• 15 November 2019

When you hear the words ‘group travel’ or ‘coach travel’, do you automatically think back to your school camp days? Is your initial response, “no thank you”? Well, it’s time to change that mindset because organised trips are poised to be a major travel trend in 2020! With pretty good reason too – it’s the ideal option for everything from first trips to solo holidays, single parent holidays, impromptu getaways and more. 

First things first, let’s deal with the most obvious question – what do we mean by group travel? 

Group travel with Expat Explore
Group travel with Expat Explore
What is group travel?

When we talk about group travel, we are referring to inclusive tour packages that have been compiled for savvy travellers who like to take advantage of trips that are prearranged, prepaid and include everything from a knowledgeable guide and transportation to lodging, certain meals and admission fees to attractions along the way. 

Modern-day group travel companies understand that travellers come in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of interests, which is why the humble coach tour has been reimagined for 2020 and beyond. 

What are the advantages of group travel?

We thought you’d never ask! Here are some of the biggest benefits of group trips

Summer in Tallinn, Estonia! Jaanika showing a group the old town of Tallinn
1. All of the details are taken care of

Whether you are travelling alone, or simply prefer the convenience of not having to spend an age online deciding where to stay and which route to take, group travel tours can be a complete lifesaver. While there are many people who enjoy the planning phase and create binders full of information, others just want to get out there and explore. This is when an organised group tour comes in handy – everything is plotted out, you just hop aboard to enjoy the ride. 

2. There will be free time to do your own thing

Just because you’re setting off on an adventure with a group of other people, it doesn’t mean you have to be joined at the hip 24/7. In fact, if you take to the road with Expat Explore, you are completely welcome to have your own room, and there will be lots of time in the schedule to set out on your own. Depending on which group travel tour you join, you will have free days in a variety of cities. This is the ideal time to seek out attractions that appeal to you specifically. 

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A group of friends celebrating with some Irish beer
A group of friends celebrating with some Irish beer
3. There is safety in numbers

Travelling alone can be a little daunting. There are many people who feel the pull of last-minute solo holidays, but don’t really feel safe going on holiday alone – especially single holidays abroad. The younger generation is taking longer to get married or couple up, which means that even though they are ready to set out and see the world, they may not always have a buddy handy to take along. In cases like these, group travel is ideal – you simply book your spot, get on the bus with a bunch of other excited travellers and get to enjoy the safety of numbers while you journey.

4. It’s so much more affordable!

“Oh, I so wish my trip could be more expensive,” said no-one, ever. Here’s the simple fact of the matter – group travel tours are more affordable because of a little economic principle called ‘buying power’. Group travel companies have a lot of clout with accommodation and activity providers because they bring plenty of people their way. As such, they are able to negotiate nicely discounted rates that you’d never be able to get by yourself. The same goes for restaurants, tourist attractions and more. 

In short? When you travel with a group you’re going to save a lot of cash.

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5. It’s a great way to meet people

Living in the digital age can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we can now book fantastic holidays online, or order food without having to get up off the couch, but on the other hand, we’re more isolated than ever before. In fact, loneliness has been classified as a serious public health problem in many countries. So, while the notion of getting on a coach with a group of strangers to go on an adventure can seem a little strange, it’s actually a great way to meet new people you would not necessarily encounter throughout the course of your everyday life. And who knows? You might just go home with a bunch of new buddies from all over the world. 

Group travel with Expat Explore
Group travel with Expat Explore

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are looking for coach holidays for singles, last-minute holidays for a single traveller or affordable holidays for couples, families or groups of friends, group travel is the way to go. Book that trip of a lifetime today, and make 2020 the year that you get out there to see the world!

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