• 1 October 2020

You’ve just spent the past few days discovering the Czech Republic, and all of its rich and colourful history, and now you want to take full advantage of a free day the capital city Prague. While there are several public transportation options available, we’d definitely recommend that setting off on an adventure by foot. The city centre is small enough to wander around while still filled with incredible things to see and do!

The following list of sights and activities will help you make the most of one day in Prague. By the time you leave, you’ll feel incredibly enriched from all that you’ve experienced in Prague in a day.

Wander across Charles bridge

Ease into your time in Prague by strolling across the cobblestoned Charles Bridge which has been an attraction in the city since the 14th century. Not only does the bridge provide a great vantage point for spectacular views, but it is also one of the best free things to do in Prague!

The bridge connects Prague Castle with the Old Town and holds great historical value. You can’t help but feel the weight of its importance as you cross over it, so be sure to take a moment and absorb the gorgeous view!

Famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic
Famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.
Visit Prague Castle

If you only have one day in Prague, then you have to tick off a visit to Prague Castle, arguably the city’s most popular attraction. The beautifully-designed castle has been the official residence of Czech rulers for years and years. Today, it houses the President of the Czech Republic.

The castle is located in the Castle District of the city and boasts intricate architecture and design. Needless to say, the 350 Czech Koruna (CZK) that it costs for this Prague castle tour is well worth it.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Marvel at St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral is located on the castle grounds and holds invaluable treasures inside its ornate walls. Wherever you are in the city, you can see the cathedral, but the best vantage point is definitely from inside. 

From the tomb of St John of Nepomuk to the glorious art nouveau stained glass windows, you’ll be hard-pressed diverting your attention to anything else. The cathedral is one of the most photographic churches in the world and you’ll understand why as soon as you enter.

St Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle complex
St Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle complex.
Taste local cuisine

Chances are that you’ve worked up a bit of an appetite by now. To truly immerse yourself in the Prague culture, you simply have to taste the local cuisine. Koleno is a must-try for meat lovers. Venture into any of the quaint Prague restaurants and chances are that they will serve the beer-marinated pork-knee meal. 

Another meal that you have to try is pickled cheese. Pickled cheese is also a favourite among Czech locals and traveling foodies alike. Regardless of the meal you choose to try, make sure that you order some of the local beer to accompany your meal – the beverage is world-famous!

Veprove Koleno - Traditional Czech food
Veprove Koleno – Traditional Czech food.
Discover KGB Museum

The country was a communist nation from 1948 until 1989. The historical fabric of the country has been intricately woven into a rather complex cloth. Prague is a great place to learn about the fascinating history of the Czech Republic. 

The KGB Museum is a small museum that houses memorabilia from the Soviet secret police during the communist time. From spy cameras, secret weapons and interrogation equipment, the KGB Museum promises to be a very insightful activity for the history-lover. 

A sign signifying the KGB Museum in Czechia
A sign signifying the KGB Museum in Czechia.
Snap a pic at the Lennon wall

The Lennon Wall is a creative shrine which honours the Beatles’ lead vocalist, John Lennon. The colourful wall in Prague is dedicated to the Beatles and all that they stood for. It’s covered in brightly coloured graffiti quoting lyrics and the like since the 1980s.

If you are a Beatles fan wondering what to see in Prague in one day, then the Lennon Wall should not be missed. 

Happy tourists snapping a few amazing pictures at the Lennon wall
Happy tourists snapping a few amazing pictures at the Lennon wall
Watch a puppet show

Locals in Prague have a quirky passion – puppets! The city’s obsession with the art stems back to the 12th century and today it boasts over 20 specialised puppet stores. There is even a puppet museum dedicated to the craft.

If this tickles your fancy, then make your way to either the National Marionette Theatre or Spejbl and Hurvinek Theatre which are known to put on some of the best puppet performances. 

Traditional wooden puppets made in Czech Republic
Traditional wooden puppets made in Czech Republic.
Cruise on the Vltava

The Vltava River runs through Prague and offers some of the most captivating views of the city. If you want to enjoy a few moments of complete relaxation with the perk of a unique vantage point, then make sure that you book a cruise along the Vltava

These cruises can be done during the day or in the evening. An evening cruise, in particular, offers a beautiful experience as the city lights up and reflects magically on the water. 

A ferry cruising on the Vltava River in Czech Republic
A ferry cruising on the Vltava River in the Czech Republic.
Wander through Old Town Square

As mentioned, Prague has experienced a rather tumultuous history. However, the Old Town Square has remained relatively untouched; a symbol of strength and ancient culture. The Old Town Square is one of the best things to see in Prague in one day.

From artisanal restaurants to incredible architecture, you could spend the entire day absorbing the culture within Old Town Square. The square gives special insight into what the city may have been like in previous decades – and even centuries. 

Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic
Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic.
Watch the Astronomical Clock

Located in Old Town Square, is the Old Town Hall; a sight to behold in itself. Try to time your visit to the town hall just before the hour so that you can watch the mechanical clock strike. 

The clock is a work of art and truly fascinating to watch. Built in the 15th century, it is known to be one of the best-preserved medieval mechanical clocks in the world. It’s no wonder that the clock is considered to be the pride of Prague. 

The famous Astronomical clock in Market Square, Prague
The famous Astronomical clock in Market Square, Prague.

Eastern Europe is a fascinating part of the world to explore, which is why we offer so many enriching tours in the region. This list of must-sees in Prague to enjoy on your free day will whet your appetite, and initiate the craving to discover more.

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