• 11 January 2021

Have you been thinking of going on vacation alone but are not sure if you’ll enjoy it? Many travellers can feel overwhelmed at the thought of solo travel. However, there really is no need to let your travel fears stop you from taking a trip alone.

Single Travel, Solo Travel, travelling alone – what’s the difference?

It’s good to note that when you travel as part of a group, you’re not really travelling solo. Rather than being a solo traveller, you’re actually a single traveller. This is because as much as you are not travelling with family or close friends, you are not at all alone on your travels. And by the end of your group tour, you’ll likely have a bunch of new friends! In fact, you never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you!

Is it possible to travel without friends and family and enjoy it?

While there’s nothing quite like making memories around the world with those you love most, travelling by yourself can be just as memorable. It’s in fact, a completely different experience as a whole. Like many other single travellers will tell you, it’s like becoming part of a new family. It’s the perfect way to make new friends.

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Unlike you might think, touring on your own doesn’t have to involve any worries and/or stress. One can prepare for the experience and with a little help from our group tour packages, most of your travel arrangements will be taken care of by the click of a button. Below we’ve shared our top tips for anyone planning to join a group tour as a solo traveller.

1. Look after yourself

As with any travelling, safety is always the first thing we think about. When you’re unfamiliar with a place, extra safety measures are usually wise. Travelling in a group means that you’ll be in a group for most of your holiday, led by your tour leader and a local guide in some destinations.

However, for those times when you would like to spend some free time exploring, be sure to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Know your limits when it comes to alcohol, and avoid becoming too intoxicated while alone in a strange place. As always, keep your valuables close, and try not to walk around with unnecessary valuable items or large amounts of money. And, perhaps, make use of the buddy system. You are bound to find at least one other person travelling solo, who shares your interests, and you could both stick together while out exploring.

2. Speak to someone you’ve never met before

Going on holiday alone is the perfect excuse to come out of your shell. Even if you’re not usually a bubbly, people-person, solo travelling requires you to leave your comfort zone somewhat. We always say that people who travel have at least that in mind: A love for travel and exploring the world. Don’t be afraid to start up conversations, be chatty and welcome others into your conversations as well. This goes for other travellers in your group, as well as travellers that you may meet in passing, and even locals! You may even meet new friends or a future partner on your travels!

3. Make work of your budget

An important tip to remember is to be prepared for your trip financially. There’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere without money and no one to rely on. Set out a budget for your trip and plan for expected and unforeseen expenses. Think about the possibility of having to take a taxi if you’re ever out after hours (and public have stopped running), buying medicine if you happen to get sick or buying a warm jacket if an unexpected cold front comes in.

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4. Trust the experts

Tour leaders are a special kind of people. They are basically travel addicts that are also trained and experienced professionals. You’ll go far to find anyone as passionate about travel as them! Equipped with first-hand and historical knowledge, your tour leader will provide you all the assistance and guidance you need on tour. Rely on them when you need anything, can’t find your way or simply want to know where to find the best coffee. They are there to keep you informed, safe, and happy during your vacation. The same goes for your coach driver and the locals guides in destination. We only travel with people that we can trust. You can too.

5. Dare a little…

One of the best tips for travelling alone is to be adventurous! Try things you’ve never tried before, and make sure your solo holiday is full of new, fun experiences.

6. Think about the rooming situation

If you’re not aware, you have a choice when it comes to your hotel accommodation. You can either settle for a single supplement which is an extra amount that you pay for having a hotel room to yourself. Or you can share a hotel room with another single traveller of the same gender. Having someone share a room with you is actually an ideal way to meet another solo traveller. We try to match roommates according to gender and interests as far as possible. Have a chat with our team if you want to find out more.

7. Keep in touch with family and friends at home

If you’re going to travel abroad alone, your friends and family are going to want to keep in touch with you. Make sure you can message them by arranging cellphone usage while you’re away. You can also communicate over social media, and show them all what they’re missing!

8. Travel insurance – make sure you’re covered

Another one of our golden solo travel trips is to buy travel insurance that will have you covered for any emergency. Since you won’t have anyone with you that is aware of any prior medical history, make sure you have travel insurance that covers you medically.

Taking a vacation by yourself may be daring and courageous, but you still want to be responsible and wise.

9. Share your travel plans with your loved ones

Before you leave, share your plans with those back home. Make sure they know where you’ll be and when – in case they need to get a hold of you.

10. Capture the memories

Yes, it’s important to be present in the moment and live it. But it’s also really great to take home some evidence of the amazing experiences. After the tour, you’re bound to share travel photos with your new travel friends on online communities or via email. Be sure to take a few to relive the memories – if you like taking photos or not.

You should now be more enlightened as to how to travel solo and make the most of it. There are no more excuses to not travel alone! We have seen people enjoy some of the best solo vacations on our group tours. We believe that travel is #BetterTogether and we can’t wait to welcome you into the Expat Explore family!

Questions & Comments

  1. You call the article Solo travel. You explain the difference between Solo and Single travel, then you write the article about Single travel. WTH

    • Julita Smit says:

      Hi Lorrie, thanks for your comment. We want solo travellers to see the benefit of travelling on our tours. Some people want to travel on their own but are nervous to do it completely by themselves and that’s where we come in – we provide you with the guides, safe transport and hassle-free travel. While you are in a group with other travellers you have the freedom to go off and explore on your own if you like. Please take a look at this blog to see why we love solo travel on our tours!

  2. Hi Zeny, thank you for your comment and interest in our tours! We’ll have someone from our Sales Team reach out to you shortly.

  3. Great read. I was going to do my first solo April 2020 but covid prevented that. I am interested in your Northern Europe tour over Christmas/ New Year ( if possible due to Covid). Just wondering how the buses handle slippery roads etc. Chose this tour because the chance of snow .Thank you

    • Expat Explore says:

      Hi Chez,

      Thank you for your comment. I have send you an email. Once you have responded to the email, can we take it from there.

      I hope you have a wonderful day further. Take care and stay safe.

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