If you’re considering a South African family holiday, we’ve got some great news. You are right on trend! The country at the southern tip of Africa has become a favourite destination of travellers from the world over of late. Plus, it’s particularly suited to group holidays and family vacations. Here are six excellent reasons why you should be headed to sunny Mzansi on your next family getaway:

Spotting elephants on safari, South Africa

You can have four (or five!) holidays in one

When you’re travelling in a group, it can be hard to tailor a holiday that suits everyone’s unique tastes. Some might like to get their adrenaline pumping; others want to visit museums and art exhibits. Some like to spend their days on the beach; others crave the glamour and fast pace of the inner city. This is why South Africa is such a wonderful destination. You can quite literally have four or five holidays rolled into one.

From cosmopolitan Cape Town (voted the world’s favourite destination yet again in 2018), to glitzy Johannesburg, you can get up to pretty much anything. See the Big Five in Kruger National Park. Zipline among the treetops along the Garden Route. Explore the Cape Floristic Kingdom at Cape Point Nature Reserve. See modern African art at the Zeitz MOCAA. Eat, drink and be merry with the locals. Adventure, culture, safari, beach, city – South Africa offers it all.

There are lots of hands-on experiences on offer

If you’re into immersive travel experiences South Africa is the place to be. From picking golfball-size cherries in Ceres, to taking part in grape stomping, you can really dig in and get your hands dirty. Or head into the woods to gather mushrooms, go fishing, cook Cape Malay food.  The family can even go spelunking along centuries-old cave systems or take up a craft like beading or pottery. Whatever your interests may be, South Africa will have a hands-on experience that will tick all your boxes.

Family atop Table Mountain, Cape Town.
Family atop Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Excellent weather = unimpeded exploration

South Africa is a fairly large country, which means it has various climatic regions. It depends on when you’re visiting and where you plan to go. Sometimes you can experience summer climates and weather in winter months and vice versa. The eastern coast of the country, for instance, boasts moderate weather throughout the year.  The eastern parts of South Africa like Kruger National Park have a summer-rainfall climate, so winter is a great time to go on safari. Conversely, Cape Town gets winter rainfall, so you’ll have wonderful beach weather when you head there between November and February.

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It’s a cultural melting pot of note

If you’re travelling with your children in the hope of instilling an appreciation for other cultures, head to SA. The country has 11 official languages! But that’s just the start of it. The true magic lies in the integration and overlap of it all. Here you can eat boerewors, morogo, putu pap and chakalaka all in one meal. You’ll see Caucasian gents in shweshwe shirts and Zulu ladies in haute couture. Local music draws influences from countless cultures, underpinned by an infectious African beat. Roses grow alongside cacti; vellies are worn with silk stockings. It’s bonkers, colourful and incredibly inspiring!

Local muso in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Local muso in Johannesburg, South Africa.

South Africans love tourists (for real)

When we say the locals are friendly, we really mean it (read what our founders have to say about this). And not only in a hi there, yes please spend your money in our country kind of way. South Africans love to engage with tourists. Perhaps because the country is such a tapestry of cultures to start with, they are open to meeting and befriending folks from all around the globe. You can expect to be roped into celebrations, invited to braais and engaged in vigorous bouts of beach tennis. Learn a few words in a local language or two, and you are bound to return home with an impressive list of SA mates.

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It’s still pretty affordable

As an emerging economy, South Africa’s currency is quite affordable when compared with those of Europe, America and the East. This means you can enjoy a wonderful holiday without spending too much. Additionally, you’ll be contributing to the local tourism sector, which means you are helping to create jobs! If you support local businesses who complies with ethical travel practices, it’s a win-win for all involved.

These are just a few of the many wonderful reasons why South Africa makes the ideal destination for a family holiday. There are many more besides. So, just do it! Book your South African tour, pack plenty of sunscreen and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.


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