Travel advice during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Travel Alert: Due to the ongoing impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, we've made updates to our flexible booking, departures, safety guidelines & conditions.

Your questions and concerns answered regarding Expat Explore and COVID 19:

Are you still running your tours?

Yes! We are optimistic that many of our scheduled tours will depart in the year ahead.We are constantly monitoring the global situation and updating our tours and their departures accordingly. Expat Explore are actively updating travellers on the details of their tour departures. You can expect an update from us at least 3 months prior to your tour departure date. Our 2022 dates are available online and we have released some of our 2023 dates. 

How do I know if my tour is still running as planned?

You will receive an email from our customer service team if your tour is affected in any way. Please be patient as we are contacting those departing imminently as a first priority, we will email you as soon as we can. In the email, we will provide you with your options as a traveller. 

I want to cancel my trip, what are the cancellation fees?

If you cancel your tour, cancellation fees will apply. The fees associated with cancellation are stipulated under section B4 of our Terms and Conditions. We strongly recommend that you change your tour dates instead as there are no fees associated with this, provided you make the change more than 90 days before the current tour departs.  

Expat Explore has notified me that my tour is now suspended - will I receive a refund?

If you qualify for a refund, you are encouraged to to take it in the form of travel credits. This will give you the opportunity to keep your travel dreams alive and give you some time to browse our tours and their departure dates in order to select an alternative departure. Please refer to the section on travel credits below. You may also opt for a cash refund. Please note, our normal cancellation terms will apply (as seen in our Terms and Conditions).

Are you waving the rebooking fee?

We will not charge any amendmend fees when you rebook a tour that was suspended. All discounts that were in your original booking will be caried over to the new booking

I have asked for travel credits but want a refund instead, is that possible?

As per our terms and conditions - travel credits are non refundable. Please check your travel credits voucher to see the validity of your travel credits, or you may choose to gift them to someone else.

I am old and in poor health, I don't want to travel, I really won’t travel in future - what are my options?

We understand your hesitation and as such we suggest giving the travel credit as a gift to someone else to use. They will be able to use these credits towards any tour.

What kind of precautions will be taken on future tours?

When travel is safe to resume, we will be implementing a number of additional protocols to ensure our passengers/travellers are as safe and protected as possible while travelling with us. 

In addition to our existing health and safety measures on our coaches and while conducting tours, passengers/travellers can expect:

  • Elevated coach hygiene and safety procedures including increased daily cleaning measures, seat rotation being paused for the time being, compulsory face masks onboard and updated boarding procedures inline with social distancing measures. 
  • Additional, in-depth health and hygiene training for crew members.
  • In addition to ensuring the comfort and quality of our accommodation and restaurants, these destinations will be vetted to ensure they meet increased hygiene standards.

For more information on our elevated health and safety protocols, please see our How to Travel Safe page.


Can we just fast forward to the time when I can travel again?

Travellers have tours booked in 2022!
Booking with travel credits is an easy, hassle-free process.
But don’t take our word for it:
Julie Sterle Lile

Julie Sterle Lile

Thank you. Expat has been wonderful to deal with in rescheduling the Taste of Italy tour for me and my family. I haven’t even had the chance to travel with you yet, but I am already impressed. Hang in there!! This too shall pass.

Marl Fulendorf

Marl Fulendorf

I really appreciate the quick response of your company. ive just amended my booking woth my friends for next year. And hopefully this coronaourbreak issue will get over. Because i want to book again this september to october departure to USA and Canada.


Kalie Paylor

Kalie Paylor

I just made the date change to my trip. Quick, friendly service as always and was an easy process. Thanks Expat! Looking forward to our new trip!

Kimberly Willey

Kimberly Willey

Thanks for the amazing commitment you guys have to the customers! Your office staff have been extremely helpful with rebooking my tour for March 2021. My thoughts are with all of you as you navigate this season. Also, my dream destination is Morocco! Would love to do Spain, Portugal, & Morocco tour 10 days. Would be a great add on to your existing Spain & Portugal 9-day tour!

Sally Callaghan

Sally Callaghan

Thank you Expat, for your prompt reply and for transferring our booking to next year and for giving us a return traveller discount. It is much appreciated, we are looking forward to our first tour with you, I am sure we will have a great time.

Tony Su

Tony Su

So bummed our Great Britain tour this May is not happening. However we are postponing our tour next year around the same time.

I just want to thank Expat Explore Travel for a hassle free update on my new tour date. I hope you guys can ride this one out. I know its tough for everyone. I'm praying for things to get back to normal soon so we can all enjoy our passion again which is travelling the world, meet new people and build new friends along the way. Take care and be safe everyone. We hope to see some of you on our next tour!

Chloe Rose

Chloe Rose

Expat, you’ve been amazing. I have rebooked for next year and will book more trips once everything is ‘normal’ again. You will always have my support =]

Adele Miller

Adele Miller

Just want to give a big shout out to Expats customer service. I sent through my change of date email yesterday (Sunday) and by this morning at 10am it was done. Awesome service in trying times. Thanks guys!

Derick Generoso

Derick Generoso

I would also like to thank Expat Explore Travel's customer service, specially Ananda Heyl, for the assistance extended to me when I amended our tour. My heart goes out to all of you as well as your colleagues and partners who would be most affected by this pandemic (tour leaders, tour guides, drivers, agents, etc.). Stay strong and with God's grace, we will all get thru this. :-)

Santie Bester

Santie Bester

Thank you so much expat truelly wonderful service!!!! Booking changed and new dates confirmed within 20 minutes. Expat traveler for life!

Travel credits for travellers

The payments you have already made towards your current tour are kept on file in the form of travel credits. You only have to redeem these credits by the time your travel credits expire (as indicated on your voucher).

How do these travel credits work? 

You will receive travel credits to the same value as your tour, and you have the following options:

1. Booking the same tour, different departure date

Travellers on credit should check their voucher to see its validity. Additionally, if you are one of our return travellers you will also benefit from your 10% discount on a tour date change.

2. Booking a different tour

If you choose to book a different tour then the credit will be transferred to that tour booking. Please check your travel credits voucher for the date of validity.

Additionally, if you are one of our return travellers you will also benefit from your 10% discount on a tour date change.

3. Travel credits as a gift
Travel credits can be used for a new booking made by someone other than the original booker(s). Thus, a new tour can be booked by new travellers and the travel credits can be transferred onto that booking. The lead traveller from the original booking just needs to contact our customer service team and inform them about the transfer. Please check the date on your travel credits voucher to see when it needs to be redeemed by.

Please note: Travel credits are non refundable

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