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Travelling with kids is never easy. There are all kinds of aspects to consider when taking family tours.

Creating the best family vacation tour comes with an extensive checklist! Destinations should appeal to all ages and include activities that everyone can enjoy. Families also need to consider transport, meals and suitable accommodation.

To make the whole experience easier and more pleasant for everyone involved, family travel is often done through tour groups. Family vacation tours are well organised. Specialised to your needs and structured towards all ages – meaning that the details are taken care of. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your ideal family tour package.

What to look for in family tours

Travelling to new places as a family can be difficult. This is because there are so many details to always take into consideration. You will need to know where you are staying, how you are getting around, what you will be doing, and everything in between.

Fun family activities on tour
Fun family activities on tour

Here are some important things to consider before booking a family tour:

Group tours that accept kids

Some group tours are not child-friendly. Check terms and conditions, or get in contact with the tour company before you book, to make sure they allow children to embark on their group holidays.

Did you know? Expat Explore tours are suited for children aged 10 and older.

Kid-friendly destinations

Kids’ travel can be really different to adult travel. Some destinations offer gorgeous sightseeing and stunning relaxation, but not much to keep the younger ones entertained. Make sure you’re looking at places that you can enjoy as a family.

Tip: We share some of these places below.

Age-appropriate activities

This ties in with the destination but also has a lot to do with your tour itinerary. If there are a lot of nightlife activities planned, that may be better as a group tour while the kids are safe at home with the grandparents.

Lots of city tours can be exciting, but they should be interactive for kids. Tours that offer visits to places like parks, aquariums, and other educational but interesting attractions are best for a family holiday.

Jungfrau Joch, Switzerland
Travel times

Kids, even older teenagers, are not prone to sitting still for prolonged periods. Aim for a group tour that has minimal time spent sitting a coach and more time being out and about.

Childminding services

You may not find childcare with your tour group, but there may be child care services offered by hotels where you’ll be staying. If you can do your research beforehand, you can organise some me-time or a romantic trip through the city.

Of course, the best part of a family trip, especially on a group tour, is how much the kids can learn and experience. So even if they are tagging along every minute, you’ll enjoy the memories made.

Accommodation logistics

If you’re a single parent travelling with two kids, and all accommodation only fits two people, there may be a problem when deciding who will sleep where. Check with the tour company if you can organise extra mattresses in hotel rooms, or if they have other solutions.

Where are meals served?

Are meals included? Are these kid-friendly? Will be in top-class restaurants which may not serve anything your fussy teen will eat? These are important things to consider beforehand to ensure everyone is happy and well-fed.

Tours that don’t provide meals may be better for families who are worried about picky eaters.

pizza in italy - Expat Explore
Enjoy a refreshing Italian pizza in Italy
Are there other families?

This may be hard to foresee before you actually embark on the tour. But by taking a look at reviews of tours you may be able to see if the tour is popular with families. This may mean your kids have others their own age to enjoy time with. Perhaps you can work out childminding shifts for date nights while away.

Top 4 places for the best group family tours

If you are worried about where to take your family on holiday, be sure to check out some of these excellent tours.

1. USA and Canada tours

America is a vast country, and many may be afraid of all the driving involved here. No need to worry about this when taking family tour vacations though, as the tours keep travel times to a minimum.

You could enjoy an exciting combination tour of the USA and Canada that allows you to see some of the best sights and attractions in 12 to 15 days. Tours like this will be focused around the East Coast of the USA.

Some of the best family-friendly destinations around here include New York City, Washington D.C, Toronto, Quebec, and everywhere in between. You could experience things like the magnificent Niagara Falls or enjoy unlimited entertainment options around the big, central cities.

Exploring this area through a group tour is an excellent choice for families. Group tours offer a well-organised itinerary, a route with minimal daily travel, and a helpful guide to show you the best activities, restaurants and hidden-finds in the area.

There will be loads of child-friendly activities along the way, so there’s no need to worry about what to do during stops.

Niagara falls - canada tour - expat explore
Niagara Falls in Canada
2. Europe multi-country tours

Europe is always a brilliant choice for families. This continent ticks all the right boxes for a great group tour to keep all ages happy. It’s small enough to visit a number of different countries in one trip, travel times are generally short, and of course, the destinations are wonderful.

Group tours around Europe will be done by coach transport, and they range from 7 – 31 days. One of the most appealing factors of these tours is that they could allow you to experience up to 40 different countries – covering western and eastern Europe.

Some popular destinations in Europe for family travel tours include:

  • France
  • Switzerland
  • The Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Germany

However, there are plenty more countries that you can visit as well!

These are well-developed destinations which offer a lot for children. From the natural beauty and outdoor activities to the vibrant cities loaded with things to see and lots of history – nobody will get bored during a family trip around Europe!

Oktoberfest in Germany - Expat Explore
Oktoberfest in Germany
3. South-East Asia tours

Vietnam and Cambodia are two incredibly exciting countries for families to visit. Embarking on a guided group tour of Vietnam and Cambodia is a smart way of experiencing this part of the world.

Family vacation tours in South-East Asia can include many different activities or points of interest. From quiet beaches to buzzing cities, there is a special place around every corner that will delight the whole family.

Travel is made so much easier and you will follow an itinerary that is suitable for your family. Things like transport – that can usually be quite difficult to arrange for families and groups – will all be taken care of – giving you the chance to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Vietnam and Cambodia are beautiful countries that boast an abundance of things to see and do. Activities while visiting them would include cruising around Halong Bay on a boat, exploring ancient temples, and of course, eating plenty of amazing food! These are places rich with culture, making them great for families to experience.

Royal Palace, Phnom Penh
Royal Palace in Phnom Penh
4. UK and Ireland tours

Great Britain has always been a favourite destination for family adventure tours. This is thanks to the area’s convenient size and the exciting historical, cultural and natural sights you can find throughout the UK and Ireland.

Taking a coach tour around the UK and Ireland could allow you to experience five different countries and a huge variety of amazing attractions. This is all done with minimal driving and travel times – allowing you to do more and spend less time sitting in the coach.

Great Britain is known for its scenic green hills, historic landmarks, and one-of-a-kind culture. Cities like London are brimming with incredible attractions to suit tours for kids. This really is a place that all ages can enjoy.

Group tours of the UK and Ireland will last between 7 to 21 days. A major appeal of a holiday in this area is that you are able to squeeze so much into short itineraries. Explore castles, marvel at stunning natural beauty, or dive into the vibrant city life. You’ll find it all in Great Britain!

Palace Westminster Abbey - tour to London - Expat Explore
Palace Westminster in London

Planning family tours to the USA, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else is always a great idea. Travel is one of the best things for your family to experience together, and organised group tours are possibly the best way of doing this.

The tours above include some of the best destinations for all ages to visit. Be sure to consider doing one of these trips when you are planning your next family holiday.

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