Expat Explore Tour Leaders

Our tour leaders are trained and experienced professionals who are passionate about travel and sharing the best of our destinations with our travellers. Equipped with first-hand and historical knowledge, our tour leaders will also provide some context into the countries you are visiting. Join us on the road and experience the magic of an Expat Explore tour!

If you are interested in becoming a tour leader for Expat Explore, please click here.


This is one of our most handsome tour leaders, Mark. Mark was born in Ireland, grew up in Australia and now has spent the last five years leading tours around Europe. His favourite destinations are Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Mark has travelled across the world, and his passion for travel continues to grow day by day. The places he wants to visit next are India, China & North Korea.


Half British and half Italian, Gabie travelled on an Expat Explore European tour as a passenger back in 2013. She loved touring Europe (and Expat!) so much that she came back as an Expat Explore tour leader last year! Now in her second full season on the road, Gabie's favourite destinations are Florence, Venice and Jungfrau.
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Carl co-founded Expat Explore after his first ever trip to Europe in 1997 inspired him to bring over other expats and show them around Europe. Today Carl is a true explorer in every sense of the word and the mastermind behind our fantastic European itineraries! When he’s not out on the road, he welcomes Expat Explore passengers to the Alpenrose Hotel & Gardens in Wilderswil, Switzerland.


Coming from Canada originally, Will lived in Australia before joining Expat Explore, and has been with us since 2014. Will has travelled to many places both near and far but especially loves Australia, Russia, and anywhere where there's a good beach, good food, and good SCUBA diving!


Helen has been with us since March 2014, and she has travelled to a truly impressive list of countries. Some of her favourites include the UAE, Egypt, South Africa, the US, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados, Borneo, Singapore and Japan, to name a few!
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Born in South Africa, raised in Canada, and a resident of Australia for a year, Kaeleigh finally moved over to the UK when she joined Expat in 2015. Now in her third season, she has absolutely fallen in love with Great Britain and Ireland (although you can't beat Europe in the summer!). This season you'll be sure to find her lurking around Loch Ness or skulking about Switzerland.
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Steve joined us in 2015 and is from the UK but has lived in various parts of the world working in the tourism industry; various Greek Islands, Finnish Lapland, France, Andorra, Austria and UAE have all been called home at one point or another. Now living in Canada Steve crosses the pond to lead tours across Europe.
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Laura is a qualified scuba diving instructor and zoologist, and has been to over 89 countries! Having spent the last 7 years abroad, Laura's survived an earthquake in Japan, Great White Sharks in South Africa and lions in Zimbabwe. She loves adventure and (as you can see) being outdoors!
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Born in Hong Kong, James is one of our most experienced tour leaders, having joined Expat Explore in 2012. He has extensive travel experience, including road trips across North America and South-East Asia!
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Born in Chichester, UK, Tim joined us back in July 2012. He's travelled to almost every continent on earth, and he's pretty handy with a camera too! One of Tim's favourite parts of the world is Scandinavia & the Baltics!
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Grace is a Brit, and has travelled all over Europe from Scotland down to Spain, blogging about her adventures as she goes! She never goes on tour without her mascot Henry, so look out for him on the road.
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Born in Dover, on the south coast of England, Kevin has been touring Europe for 16 years and has visited almost every country on the continent. One of his biggest passions is trying the local food, so if you want any restaurant recommendations on tour don't hesitate to ask him!
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Lithuanian by birth, Roma is based in Rome (how fitting!) and specialises in running our Italian tours. Fluent in English, Russian, Lithuanian and of course Italian, she's full of enthusiasm for Italy, one of her favourite countries - and one of ours too!


The Artful Dodger of tourism, Shabby is a London guide turned European tour leader who has travelled extensively globally and has a particular interest in eating her way around the world. If Shabby is your tour leader and you want to try the local cuisine, you're in for a treat!
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An expat Australian, who is now living in Austria, Jamie is one of our specialist Tour Leaders who has loads of experience in leading tours throughout Europe!
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Kerry is our Ireland based Tour Leader and specialises in our 7 day Irish Explorer tour, originally from New Zealand she now lives in Ireland.

Carly F

Carly is a true travel addict and loves to travel Europe and the world! She has a real passion for showing people new things and is now in her third season with Expat Explore!


Stacey started at Expat this year, but she has plenty of travel experience having been a tour manager for several other travel companies before joining us. From London, she's bubbly, fun, knowledgeable and adventurous (and always carrying a big bag!); Stacey will help you get stuck in to Europe!
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Erin is an Aussie now living in London, and has previous travel experience leading sailing tours around the beautiful coast of Croatia. She's looking forward to taking you on an exploration of all the must-see destinations in Europe!
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Originally from Portugal, Gus has been touring Europe for 15 years and has seen pretty much everything there is to see, so if you want any travel advice or tips, he is the man to ask!


Susan loves to travel to France and the rest of Europe, she is very experienced having worked in the industry for many years and can't wait to show you the best Europe has to offer!


Mike will be leading our tours of Great Britain this year. Orginally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Mike has a great knowledge of the incredible history of England, Scotland and Wales, so if you're lucky enough to have him as tour leader you'll get to hear plenty of dramatic stories!
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Francine is from the Netherlands and has extensive experience in travel, having worked for airlines and cruise companies. She loves to travel and introduce her Expat Explorers to new cultures, languages and food.


Chris is from Vienna and has previously worked as a tour leader for schools and educational groups. Chris is an adventurous explorer, with a passion for skiing and snowboarding. If you're feeling competitive, challenge Chris to a game of hacky sack!


Rebecca, or "Beck" is a seasoned traveller, having originated from Australia she loves the outdoors and meeting new people.


Peter caught the travel bug when he studied abroad for a semester on Reunion Island (it's close to Madagascar!) and he hasn't found the cure yet. Having lead tours around Europe and South America since 2010 he is most at home on the road. He speaks French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese as well as some German so you will usually find him in one of those countries!