• 30 January 2021

Christmas, Valentine’s day and birthdays are the cause of great happiness and great stress… If you’re the one giving the gift you’re always worried about how it will be received, will it be what they wanted and will it make them happy? In short, how do you give the perfect gift that ticks all the boxes?

Well, we’ve found the one gift that ticks all the boxes and more… The gift of travel.

Suddenly, you will be the reason that they wandered around the stone walls of a castle in Ireland, or went hot-air ballooning in Turkey, or found their new favourite food in Italy. Perhaps you helped them learn something about themselves as they explored some of the best places in Europe and beyond.

Either way, travel is the ultimate gift and it’s guaranteed to make anyone smile, maybe even cry tears of joy!

Why a gift of travel is a really good idea

  • Yes, it’s a big expense, but it’s honestly one of the best gifts you can give someone you love (that’s including yourself)
  • You’re not giving something tangible that could break or expire, you’re giving an experience
  • It’s about giving the opportunity to take a break and have some time to think, reflect and relax
  • It’s not just one gift, it’s actually a whole lot of gifts – and the gift will keep giving as you take more photos and make more memories
  • In essence, you’ve given yourself, or a loved one, the gift that will keep them smiling long after the trip is over.

What is a gift of travel?

While travel is rewarding, exciting and downright fun, there can also be an element of stress attached if you’re not sure about where to go and what to do. So, in order to give the ultimate gift, you need to ensure that the receiver will be guaranteed to enjoy it.

Sound impossible? It’s not – you can give the gift of travel, along with a guaranteed enjoyment factor, by buying someone a coach or rail tour holiday! The best part is that there’s no need for you to plan the trip for someone – we’ve got you sorted.

Here are a few of the reasons why a group tour is the best option as a gift:

  • There is the convenience of being picked up and dropped off at a destination that suits you
  • Planned itinerary means you get to see all the sights, meet new people and eat delicious food without the hassle of having to spend half your holiday planning
  • No lines, no waiting and you’ll have a constant source of information if you choose group travel
  • Travel to destinations that you haven’t considered before – how about bus tours around Scotland, Croatia tours or coach holidays to Europe? They’re all available, already-planned and guaranteed to make the perfect gift.

We have so many Instagram-worthy excursions included on our tours – so, the younger recipients will be just as excited!

How do you buy the gift of travel?

  • The perfect gift is just a few clicks or call away
  • What’s more – you don’t have to pay for the complete trip, you can book with a 10% deposit!

How many people can say that they went on a cheap Europe holiday but still got to experience the same, if not more, as those who spent a lot of money?

Explore holidays
Your options are endless for the types of gifts and the ideal holiday destinations…

  • We have some of the best European holiday destinations on offer – Switzerland, Russia, Portugal, Ireland and many, many more!
  • The option is also there to leave from main cities that suit you,  including Amsterdam and there are Europe tour packages from UK
  • You can choose the number of days and the number of countries.

The ideal gift has arrived – it can be for Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary and any other special occasion – including just needing a break! Be sure to make someone smile and give them the gift that keeps memories, happiness and stories alive.

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