• 22 February 2017

Bonjour mon ami! There is nothing we love better than a traveller with a longing for all things delicious, which is why we take great joy in creating tours that make their way through some of Europe’s most delicious foodie destinations.

France, of course, is one of the top European culinary destinations, and with good reason – the French take cooking very seriously. After all, we’re talking about a nation who took it upon themselves to come up with no less than 450 types of cheese. No kidding, that was at last count, we’re pretty sure they’ve come up with a few more by now.

So, in celebration of all things French and fabulous, here are five exquisite French staples you will get to try in person when you tour with us:

Soupe à l’oignon (French onion soup)

As quintessentially French as a poodle dressed in Chanel, French onion soup done right is a thing of absolute beauty. Think crisp slices of toasted baguette, slathered in melted cheese, topped with a fragrant soup of brown onions that seeps into the bread to turn it into so something splendidly saporific, you’ll become a full-blown Francophile after the first taste.

Escargot (snails)

Love it or hate it, escargot has to be on the top of your list when you’re headed to France. After all, a big part of getting a feel for a foreign cuisine is trying things outside of your comfort zone, even if it happens to gross you out just the slightest bit. Although, we must say, properly prepared snails with a delectable garlic butter sauce is something quite remarkable. At the hands of a talented French chef, you’ll quickly learn why snails have become a delicacy in these parts.

Cuisses de grenouille (frogs legs)

The French are extremely adept at turning something that seems a little off-kilter into a toothsome dish that will have you reaching for seconds despite yourself. Frog’s legs have been a go-to French dish for the last 200 years, and this classic delicacy should be at the top of every food lover’s list when they visit here

Did you know? Frog’s legs are also a delicacy in certain Asian cultures like China and Indonesia.

Espresso et croissant (espresso & croissant)

A plain old espresso and croissant may seem a tad out of place on this list of epic French foods, but you haven’t truly experienced either of these breakfast staples until you’ve enjoyed it in France. Here you’ll find properly roasted coffee beans, expertly steeped to deep, dark perfection, accompanied by croissants that are literally just lashings of golden butter held in place by a crust so delicate it will make you cry. Often it’s the deceptively simple things in life that are the most delicious when expertly prepared.

Vins de Bourgogne (Burgundy wines)

The Burgundy wine region in France is the quiet, soulful cousin to the glittering showstopper that is Bordeaux. Here you will find subtle, yet captivating vintages prepared by passionate artisans who eschew mass-production techniques to focus on growing fine, domain-specific grapes and creating singular wines with a deep, honest sense of origin. These winemakers make natural, sustainable wines by means of non-invasive practices and take their time to age it to perfection. In short – when you taste wine in Bordeaux, you’ll quite literally be tasting the essence of that region. It’s pure magic! TOP TIP: Try a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir at each winery; these are the varietals for which the region is most well-known.

How delicious does that all sound? We don’t know about you, but we’re biting at the bit to get in on this appetising action. So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and get ready to enjoy all those quintessentially French food experiences right where they were first dreamed up. Join us for a trip to France and say “Bon voyage & bon appétit!


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