He enjoys meeting new people, experiencing their cultures and creating wonderful memories. Join him on our fantastic South African tours to experience the very best of the Rainbow Nation!

Yalçın Aydın

I am Yalçın Aydın. With over 15 years of experience in guiding groups throughout Turkey I am honoured to share my country with guests. I want people to discover, experience and enjoy its wonderful history, architecture, traditions, hospitable people and stunning natural beauty. Born in 1978, I hold a Bachelor of Tourism Guiding from Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, which I received in 2003 and I completed a Management course at Anadolu University in 2006.

Yous Sopanha
globe map icon  National Tour Guide in Cambodia

Words cannot express how excellent Yous Sopanha is. His knowledge, attention to every detail and enthusiasm for guiding people around are incredible. Travellers particularly respect his awareness of safety at all times and his professionalism in dealing with difficulties wherever they arise. He always goes out of his way to solve problems for other participants.


Zema was born in Brazil and has worked all over Central and South America. A true traveller and Latin-American enthusiast, he'll be able to show all the big sights and local secrets of this amazing continent!
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