Expat Explore Tour Leaders

Our tour leaders are trained and experienced professionals who are passionate about travel and sharing the best of our destinations with our travellers. Equipped with first-hand and historical knowledge, our tour leaders will also provide some context into the countries you are visiting. Join us on the road and experience the magic of an Expat Explore tour!

If you are interested in becoming a tour leader for Expat Explore, please click here.


Emma moved from Melbourne to London to work as a travel agent, but after selling so many tours she couldn't resist the urge to get out and do them herself, so she joined Expat Explore as a tour leader. The thing Emma likes most about travelling is being able to try new things and experience new cultures - "travel forces you to get out of your comfort zone whether you like it or not!"
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Carl co-founded Expat Explore after his first ever trip to Europe in 1997 inspired him to bring over other expats and show them around Europe. Today Carl is a true explorer in every sense of the word and the mastermind behind our fantastic European itineraries! When he’s not out on the road, he welcomes Expat Explore passengers to the Alpenrose Hotel & Gardens in Wilderswil, Switzerland.
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Steve joined us in 2015 and is from the UK but has lived in various parts of the world working in the tourism industry; various Greek Islands, Finnish Lapland, France, Andorra, Austria and UAE have all been called home at one point or another. Now living in Canada Steve crosses the pond to lead tours across Europe.


One of our longest-serving and most experienced tour leaders, Sarah is originally from England and can speak English, French, Spanish and German!


Perci first joined Expat Explore back in 2012 as a driver. He has 21 years experience of touring Europe and travelling, having visited more than 35 countries across four continents. Perci loved being on the road so much that he joined and successfully completed our 2017 tour leader training programme!


Mike will be leading our tours of Great Britain this year. Orginally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Mike has a great knowledge of the incredible history of England, Scotland and Wales, so if you're lucky enough to have him as tour leader you'll get to hear plenty of dramatic stories!
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Coming from Canada originally, Will lived in Australia before joining Expat Explore, and has been with us since 2014. Will has travelled to many places both near and far but especially loves Australia, Russia, and anywhere where there's a good beach, good food, and good SCUBA diving!


Stacey is originally from Auckland, New Zealand, and moved to Europe to become a Tour Leader five years ago. After living in Athens for a year, she has travelled and led tours in Europe and New Zealand which means she sees the sun shining all year round.


Antonio is from one of the best countries in the world, Portugal. He considers the continent of Europe to be his hometown as Antonio has been travelling Europe for over 30 years. He has passion for every corner and every site and will introduce you to all his historic friends along the way!


Raised in a Bulgarian-Ukrainian family, Nevyana grew up with the crazy stories from her mum who used to be a tour manager in the former USSR, and these tales made her want to pursue the same career. She has been always very excited about the food element of travel and, together with a friend, organised culinary experiences for visitors to Athens, where Nevyana currently lives when she is not out on the road.


Grace is a Brit, and has travelled all over Europe from Scotland down to Spain, blogging about her adventures as she goes! She never goes on tour without her mascot Henry, so look out for him on the road.


Helen has been with us since March 2014, and she has travelled to a truly impressive list of countries. Some of her favourites include the UAE, Egypt, South Africa, the US, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados, Borneo, Singapore and Japan, to name a few!
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Born in Chichester, UK, Tim joined us back in July 2012. He's travelled to almost every continent on earth, and he's pretty handy with a camera too! One of Tim's favourite parts of the world is Scandinavia & the Baltics!
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An adventure loving Aussie and self-proclaimed gelato connoisseur, Karina has been on and off the road for the last six years. Having successfully avoided a proper winter for the majority of that time, it’s safe to say she enjoys chasing the sun across the globe in order to enjoy the great outdoors and explore somewhere new. She continuously aims to give people a safe, exciting and inspirational trip which at the same time broadens their personal outlook on the world.


Born in Dover, on the south coast of England, Kevin has been touring Europe for 16 years and has visited almost every country on the continent. One of his biggest passions is trying the local food, so if you want any restaurant recommendations on tour don't hesitate to ask him!
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Lithuanian by birth, Roma is based in Rome (how fitting!) and specialises in running our Italian tours. Fluent in English, Russian, Lithuanian and of course Italian, she's full of enthusiasm for Italy, one of her favourite countries - and one of ours too!


The Artful Dodger of tourism, Shabby is a London guide turned European tour leader who has travelled extensively globally and has a particular interest in eating her way around the world. If Shabby is your tour leader and you want to try the local cuisine, you're in for a treat!
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An expat Australian, who is now living in Austria, Jamie is one of our specialist Tour Leaders who has loads of experience in leading tours throughout Europe!
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Kerry is our Ireland based Tour Leader and specialises in our 7 day Irish Explorer tour, originally from New Zealand she now lives in Ireland.


Katy is originally from Manchester, England, and has travelled to over 50 different countries across five continents. Meeting new people and trying new things are her favourite parts of travel. Katy has worked as a tour leader throughout Europe and Southeast Asia, and has recently returned from India, where she trained to be a yoga teacher.


Dorota is originally from Poland, but has enjoyed the last eight years travelling and living abroad, including in Barcelona and the Austrian Alps. Her favourite places in the world are the Balkans, including Albania, Bulgaria and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Originally from Portugal, Gus has been touring Europe for 15 years and has seen pretty much everything there is to see, so if you want any travel advice or tips, he is the man to ask!


Shae is originally from Australia and has been travelling around the World since 2004. During that time she has worked and volunteered in Canada, London, Bangkok, Nairobi and of course Europe! Travel is her true passion, and she loves the history, people and cultures of the countries she visits. Shae enjoys guiding and meeting new people to show them around Europe and the places she loves.


Vivien was born and raised in Hungary, and from an early age had a fascination and love for Italy. She later followed in the footsteps of her grandma, who was also a European tour leader. She has now been leading tours for six years, and loves to just wander and explore, and she tries to encourage her travellers to do exactly that.


This is one of our most handsome tour leaders, Mark. Mark was born in Ireland, grew up in Australia and now has spent the last five years leading tours around Europe. His favourite destinations are Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Mark has travelled across the world, and his passion for travel continues to grow day by day. The places he wants to visit next are India, China & North Korea.


Willem is a South African who loves his country, it's history, sports and music. He enjoys meeting new people, experiencing their cultures and creating wonderful memories. Join him on our fantastic South African tours to experience the very best of the Rainbow Nation!


John is originally from Liverpool, England, but he left a decade ago for a life in Australia where he worked as a dancer. He decided to give up his boogie boots and return to Europe to embark on a long journey of adventure. He is now in his fifth year of leading tours in Europe. During his off seasons he has backpacked India and volunteered in Colombia. He loves to learn the local dance styles while traveling, from Cali Salsa to Kathak.


Leisha was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, and worked as a teacher before deciding she wanted to travel the world. She's been a tour leader for six years, and loves being able to share her experiences and knowledge with her tour groups. She always looks forward to meeting new people and making new friends, and can't wait to see you on tour soon!


Chelsea is from Melbourne, Australia and spends her summers showing people the best parts of Europe. The sights, smells and of course the best part the tastes!


Blake has been tour leading for over four years, and has visited 38 countries in total. Story's are his passion; he loves to read about science and history, so don't be surprised if he gives you an in depth introduction to a destination on tour, or a random scientific fact!
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Rachelle first packed her bags and left Australia in 2006 to do a ski season in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The travel bug bit and she has not stopped travelling since. Her favourite travel moments are exploring the back-streets and meeting locals to discover what really makes a place tick. She can mostly be found in any non-English speaking country as she is a language aficionado and aims to speak at least 5 to fluency. Rachelle's all time favourite place is Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps


Aaron was born and raised in Australia but left to travel when he was 18. Since then he has travelled, lived and worked in different countries throughout Europe. He love's finding the unexpected in different cities and pigging out on each different cultures food!


Caroline is from Sweden and has traveled and lived abroad for the past 20 years, in countries like the UK, Italy and Australia. She loves the outdoors and takes any chance she can get to explore a great hiking trail. She has many years’ experience in hospitality and events but travel is where her heart is. She loves trying new foods, activities that get your adrenaline pumping and meeting all the wonderful people of this world.


Australian born with Italian heritage, Luke went on a journey in 2010 joining the tourism industry in Europe. Having worked as both a coach driver and tour leader he has found being settled is about personal perception and can’t get enough of being in Europe. He lives here full-time and the love of his life is Florence.


Dracula's neighbor for 34 years, lover of wine, and big foodie, thalassofile. Travelling is Andreea's happiness and passion. Her goal is to travel to every country, sharing it’s beauty, history, and culture.


Kim is originally from Adelaide, Australia, and has spent the last several years travelling the world and living in South Korea, Germany, and the UK. She started tour leading a few years ago, and finds it an excellent way to combine her main interests - history, cats, and food!


Simon was born in Uganda and lived in Singapore as a child. He went to school and university in England. He has worked as a school teacher and flying instructor but neither jobs were exciting enough to stop him travelling. He leads tours and treks all over the world. He believes that there is something fascinating in every location: you won't know what it is until you go there.


Half Spanish and half German, Marysol was born in Venezuela but raised in France. She has been a Tour Leader for 15 years and can’t find it in her heart to stop! She is starting to worry that when she is old it will be very “interesting “ to pick a language to have a conversation! You can find her during her time off travelling, on stage or compulsively reading.


Filip is a language teacher from Split, Croatia. Instead of doing his job in a stuffy classroom, Filip choose to travel and have his'class' on-the-go. He travels to get closer to people, and it helps him pursue his biggest passion in life - foreign languages. So far he can speak seven!


Larry always knew from the time he saw his first map that he wanted to be a world traveller. Born in New York City, he has travelled independently to all fifty states and 135 countries. After working for fourteen years as a radio and television news and talk show producer, he decided he was more suited for the travel industry and has been leading tour groups since 2004.


South African born, Matthew enjoys lekker chats around the Braai and seeing everything Africa has to offer. He has a keen passion for history, animals and the birds of Southern Africa. Matthew enjoys meeting people along the way and learning about other cultures and funny stories.


Richard is a South African that has been been a tour guide since 2015. He lives for outdoor adventure, new experiences and summer. He has a passion for helping others to enjoy the thrill of new adventures and experiences.


Originally from a small town in Western Australia, Bec has been with expat for 3 years and leading tours for 8 years. She loves anything to do with the outdoors and the beach, loves exploring new cities and trying different cuisines from across the globe. Her favourite part of working with Expat Explore is getting to know people from all around the world and showing them beautiful cities across Europe.


Mr 'did you know' Mike has two passions - he loves travel and history. With family in East Asia Mike grew up travelling, but hails from Hertfordshire, England. He likes to push himself out his comfort zone, whether that be driving the length of Vietnam on a motorcycle, mountain climbing in Morocco or volunteering in Nicaragua. He has travelled Europe extensively, but his favourite place is Seville, due to the culture, food, history and its friendly people.