• 11 December 2020

Sicily has long been a crossroads of history and culture. Located just off the tip of “the boot” of Italy, Sicily is Italy’s largest island. Travellers in search of dramatic landscapes, sun-drenched beaches, ancient history and mouth-watering dishes definitely need to add Sicily, nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, to their bucket list! 

Discover the best in Sicilian travel experiences on this episode of Behind the Bucket List. Join Luke and Jamie on the trip to Sicily’s top destinations; see smoking volcanoes, ancient ruins and beautiful coastal towns in one place. Get ready to learn about the tastes, produce and flavours of an island celebrating a historic and resilient spirit!  

Watch the Behind the Bucket List Sicily episode here: 

Sicily travel will be filled with experiences that will make any Italian adventure unforgettable. Here are a few of the best places to visit on a Sicily trip:

  • Palermo

Palermo – a true crossroads of civilizations! Sicily’s capital city is an exciting mix of cultural influences as seen in its architecture and felt in the general vibe. Famous for its history, culture and food, Palermo is a mix of old and new – with its historic churches and theatres sitting alongside contemporary art galleries and restaurants. It is also emerging from its notoriety as the home of the mafia making it an amazing destination for history lovers!

  • Mt Etna

Lauded as one of the most active volcanoes on earth, Mt Etna has become one of the most popular tourist stops in Sicily. The landscape seems almost out of this world making it clear why Mt Etna has made it onto many bucket lists. A guided tour of the volcano is well worth it, as it allows travellers to learn about the Greek legends and history surrounding Etna; the scenery is mind-blowing! 

  • Valley of the Temples

Visit the Valley of the Temples to see impressive examples of Magna Grecia (areas of coastal Italy once colonized by the Greeks) art. Here, you’ll find the best-preserved Doric temples outside of Greece. While the temples are impressive, even more surprising is the fact that they are simply the remnants of Akragas. Akragas was an ancient city which was once one of the largest cities in the world! 

  • Syracuse

Syracuse is an ancient city on Sicily’s coast. Visit to discover ancient Greek ruins and winding medieval streets right next to dazzling blue waters. Syracuse is also a great destination to sample delicious local produce!

  • Cefalu

Travel to Cefalu to bask in the beauty of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches! This picturesque historic Italian town is also home to a 12th century Norman cathedral. Here, you can relax on the beach, set off on a hike before sitting back and enjoying the sunset with a cold glass of limoncello! 

  • Taormina

Taormina is a beautiful Sicilian town located near Mt Etna that has been on many Italian itineraries since the 1800s! Today it remains a popular summer destination. Its most famous sight is the Ancient theatre of Taormina, a Greek-Roman structure which offers amazing views. The town itself is home to beautiful churches and castles. 

Is Sicily on your “must-see” travel list yet? It should be! See Sicily and more on the Highlights of Southern Italy and Sicily tour. Keep up to date with more exciting episodes of Behind the Bucket List on social media. Don’t forget to subscribe and tune in for more bucket list adventures!

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